Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Married As A Virgin, What Can I Do To Spice Things Up? please help

Good day ma! how are you and the young man. i need your help with this one and that of the whole house and I hope you can help me. I find it difficult to be naked in front of my husband and its even worse now that I've just had a baby.

I won't really say I'm fat, its just that I feel very shy. We have been married 2 years and I don't remember ever

Boko Haram, What Do They Really Want Lately?

Good morning Wc and Eya
How are you? How is your family and the latest bobo? I hope say he dey give you space small? (In my mind).

Since monday I have been thinking and wondering "what boko haram" wants? Cause they get me confused with every step they take lately! Today they are bombing churches, tomorrow is mosque, next school, homes, offices, parks!!!!! HmmmMmm and the list is endless, killing and injuring innocent people that do not display their daily routine on social media or news papers!

Why are they not bombing political rallies? Why did they not throw bomb at GEJ's adopted daughter's wedding? Or at Atiku's son's wedding? Why did

Monday, April 14, 2014

Tired Of My Mother's Trouble's, Must I Always Do Her Bid?

Dear Aunty eya goodevening. Am really stressed out and confused am 22 and a christian  attending a living Church, but my problem now is since my mom found this new church, I haven't rested. She wants me to start attending their services and programs, infact, she wants me to stop my church and start attending hers.

 I Have even done

How Do I Attract A Good Man?

Hi aunty Enya am a serious visitor on your blog and I want 2 thank you and WC family for impacting morals and good cooking education to me,am indeed a better person for it. Aunty Enya,I am a 25yrs old lady who is seriously single and searching.

I live

Premature Release Even After I stopped Masturbation, Please help!

Hi aunty Eya, I'm so glad to get to know this blog. It is very educating and highly recommended for both singles and married.
Please I need suggestions from WC family and will be a lot grateful if you post this for me. I want to remain anonymous please.

I will be 25 by December, pls I release sperm early before sx, and this has made me feel ashamed, moreover, I have never penetrated any lady before.

I guess it was due

My Husbands Infidelity, What Can I Do?

Please I would like to share my story and will like you to advice me on the
I have been married to my husband for some 25years and we have five
beautiful children. I am very fond of my home and family, and I love my
husband wholeheartedly. I do almost everything to please him. We are very
close and are best friends
My children are all grown up and they live and school abroad, while my
husband and myself live in Nigeria.
I travel from time to time to visit my kids to spend some time with them.
Each time I travelled, my husband always laments how he misses me and how
everything is not the same without me.
Recently, I

Birth options, Caesarean Section Or Induction?

Good day Aunt Eya,

How are you doing? How's your son doing too? I hope he's good. And your girls?

Aunty, pls i need you to help me ask your blog readers an important question

"If you were asked to choose between CS and induction, which would you choose?"

I'm asking 'cos my baby is meant

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Help! I Have Decided That Going To Cheat

Hello Eya, kindly help my friend who wants to remain anonymous post this. I don advise I don tiya.

Hello all
I've been married 5years now and I'm going crazy with BOREDOM. I have kids and an OKAY husband but I'm not getting the SPARK I envisioned or hoped for. I have endured and persevered hoping it will get better with time but it's worse, it's just like living with a Reverend father or a very elder brother with nothing in common. Its making me resentful, depressed and angry. I have decided that I am going to CHEAT on my husband next week. I don't

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Should I Express My Fears To Him?

Hi aunty Eya, I'm so glad to get to know this blog. It is very educating and highly recommended for both singles and married.
Please I need suggestions from WC family and will be a lot grateful if you post this for me. I want to remain annonymos please.

I am a single lady and will be 30 this August. I have a couple of guys that seemed to like me, 3 of them proposed to marry me but since I don't like any of them for one reason or the other, I rejected the proposals. Meanwhile I am still a virgin and have never been into a very close relationship with a guy before.
Early last year, my friend got me introduced to his friend who resides in Abj while I am in PH. We both started talking. Few weeks afterwards, he said he wanted us to have a relationship that will lead to marriage. I wasn't so comfortable with that and I told him. My reason being that

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Eggs In Tomato Sauce By Chidinma

Eggs In Tomato sauce

 Hi WC readers, I'm here again, and, this time, I come bearing a recipe for Eggs in Tomato Sauce. I hope you make it, and enjoy it.

I like this recipe because the eggs don't disappear into the sauce, and the tomatoes are not cooked into submission. It's a really fresh dish, and it's very versatile-you can use it at breakfast, lunch, or dinner. You can use it as a side or main dish (I always eat this by itself, my DH, on the other hand, is a hungry lion, he eats it with yams, potatoes, plantains, whatever). The options are
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