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 Okro soup image courtesy: soupamarket.
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Nigerian groundnut soup with kpomo, stockfish, periwinkle and dry catfish, served with garri


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  24. Pictures: How To Prepare Soybeans Powder For Infants By Peach
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  28. Pictorials: How To Make My Vanilla And Chocolatey Ice Cream At Home
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  33. Pictorials: How To Make Extra Good Meat Pie By Ope
  34. How To Cook Ugwu Melon Soup With Pounded Yam
  35. Agidi Jollof With Coconut Cream Powder And Biscuit Bones
  36. How To Make Akara With Fiber Serve With Moringa powder
  37. How To Cook Vegetable Draw Soup Serve With Yellow Foo Foo
  38. How To Cook Ikokore By Shayor
  39. Rice With Gravy And Uziza Chicken Pepper soup
  40. Edikang Ikong Soup Sent In By Elizabeth Obaze
  41. Rivers State Native Soup Sent In By Chubby ELLA
  42. Shredded Chicken Sauce Gravy
  43. Rivers State Meal, Onunu And Fish Pepper Soup By Young Awesome Mum
  44. Green Okra Soup With Stewed Chicken And Fish Served With Garri
  45. Fried Spaghetti And Chicken By Shishi
  46. Heavy Vegetable Salad Recipe
  47. Poached Egg Indomie Noodles With Vegetables
  48. How To Make My Simple Fried Rice Sauce
  49. How To Cook My Green Jollof Rice
  50. White Yam With Green In Tomatoes Egg Sauce. Method 1
  51. How To Cook Nigerian White Soup, Serve With Pounded Yam
  52. How To Make My Simple Nigerian Pancakes
  53. Tomato Egg Sauce With Boiled Yam, Boiled Unripe Plantain
  54. Reloaded Pictures Of How Bonario Nnags Enjoyed Christmas At Home
  55. All Naija Indomie Noodles With Chicken, Eggs, Vegetables And Fish
  56. Edikang Ikong Soup Recipe, Simple And Healthy
  57. My Boiled Rice With Titus Peppered Fish Sauce, Fish and A side Of Green Amaranth
  58. Egusi Soup With Beef, Fish and Kpomo Served With Eba
  59. How To Bake Cake Without An Oven In A Cooking Pot
  60. How I make Healthy Akara Balls At Home
  61. Okra Soup With Goat Meat And Stock Fish Served With Pounded Yam
  62. My Less Expensive But Classy Nigerian Wedding
  63. 5 Characteristics Of A Nagging Woman
  64. My personal secret to the best Nigerian tomato stew
  65. How To Make Moi Moi With Beans Skin And Eggs, Guide To Easy Wrapping Of Leaves

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NB: This post was published when I had a baby and took a short break from blogging. It's not a recent post so, kindly ignore some comments from angry readers then, we have since made up.

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  1. Deborah2/24/2014

    It's really sad to read what people are saying about this blog, going as far as calling names and insults. Pls pls I beg us all we will all give account of all the words we speak. The truth is that Anty Eya is free I mean absolutely free to give advise and many times blog visitors particularly ask for her opinion. There is a disclaimer that you should seek professional help clearly written on the blog.

    Sincerely speaking Anty Eya reminds me of my mother in a way. When marital issues comes the 1st thing I hear her say is what happened? And for the woman to 1st search inward to see if in any way she provoked him this is because if there is any fault in the woman it has to be dealt with 1st before counseling the man.

    The 1st advice to give is never to leave the marriage or divorce. It is when the situation repeats itself that a separation is called for while each party prays and tries to work on themselves. I remember when odunayo(ikorodu lady) came to the blog the advice given was to try and work on the marriage, but subsequently when her cousin opened up and her second mail came in we advised her to separate for awhile. I just used that example to further buttress what I mentioned above.

    So it's really wrong to come and tag all the advise given on the blog as rubbish. If you have a different view from what everyone is saying you are free to comment or send the administrator a mail which will be published. I remember AC Bentley, fisayo the lawyer and others have all sent in posts on domestic violence and how it can be tackled, but to keep silent here and go to other blogs and backlash Anty Eya is wrong pls. Remember she is heavy and I don't want any case of high Bp. Lets all live in love cheers.

    1. Well said. God bless you Deborah.

    2. Thank you Deborah, I read some of the degrading messages here and others being discussed elsewhere were just below the belt.
      This is so out of order. We all cannot interprete different scenarios the same way therefore everyone has the right to take or leave advice given here.

