Monday, October 12, 2015

Fake Plastic Rice, Be Careful

Can anyone fake rice? I doubt it. Plastic rice sold on the Chinese market has reportedly found its way into various Asian countries, including India, Indonesia and Vietnam.
Consumers say that such rice is also found in many prominent brands. Many reported to have caused gastritis and other stomach related diseases after its consumption. Consumers say that these kind of rice is undetectable because its comes mixed with normal rice packs.
Health experts have warned that consuming such fake

I Handed Him The Money Before Discovering He Got 47 Other Women

 Familiar  story: a British grandmother falls for a smooth-talking foreigner on holiday and ends up handing over her life savings.
But former teacher Judith Stillwell, 61, did not need to travel abroad to meet the Kenyan husband who eventually betrayed her trust.
The divorced parish councillor met Ovi Elias, who told her he lived in London, on a dating website and thought she had found her soulmate.

They decided to meet in person, began a relationship and got married three years later, after Mr Elias moved into Mrs Stillwell’s home in Ashington, West Sussex.
But she later discovered that her husband, who made frequent trips abroad for what he claimed was ‘urgent business’, had 47 other lovers across the world.

She gave him around £25,000 from her savings to fund his expenses, and now believes she was the victim of an elaborate scam. Mr Elias, who told Mrs Stillwell he was 62, had claimed to be a 47-year-old called Steve when chatting to other women as far away as Australia.
Mrs Stillwell said: ‘While I believed him when he said he was flying to Dubai to do property deals, I have now discovered he was actually flying all over the world meeting other women who funded his lifestyle, just like me. 

I thought we had a genuine relationship and I’d met my soulmate. But the reality is Ovi – or Steve as he was also known – seems to be making a good living out of women like me. He meets them on a website, says he is in love and then after coming out with various sob stories, gets them to pay for his bed, board, and travel.’
Mrs Stillwell, who worked in a primary school and has two grown-up children and one grandchild, met Mr Elias on a UK dating website.
She said: ‘He was completely different from any man I’d ever met and I was intrigued.’
He told her he had come to the UK 20 years ago as a student and now owned a flat in

Woman Tries To Sell Her Baby In Enugu

The Nigerian Security and Civil Defense Corps, NSCDC, Enugu State Command, has arrested Nkechi Isioko, for allegedly attempting to sell her baby for N100,000.
Nkechi had allegedly collected the sum of N100, 000 from one Mrs. Blessing Egbo before members of the NSCDC arrested her and the suspected buyer.
She claimed that Mrs. Egbo initially gave her part payment of N10,000, and later gave her the rest of the money.
She further confessed that

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Mother Writes Open Letter To Hospital Employee Who Told Her 4-year-old Daughter That The Boy Who Hit Her "Likes Her "

A  Columbus , Ohio mother, Merritt Smith shared a photo of her 4yr old daughter accompanied with an open letter on her Facebook page on Oct. 6th to an unnamed hospital employee who told her daughter 'I bet he likes you.' after the little girl was sent to the hospital to get stitches after she was hit by a boy at school. What Smith wrote after the cut...

Right Now, I'm Pregnant Again, Please Help

Dear aunty eya.

Good day to you and your family. i am a 34 yrs old mother of one, i graduated from the university ten years ago (2005) and since then have been unable to secure a good job.

Nevertheless, to keep myself busy, I've been managing small jobs like sales girl, receptionist and even corporate cleaner ( yes! a corporate cleaner as i was instructed to wear corporate with high heels to office) i had no choice but to take those jobs as  i was single then, lives alone, so i need to pay my house rent and feed myself

Getting  married was a big challenge 'cos any man that comes my way only wants friendship first, eventually God intervened after so many prayers and dry fasting. i finally got married last year 2014 at the age of 33. Four months into the marriage, my

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Easy Afang Vegetable Soup To Try This Weekend

This is a previous afang soup post I keep getting feedback on. It's the easiest method of cooking fresh looking Nigerian afang soup. You can see the full post here. 

Lovely Photo Of IVF Baby Surrounded By Syringes Goes Viral

The photo was shared on Facebook on October 5, by Sher Institute, one of the largest fertility clinics in the US, after the child's mother, Angela, finally succeeded in becoming pregnant after more than a year-and-a-half of cycles. 

The photo which has since been shared thousands of times reads: "Wow, what a

Indian Man Be heads Wife, Arrested While Strolling Around With Her Head

60  year-old Ramu Chavan was arrested in Pune, India, on Friday, October 9, after he was seen walking casually carrying his wife's head by the hair on roads, as bystanders looked on in horror.

Dramatic footage aired on television channels showed Chavan, clad in a white kurta and dhoti, nonchantly walking on the street with the severed head in one

Man Charged With Raping Fiancée 12 Year Old Daughter While Babysitting Her

Can you leave your daughter alone with this man?
Shalin Ren Payne was arrested by Coweta County Sheriff's deputies for the rape of a 12-year-old. According to the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office, the 29-year-old Sharpsburg man was babysitting his fiancée’s 12-year-old daughter on Monday evening while she was at work when the attack took place.

Payne reportedly chased the victim through the home and broke down the bathroom door where she had attempted to barricade herself. Payne then threw her to the floor, holding her down and choking her, while her 4-year-old brother

Friday, October 09, 2015

Couple Reveal Too Much In An Engagement Photo

Miranda Levy announced the news of her engagement on Facebook along with a photo, not realising their was pregnancy test in the left-hand corner of the photo.
"I am truly blessed today as the love of my life has asked me to marry him. Words cant express how happy I feel, and how lucky I am. He wasn't able to give me a ring ring yet, but what matters is what is on the inside. I know that we will be very happy together, regardless of material things. The Future Mrs Kelly"
Instead of the usual reactions, friends of the happy-bride-to-be began to bombard her with with questions like:
"What you are pregnant too?" "lmfao. gotta crop that guys"
 "Is that what i think it is in the corner" Her shocked father said: "Honey, you should call us. Your mother is confused"

Miranda was confused at first, asking: " are you guys talking about? Why should you think that?"

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