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For inactivity, the mails you guys send are not different from issues that have already been tackled on the blog, so,  reason for my replying with the links to old related posts to avoid boring us with same or related posts.

Our recipes are coming later today or tomorrow morning please. I have many in my Gallery, just need some time to write the full recipes and publish. If you can cook ANY Nigerian/African meal not yet on the blog, kindly share with us abeg na.  A lot of people are bored with and tired of the regular status quo. Anything delicious nutritious and not too complicated, we'll love to try. Please don't hoard oooo, share with us @ cuulme@gmail.com

My post on how to

Do I Go Or Not? Please Advise

Anonymous4:08 PM
Eya, pls will appreciate if you can make this a post.

I have been married for 8yrs with a daughter. I have
 had problems getting pregnant cos hubby's sperm count is low.

Hubby wants me and our daughter to relocate to

How Do I Relate With Him To Ensure Peace, Harmony?

 Dear Aunty Eya,
Thankyou very much for what your blog is doing. I cant wait to get married and having a colourful and tasteful kitchen from all the recipes. The advice on your blog is always matured, practical and effective. Also the kitchen recipes are so economical. Just saw a fresh pepper sauce and i am like wow.

 Cos i have been wondering how i will manage fresh pepper when i get married because i live fresh pepper and as my job is very demanding, i wont be able be going to the market always.My bookmarks are filled with alot of your pages.

Sorry for that long gist now the issue at hand. I am Igala lady dating

How To Grill Delicious Finger Licking Chicken Wings

Grilled chicken wings still in the heat begging to be served.
 I tried not to publish this because there is a post on grilled chicken, fish already making waves but the taste won't let me hoard. So I'm sharing.
Fresh Red Pepper
Seasoning cubes
Grand oil
If you have all these at home, then your grilled chicken is ready. Without a grill pan, one can still do with

Irish Potato Porridge

A serving of potato porridge
 Will return to rearrange pictures and write
recipe later in the day please...

How to cook potato porridge

  • Add potatoes to salted boiling water
  • Add ingredients, cover and bring to boil again
  • Cook with the

Hospital List For Delivery In Nigeria

Helloo Aunty Eya and WC, I discovered this blog on Google while searching for recipes of Nigerian soups and have since become a follower. I need a little help. I am a first time mom in my third trimester. My hospital is a private one maybe that's why I haven't been given a must have delivery list for pregnant mothers.

I asked my midwife and Doctor, they all teel mke the same thing, to come along with my personal effects and items I will need without listing them out. I'm planning to

How To Cook Frozen Unripe Plantain

Frozen plantain in a pot of water
 We eat lots of unripe plantain in my family, though I love the fairly ripe ones, can't eat much cos of the sugar content. To eat plantain in a more nutritious healthy way, we make plantain porridge or boil and eat with beans porridge or egg sauce. Those mature unripe plantains do not last for even a week before they turn ripe and this happens so fast that you either end up cooking plantain daily or look for who to give them to.

Once I tried preserving by freezing and it worked. Since then, no more wastage and I think this is good for diabetic and those who eat lots of plantain. Freezing changes the plantain skin colour but doesn't affect inside and the taste remains the same.

How To Preserve

Nigerian Uziza Okro soup

A plate of okro soup to be served with Soft yellow microwaved garri.

 This okro soup is actually the third or fourth on the blog but they are all cooked differently. Chubby Ella posted Okro soup cooked without meat . There is a post on okro soup with ewedu leaves cooked diffently from the Yoruba ewedu soup. The okro with ewedu post has detailed step by step cooking pictures. I never liked okro until I started cooking it myself. The recipes on this blog are good even for thosen who don't like the okro vegetable. 

This soup was stored in the freezer, after some days, was  brought out, warmed and frozen snails were cooked crunchy, chopped and added. The taste was extremely yummy before freezing and just wow after the addition of snails. Why I forget the camera while adding those seasoned crunchy snails and even serving with microwaved eba is what I don't know. 

Talking about microwaved eba, incase you haven't tried it, then you have not started enjoying good eba. After making garri with hot water, which now becomes eba, there is even a post showing how to make eba from garri powder. Place already made eba in the microwaves for some seconds or minutes, bring it out and serve, Ooh lalala there will be no remainder. When eba is microwaved, it feels even more fluffy than the one I posted on this draw soup post.

A little ground ogbono was added to this soup. A lot of people do not add onion to their okro soups because they believe onion weakens the slimy nature of okra but I love the aroma and taste onion adds to okro soups. Tastes completely different from okro cooked without onion and mine still turns out very drawy even when ogbono is

My Six month Old Lacks Head Control

Please could you post my question in your blog so anyone that's had a similar experience can comment.
My daughter is currently six months old and she can't hold her head yet. our pediatrician directed us to a physiotherapist but the exercises we have been doing haven't changed things much. she's rolling over and meeting all her other mile stones except the head control which she can't hold for more than five seconds and when she does it tilts to the side though she can

Genotype Notwithstanding, A Break Up Not An Option For Us

Good morning Mrs Eya, I read some stories on ur blog. Pls I need your help my fiancee and I are both AS, our wedding is scheduled for November this year. I read about the CVS test on your blog, pls can you enlighten more about the test cos we are both interested as a break up is not an option for us here. Thanks for your help and we are eagerly awaiting your reply.


Hi, your wedding is scheduled for November, meaning you still have a chance but you say a break up is not an option? Honestly, I think it's better to break up now than live in pain and fear. What happens when...

Love alone is not enough when it concerns sickle cell kids. I know there is nothing God cannot do for you and that's why he allowed Science to discover these things, so, a stitch in time can save nine. The stress from kids who are say frequently sick  and all is enough to shake the very foundations of any marriage. The love you confess for your fiance, is it enough to take you through the storms? This is an avoidable storm by God's grace. It is stress waiting to happen except God intervenes and gives you all AA kids or you decide not to have children. The test you mentioned, is it the one where a sickle cell unborn baby is aborted before delivery date. I like to ask this question ... How many can/will you abort?

When you say a break up is not an option, is she pregnant?

If you truly love your fiance, if she is not pregnant, why not set her free from this thing waiting to happen? The test, is done abroad, is your wife-to-be going to have all her babies abroad? The decision rests on you two. 

My advise is that you both sit down and look at it again. Are you sure this love will see you through just incase?

Dear poster,

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