      Every1 that visits WC can't say they have not learnt at least one thing here.
      Aunty Eya nobody can bring you down, you will excel and prosper in all you do, God's blessings and favour will be with you all the days of your life, you are the heritage of the Lord, your path will shine brighter n brighter. Hbp and all complications will never be you portion, safe and sound delivery IJN Amen

    3. Amen! For her

    4. Thanks sis Deborah, Ayo, Lizzy, Cute and all wonderful sisters on Wives Connection.
      Bless us all!!!

    5. Lizzy,you are one of those that wrecked this blog,so pointing fingers and stfu.

    6. Anonymous7/14/2014

      Where do ƴ۵џ always read the kin tin from sef? Everytime una go dey talk one tin. Stop going to inferior blog/sites to read dia nonsense posts. Abegi!

  2. Thanks for posting this set of quick-links, Eya. It's as if you knew I was searching every corner of this blog for it. It will make my finding your recipe easy for me. Thanks and enjoy your day!

  3. Madam Eya,this is nice and easy to use.Thanks Ma.
    May God grant u a safe delivery and bless ur home,Amen.

  4. Anonymous2/24/2014

    Thanks! This makes it easier for me. C'mon All for Once lets appreciates what this woman is doin.As for Me i wish u More Grace2Ur elbows Madam Eya.IJN.I Love U,I Love U 4 d lives u've touched tru dis platform,God Bless U. MASON's MUM

  5. 1000 likes deborah

  6. This is good, as for me na google style o! Lol! Meanwhile Aunty Eya, I made friend rice with the receipe on this blog on sat and it came out so delicious. Thank u ma!! Wish u safe delivery.

  7. Thanks Eya!
    visit www.bride2mum.com

  8. Anonymous2/25/2014

    When God wants to take u to a higher level of sucess u experience challenges,higher level higher demons

    1. Anonymous5/23/2014

      Are u pregnant again? I thought you just gave birth?

    2. Yes, it's an old post please. I had to publish it again cos it has links to many posts.

  9. Anonymous2/25/2014

    good day ma,

    kindly post dis 4 me on ur blog, am a dry skin person but I sweat a lot to the extend DAT i can cream or either makeup because the sweat do disgrace me alot, so I don't cream body expect my legs . I don't no if any body in d house can recommended a good soap for me,am chocolate in colour. please help a sister for smooth and dazzling skin without not creaming. thank you

    1. sheamapo5/29/2014

      Sheamapo suggest use of herbal organic soap formulated from 19 organic ingredients. It's herbal and in bar and liquid form. Sheamapo organic herbal soap.
      Call sheamapo for your organic products. We have distributors in most cities in Nigeria.
      Organic cocoa butter, pure coconut oil, raw shea butter, carrier and essential oils. Badeji01@yahoo.com

  10. Anonymous2/26/2014

    Welcome dear! My type of skin. Just like u, I have dry skin and SWEAT a lot! If I walk for just 3minutes, people who see me ask if I've been trekking or running. It can be very embarrassing. Thank God for good hygiene and deodorants. I doubt there's anything you can do to stop it, just control by making ur handkerchief handy always. I use Aveeono moisturising cream with oatmeal and I don't get immediately sweaty after applying. U could try any soup with similar ingredients. Cheers

  11. Anonymous3/15/2014

    Eya my love. Well done jare. I love and need this blog. Please don't let it die o.

  12. Anonymous3/19/2014

    Thnk you very much fo̶̲̥̅® this..

  13. Ma Ƒι®st time to comment on this blog. Αм about to start my family with all †н̲̣ε̲̣ infos Ȋ̝̊̅ read here has been very helpful. A big thank you to Anuty Aya. Praying 4 God's exceeding Grace for U̶̲̥̅̊ and ur family even as U̶̲̥̅̊ enter †н̲̣ε̲̣ favor room

  14. Anonymous5/23/2014

    Good day WC, pls can anyone recommend a gud and affordable store where they sell quality baby stuffs in abuja? Thanks

    1. Anonymous5/24/2014

      Go to cute'n'chic DBM plaza wuse 2 opp first forty hotel, aminu kano crescent

  15. Anonymous5/23/2014

    Wc family pls I need advice tnx. My hubby had a serious accident n our car was destroyed badly since we r still struggling financially my dad asked him to get d cost of repairing d whole car he did n my dad gave him d money with a little extra its been 5months now all he keeps saying is "its just spraying that is remaining" my dad n mum are so angry though d don't tell him cos now we use keke to church, use keke to take my son to school etc even use keke to visit my parent n d are not happy each time I ask my hubby he will scream or tell me is it becos ur dad gav me d money or that so so thing is remaining am so down cos God forbid if we should have another problem now I doubt my dad will answer us. pls if u were in my shoes what would u have done.

