Friday, January 25, 2013

Heavy Vegetable Salad Recipe

 a bowl of heavy salad
 vegetable salad with peas and boiled eggs
Dear Diary,
When I eat heavy vegetable salads, I don't ask for any other food. They are
so balanced with all the food nutrients my body needs. A bowl of heavy vegetable salad is a complete meal for me. Especially with the addition of boiled eggs. I do not like baked beans much, the only way I enjoy them is in salads.
Some times, I add sardines in place of eggs, and they are still very delicious.Because these are heavy, I use light dressings for them and not heavy ones like mayonnaise or Heinz salad cream.
Ingredients for Nigerian Heavy Vegetable salad:
  1. carrots
  2. lettuce
  3. onions (optional)
  4. cucumber
  5. boiled eggs
  6. baked beans
  7. peas
  8. sweet corn
  9. sardines (optional)
  10. salt
  11. water
  12. salad dressing OR olive oil

 vegetable salad with thinly chopped onion added
 heavy salads go better with Italian dressing
 A balanced meal of heavy vegetable salad
Remember to wash off  preservatives in sweet corn, baked beans, peas and other canned foods before use.
Eat healthy, Stay healthy
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  1. hmmm... I want me some salad! very colorful.

  2. I've been waiting 4 this since. A must this Sunday, thank u Eya.

  3. That salad dressing is equal to eating white rice

  4. Thanks Eya! The lettuce here do not look chopped, are they meant to be like that? All d same, it looks great!

    1. I broke them with my fingers.

  5. I think I need to pay your kitchen... a visit, send me your address please!
    I love salads...
    Have a super blessed day!

  6. Eya,this looks gud.
    But I didn't see any cabbage in it why?is this how its supposed to be made?cos I personally don't like lettuce anyway!

    1. I love lettuce! You can replace it with cabbage. Remember to soak your chopped cabbage in salted warm water to get rid of the smell.

  7. Hi Eya, was very excited when i saw this bcos i had asked for it sometime back. however, you didn't state how to go about it. you just gave me the ingredients.
    what i'm i supposed to do with the salt *hiding my face*
    never made salad b4 so don't blame me for this.
    And i'm i not supposed to use salad cream or mayonnaise for this?

    1. The salt is to be added to the water you use in washing lettuce. There is no strict rule with salads, look at the pictures, get the ingredients and just mix anyhow you want it. you can use mayonnaise or cream, depends on what you enjoy eating.

  8. This is a healthy pack! I wish this could fill me alone as food. I ll learn to have more of it anyway. Thanks Eya.

  9. Do i need to wash baked beans in tomatoe sauce?

  10. Hahahahaha! I don't wash baked beans in tomato sauce. The ones I wash are sweet corn, peas and kidney beans:)

  11. Hahahaha! I tired this salad and It was amazing. that's the salad I have been dreaming about!

  12. What of cabbage is it not suppose to be included? Cos I did not see it there.

  13. You can add cabbage but remember to soak in salted warm water first so it doesn't smell bad.


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