Naija French Toast With Eggs, Milk

Toasting my naija french toast

Naija French toast came in when I thought about fixing a quick breaskfast and School Lunchbox all at once. Adults enjoyed theirb toastedb whole wheat bread while the kids lunchboxes were packed with theirs. It saves time. Dee also posted her method of french toast on the blog. There is also Naija club sandwich by Zinny.

PROCEDURE for our Nigerian french toast:

  1. Break eggs into a saucer and whisk
  2. Pour some milk and a little sugar to taste
  3. Dip

Any Tips For My Preterm Baby?

Hello WC. Good day to you all. I wish you all the best in life. I really hope my concerns would be put up for discussion. 

I am a first time mom to a preterm 2 weeks old baby. My baby came at 35 weeks. 
My concerns are that I am not lactating well, so, I have been using formula. 


What Can I Do About Hubby's Stinginess And That Lady?

pls I have a challenge below. publish on ur blog. pls hide my identity, thnks.
I have been married for a year now.
tried talking about my trust for him. i told him outrightly that he does/shows things that makes me doubt him and then i told him to EARN my trust for him. How do I trust him again? 
1. I dont trust my husband at all. 2. A particular lady friend of his
has been an issue btw d both of us in the past. I stumbled on messages from her to him/him to her. I asked and he said there's nothing, just raising hopes and flirting. i ignored all that. Last week, I used his phone to send a message and I stumbled into a msg from that same girl sending her account number. One of the things that attracted my husband to me is that I never disturbed him regularly for money. I was independent. 

I never saw it as a big deal but I felt at the same time that every man should be sensitive to his woman's needs. As we got married, I still never bothered him all d time for money but d few times I ask, I was being dribbled, stories up and down.

I sometimes get jobs for him and encourage him and not even at least "thank you/dash you money" from him..lolz..if u women know what i mean. I eventually told him that he shld be try and be sensitive to my needs. 

I don't have to chase

Insecurity In Nigeria, Who Is To Blame?

Hey guys, let's take some time out 2 deliberate on d issues of insecurity or (insurgency) in our dear country as it has now become a daily occurrence. Today, it is news of a bomb blast. Yesterday, it was a suicide bombing, tomorrow it may be an assassination and the day after, mass murder. 

Every day in Nigeria, the news seems to get from bad to worse, as the security situation deteriorates further and further. Whenever there’s a problem there’s always the cause but the case becomes a bigger problem when the cause is not just one or two but an accumulation of national problems. What are the remote and immediate causes of insecurity in Nigerian and how can the situation be resolved? Bad leadership, corruption, illiteracy and many more.

Nigerians have called for improved intelligence gathering, the aligning of military and political solutions, the need to de-radicalize the affected areas as well as to invest in research that will give more insight into the different aspects of Boko Haram, including its ideology, leadership structure, profile of members, internal organization, sources of funding and weapons and links to diaspora. The inability of the security agencies to address the country's security challenges during these inauspicious periods raised yet another critical question on the preparedness of Nigeria to attain desired political, social and economic heights in the year 2020.

President Goodluck Jonathan has asked the House of Representatives to grant approval to his government to borrow an external loan of $1bn(about N165bn). Jonathan said

Nigerian Coconut Macaroni With Grilled Fish, Vegetables

Nigerian coconut macaroni served smoking hot. Why do I feel like I posted this coconut macaroni before? Any way, no time to go checking archives now but if later I find it in any old folder, this will be taken down, but, for now let's cook our coconut macaroni.

I labelled this Nigerian coconut macaroni cos it's cooked same way we cooked coconut rice with beef except that macaroni cooked in just ten minutes and this was cooked with just crayfish and
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