    1. Anonymous5/23/2014

      *spraying of the car body*

  16. Anonymous5/23/2014

    Yes spraying d body of d car n I knw its a lie 1st he said I shud go with him to see d car cos he knew I won't go cos am almost due 4delivery when I got tired n wanted to go with him he refused taking me there.

  17. Anonymous5/23/2014

    I thought aunty Eya just gave birth to a baby boy? I love dis blog though

  18. Anonymous5/23/2014

    Please I will like to get advices from you and the members of this blog.
    I'm in a relationship that has been on for like 7yrs though its been the on and off type. He's the only guy I have eva dated. The thing is I'm taller than him, but I jst don't knw why I can still cope with it even wen I prefer my guys tall. I have this feeling sometimes, that its because we have been dating for a long time. This guy rilly loves me and has taken me to see his parents. But my fear is; am I still in this relationship because of pity or he's d right one for me. Please I need ur advice. Thank you

    1. Anonymous5/26/2014

      Height does not matter if he truely loves you. Would you rather have a tall man that doesn't love you or someone that does? Most importantly pray about him and pls don't marry out of pity.

  19. Anonymous5/24/2014

    please my sisters my baby is breech( transverse position) @32 weeks the doctor has told me they will need to operate me if it did not turn at 34-36 weeks. am so scared cos this is my first pregnancy. yesterday my husband brought a chamellion(looks like a big lizard) with some concoction 4me to cook and eat saying a freind recommends it that it will help turn the baby. pls I can't stand to eat a chamellion. what should I do? has anyone ever taken that or any other thing that helped turned a breech baby? pls help a sister

    1. Anonymous5/24/2014

      Chameleon turn a baby? Pls listen to ur Dr
      I had a breech baby who is 8 years now.

    2. Ehhhhhh!!!!!!! Came gini? Abegoooo. Don't eat no nonsense. Its normal 4 babies 2 be breach during preg cos dey move around in d stomach. Until dey settle in der final birthing position. Pls put it in prayer. God be with u. Amen

  20. Anonymous5/24/2014

    have your doctor tried to turn d breech baby at d hospital?

  21. Anonymous5/24/2014

    no ma? they say cos of my small tummy they might harm the baby's soft head during manipulation.

    1. Anonymous5/24/2014

      If baby doesn't turn, CS is ok dear. Let baby be please.

    2. OlaBabe5/26/2014

      Pls dear don't harm urself. Its no issue. Many operate even without a breeched baby. Pls pray, bliv in wat God can do. He alone can turn it even in a twinkle of an eye... U still ve a lot of time dearie. I don't bliv in concotions. If paradventure d baby didn't turn, allow them to operate u. All is safedelivery. Its only not a safe delivery wen d baby or d mother dies ok? U ve nothing, absolutely nothing to worry about. I was in labour for 6 good days. Was declared operation at d dying minute but God of 11th hour miracles arrived and delivered me. The end justifies the means. U STILL VE A LOT OF TIME TO GO so pls free the poor chameleon oo. *smiling*

  22. Anonymous5/24/2014

    thank u my sisters. I've been praying seriously. all the scan I've done since 3months of my pregnancy have always shown the same tranverse position not turning at all. that's y am so scared that it might remain like that. please put me in your prayers. poster.

  23. Anonymous5/24/2014

    @an in 1:53pm pls your breech baby was she born vaginaly like that?

    1. Anonymous5/24/2014

      yea born vaginally but she wasn't my first. Came out with legs first. In your case, a primid they won't even allow you try vaginally but come on sista, CS is not a dead sentence, just pray for safe delivery dasall.

    2. Anonymous5/24/2014

      yea born vaginally but she wasn't my first. Came out with legs first. In your case, a primid they won't even allow you try vaginally but come on sista, CS is not a dead sentence, just pray for safe delivery dasall.

  24. Anonymous5/24/2014

    at anon 1;53pm pls your breech baby was she born vaginaly like that?

  25. Anonymous5/24/2014

    Plsss I have so many dark spots on my legs pls which cream should I use that will help clear d spots tnxxxx God bless.

  26. Anonymous5/24/2014

    Please where can I get quality baby stuffs in abuja?

  27. Pls what can I do to reduce my tummy and body fat? Especially my tummy fat? Its very important to me pls..... Give me only tested and trusted products plssssss. Am waiting.

    1. Lime and lipton forst thing in the morning.you can thank me now.

    2. Anonymous5/26/2014

      If you are using an android phone, search for simple exercises on play store. Eat less and exercise more.

    3. OlaBabe5/28/2014

      I don't even eat. Am watching. My weight ryt from time. I got tired of exercise oo. I need therapy.

  28. nice recipes on your blog, very lovely. please check out my new blog

  29. Anonymous5/27/2014

    Hi I need more info abount famil,I jst got married dis yrs

  30. I am already missing you aunty Eya, always checking for new post and nothing, July is such a long time

    Your comment will be visible after approval

  31. I am already missing you aunty Eya, always checking for new post and nothing, July is such a long time

    Your comment will be visible after approval

  32. Anonymous5/28/2014

    Please WC family i'm looking for someone that sells and customizes shoe boxes and paper bags. Does anyone know where i can get from? Thanks in advance

  33. Anonymous5/28/2014

    Hello please does anyone know a shipping company that delivers stuff to Ogun state?

    1. Anonymous5/28/2014

      red star express and errandex

    2. Anonymous6/04/2014

      I know of a haulage company that can deliver stuffs to Ogun state at affordable rates. Inbox me

  34. Anonymous5/28/2014

    Me I don't like how Aunty Eya is treating this blog o. Please don't cuss me out. I am only speaking d truth. She is sitting on gold and taking it for granted. Consistency is one thing every blogger should have. Look at LIB your mentor na. Ah.

    1. Anonymous5/28/2014

      I agree with you my sister.
      I feel hurt when I come here and see nothing- sometimes it makes me not wanna come here again........ Until the next time I do, lol.

    2. Anonymous5/28/2014

      The lady just gave birth na, shouldn't she take some time off?
      When LIB born eh, she'll take three months set for maternity leave. Linda wey like herself like wetin;-)

    3. Anonymous5/28/2014

      I think Eya reserves some maternity leave. Enough recipes to keep us busy in tha kitchen.

    4. Anonymous5/28/2014

      I have kids too. I have a job too. She is not really taking it serious. At least a post a day on busy days won't kill her. The emails come in now. She can quickly copy and paste. I am sure she knows what I am saying. Its not easy but its doable.

    5. Anonymous5/28/2014

      Or she can get someone to help her out. I have a feeling she did that at some point. I can even help. Lol.

    6. Anonymous5/29/2014

      Aunty, you have a job with kids agreed. Doesn't your office grant maternity leave when you put to bed? We don't know what Aunty Eya is doing. I disagree that she's unserious. To me o, she is trying her best. Seriously Aunty Eya you need to cut your leave by 50% already oooooo

  35. Anonymous5/29/2014

    please I just delivered two weeks ago and I need to add weight asap. am doing baby friendly and I found out am losing weight instead of adding. pls what should I do? am size 8 nd need to be at least size 10. just found out my clothes are very loose on me.

    1. U need to eat more foods that have high calories. If u eat more calories than ur body needs to make milk for ur baby, u won't loose weight. U will gain instead. Take more fatty foods and lots of carbs!

  36. Anonymous5/30/2014

    Dear Wivestownhallconnection people. I am always delighted coming here because i learn something new always especially on how to be a good wife.
    Aunty Eya God bless you and move you to the greatest heights.
    I have a little question. I am Igala by tribe from Kogi state and recently started courting a Urhobo man from sapele.
    Please readers, i need tips on how Urhobo people behave, some cultural aspects. i don't want to be surprised.
    Thanks for your anticipated responses

    1. Anonymous5/30/2014

      Don't go there! Even my ex dt I taught had seen d light because he schooled abroad partially, when we got married all I kept hearing was in urhobo culture, don't do dis, don't do that. It ended up with beating den I moved out. My urhobo frnd won't even get close to her people. I didn't know

  37. sheamapo5/30/2014

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    1. Hi. I sent you a message on watsapp. Pls can I get a list of your products and prices? Thanks

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  39. Anonymous5/31/2014

    Lawreza pls go 2 ur villa and start farming. They'Ll thank u 4 dat. Me wey study law still dey house. Mshewwww

  40. My dear advertise ur product, just like I did, God will help u find ur dream job, just like He will help me too. Amen.

  41. sheamapo6/01/2014

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  42. sheamapo6/01/2014

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  43. Anonymous6/01/2014

    Plz does anyone knows any herbal way to treat asthma?

    1. Anonymous6/01/2014

      Eating ginger and garlic, the dry ones, avoid anything with oil. Hope ds helps

  44. Anonymous6/01/2014

    Pls help I have so many dark spots on my legs that I can't wear shorts or skirt always on gown or trouser I have tried so many products but its not working I even tried bleaching it off but red spots appeared that later changed to more black spots which is now worst pls who knows a good cream that is good for spots tnx God bless.

    1. sheamapo6/01/2014

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  45. blessings....
    looks good.


  46. Anonymous6/01/2014

    Shamapo how much is d organic cream n how long does it take to clear dark sports no offence but pls I don't want a cream that ill use for monthsssssssss with no visible result tnx.

    1. sheamapo6/02/2014

      N1850 (250g jar). You need to apply cream for not less than 6 weeks.
      Get 2 jars and you will have positive feedback for others. Goodluck!

  47. Anonymous6/02/2014

    @sheamapo, your organic cream does it have lightening effect? I will so love it

  48. sheamapo6/02/2014

    No lightening or darkening effect. It can only blemish and help your skin to glow. Sorry it contain no chemical or synthetic ingredients just organic extracts.

  49. Anonymous6/03/2014

    @sheamapo I understand u also have organic shea liquid soap for stretchmarks right? I want to know your price for them, and where is your office located in abuja.

  50. sheamapo6/03/2014

    Yes we produce on request. I have a distributor in Abuja-Funmi 07063183446
    PH-08051223703 / 08035716743.
    Benin-+234 803 676 1400
    Sheamapo whatsapp-09091360565

  51. Anonymous6/03/2014

    Pls wc family help a sister, I gave birt 8 wks ago and since den I still c blood. At 6 wks went back to d hospt did a scan and some test as priscribe by d doctor was told dat dre are some placenta left dat I shuld come for evacuation. Hv done d evacuation but am still seing blood, its 10 days after d evacuationa. Pls wc mothers with such experience kindly share on wat to do. Hv gone back to d hospt was told it will stop on it own but am worried is it normal

    1. sheamapo6/03/2014

      Anon so sorry to know you are going through all of that. I just hope we have Doctors and experience women in the house who can put a stop to your worry. How I wish I could help!

  52. Anonymous6/03/2014

    is the evacuation the same as d&c? cos d&c washes all residue from the stomach. which hospital is this careless as to leave parts of the placenta in d stomach? sisters in d house needs to be aware. pls u should better change hospital and seek proper medical care. may God help us all.

    1. Anonymous7/16/2014

      From the stomach???????? Anon Ωα̍̍̊ wa to you o!

  53. Anonymous6/04/2014

    See another Doctor.Could be the evacuation was not properly done. Every bit of that placenta needs to be evacuated else you continue to bleed and it's dangerous.
    Try another consultant Doc ASAP pls.

  54. Anonymous6/05/2014

    Aunty Eya pls I need link on how to bring back intemacy in marriage.

  55. Anonymous6/06/2014

    praise God! I was the poster that had breech baby now my baby has turned head down help me praise God my sisters. pls don't forget me in your prayers for safe delivery as I will be due in 1 month .

    1. Mrs Dayo6/06/2014

      Congratulations. God is great. The God that gave that baby will surely see you through.

    2. Anonymous6/09/2014

      I thank God for you ma. I'm also due soon but my baby has been head down since 28wks rite now his legs kick me in the ribs and it's painful. I get kicks and pinches at the same time but I wouldn't change it for nothing.

      May we deliver safely by Gods grace x

  56. For those of us who have been asking why probably because you didn'tb read the introduction of this post, I took a short break to resume blogging in July, not that I don't care. The Doctor advised I take a break from everything and rest cos lack of sleep due to my inability to sleep in the day and baby's refusal to sleep at night has so destabilised my system such that I now sleep while driving, hit on things and leave my lane without knowing.

    Only God has been helping me. I yell at the kids, have become very impatient with things dropping from my hand. I am more alert now, thanks to God. It's not like I'm not serious. I love love wives connection and will resume as promised.

    1. Anonymous6/07/2014

      My darling Eya. I was the one who wrote that thing. I am sorry about everything. I know how tough it can be. Its not easy my sister. I was always feeling sleepy on the wheel and being cranky at the kids too. Cos I too have a lot of kids, a job and no help. But a friend advised me on disciplined planning. I planned every second of my day took every opportunity in the world to rest and accepted the fact that I couldn't do everything on my own. I also got someone to come biweekly to clean the house. And I sometimes switch my phone off cos I am a phone addict. And voila I am back playing with my batallion and smiling again. Plan your time well. Get some help. It is well with us women. Long live wives connection!

  57. Lonely wife6/07/2014

    Av been married for over 7yrs now and my marriage has been wonderful. The problem s dat my hubby has place me on sex diet (so to say) for all the while. He only makes love to me whenever he wants me pregnant. Once its confirmed dat am pregnant he goes solo. Av tried all I know but he's not responding. Trying hard to fight my feelings but am afraid I think am about loosing it. Pls dear aunty Eya and my fellow WC I need Ur sincere advice.

    1. Anonymous6/07/2014

      Sex toys. Sex toys. He may be gay.

    2. Sex toys and adultery, any difference? The bobo might be gay or chronic masturbator or into serious porn.

  58. Anonymous6/08/2014

    Dora Akunyili passed in an Indian hospital. she died of cancer leaving behind husband Dr Akunyili and children.
    Dora was the best NAFDAC Director General that Nigeria ever had. God bless her soul.
    Rest in Peace Proff. Dora Akunyili.
    Who knows when her body will be flown back home to Nigeria please?
    She was a great woman.

  59. Anonymous6/10/2014

    Pls I need help on a very good soap and cream that can brighten and remove spots for children,I will appreciate your kind suggestions pls.

  60. sheamapo6/12/2014

    Use sheamapo organic soap 6 in a pack N850. And organic skin care N1850/250g. Organically formulated good for both adult and children. For details contact badeji01@yahoo.com

  61. Anonymous7/11/2014

    pls i have a question,is ofada rice thats abakaliki rice d same as brown rice pls help me out...what is brown rice?

    1. ofada rice is not brown na, ask sellers for ofada rice, they'll give you.

  62. Anonymous7/11/2014

    Aunty eya! Re u still on break? Miss you so much, dis blog is now kinda boring since uve bn away? Please wen re u coming back?

    1. My dear, I don't want the whole blog to be overtaken by story posts alone. When I return, would want to kick off updates with recipes when I start cooking myself. If we just continue with other posts alone, in no time we'll forget recipes.

    2. I understand oh but don't u think people needs story to learn from it? U hv really helped people with posting stories and people giving advice,I think some of us come's here to read stories to learn from it#winks# pls I hv really missed this blog,it pains me the most to come and not see any post,I know is not easy to be taking care of ur prince and be blogging but I also know that ur prince wouldn't bother as far as u are helping people with advice. Pls stories are like putting salt and maggi to this blog for me oh while reciepe is the food.,this is just my opinion.

    3. I understand yble mom, I'll try my best please. And those of us now sending stories as text messages to my phone, una no go even let me drink water keep cup? e no easy at all. I still prefer mails in my inbox (cuulme@gmail.com) please guys. I try as much as possible to check my mails daily. That was the reason that made me take my number off the blog before o, I decided to return it so I can be contacted for bizness just in case.Even those of us I advise to leave our stories as comments, mbanu. Instead they come to my phone, I wish you were in my tiny shoe eh, no probs.

  63. pickme7/15/2014

    Hi Eya, my baby of 5months has rash allover her body for more than one week now i have use locasalene and rising baby power is stll there, pls can somebody help me wit wat to use? (d bombom is d worst)

    1. Hi Pickme, is it heat rash?

  64. Anonymous7/15/2014

    Hello Eya , what is happening? Nothing has been posted for the past week now. Comes here every day and no new post. Hope all is well. We are missing you xx

    1. Ok I post something now. I'm managing sha.

  65. Aunty Eya u are doing a fantastic job,Well done


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