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Thin Tall Tony The Traitor? This is how I feel as a woman and wife #BBNaija

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Thinking about other Seasons of Big Brother. I remember vividly, that Big Brother Africa Season that shook the whole of Africa. "The Richiana" Season. We couldn't stop watching because everyone was anticipating, waiting to be the first to catch that moment when Richard and Tatiana would kiss on live TV. The day Richard won a task and chose Tatiana as the housemate to spend the night with at the Pent house, emotions raged high, Africa stayed awake the whole night to see if they'd be strong enough to resist the temptation and they did. The final day came, Who won all that money? Richard did.
 Africa fell in love with Richard and tatiana until the last day when Richard's wife appeared on stage dancing, celebrating her husband's win, walking majestically to take her darling husband home with their money. 

Thin Tall Tony is a strong contestant just like Richard. However, NOT as strong  because Tatiana knew that Richard was married, he told her about his family back home. Knowing his marital status actually helped her restrain herself from all that. Even though on the first day they clicked while discussing in the garden, he had bared his mind to a very understanding Tatiana and actually confessed to her that no one ever listened to him the way Tatiana did.  Moving forward, he let all the housemates know that he is a married man and that helped Tatiana to be strong and not fall too deep. Honestly people, Richard wore his wedding band while at Big Brother's house. He never took off his ring!

For our own Naija Thin Tall Tony in Big Brother Naija house, he just continues to drag the Intelligent Bisola along with lies. Honestly, having watched Bisola this past four weeks, she is very smart and nothing would have made her suck a married man's HOTDOG on National TV unless on a movie set. She is falling for Tony, perhaps hoping that the feeling is mutual, maybe, looking forward to a relationship outside the house, unaware that she is hurting herself, her votes, Tony's family and the whole of Africa. I pray Thin Tall Tony doesn't drag her out of The Big Brother House because she is doing great aside that relationship with him.

Oh, yes! We know his wife permitted him to go play for 25 Million Naira. We do not know if

Mum who FAINTS during sex has to stick to missionary position to stop her heart rate surging

Laura Crow and her husband Ben can only have sex in the missionary position because a rare condition causes Laura to faint when they have sex
A MUM of three is at risk of fainting every time she has sex as her heart rate reaches heady heights.
Laura Crow lives with a bizarre medical condition that causes her to suddenly collapse. The 28-year-old was diagnosed with debilitating postural tachycardia syndrome (PoTS) in 2011, after having her first baby.
The rare condition means Laura’s resting heart rate is 110 beats per minute – around 40 beats higher than the average person.
But triggers including adrenaline and excitement can cause Laura’s heart rate to peak to as high as 180 beats per minute – causing her to pass out.
It’s led to some tricky situations – and Laura has even passed out while getting steamy with her husband Ben, 28.
Mum-of-three Laura, from Southend-on-Sea, Essex, said: “Whenever I have sex, there’s a 50/50 chance I’ll faint.
“The fainting can happen anywhere, any time – but with PoTS it’s usually a case of

Lady thought she was pregnant, Test Result Showed Positive but something else was in her stomach

A young woman who thought she was pregnant has received the shock of her life after finding out what was really in her stomach. 

20yrs old Alice Hall has revealed how she thought she was pregnant but was then told she actually had a cancer tumour and that she would have to give birth to the cancer. Say what?

According to Metro UK, Alice Hall had been with her boyfriend, Christopher, for 9 months when she started feeling sick one morning last June and decided to do a pregnancy test.

The test came back positive and a doctor later confirmed that she was four weeks ‘gone’.

Writing in a piece for The Sunday Mirror, Alice said that though her and Christopher were

See how one mum posts reminding others that motherhood is less than perfect

The shiny, seemingly-perfect lives of many mums appears to flood Instagram these days, but a recent post from a young mum has brought a nice reminder to the forefront of many parents' minds (and feeds).
American mother and blogger, Shannon Peterson posted a photo of herself breastfeeding on an exercise ball with her unwashed hair swept into a bun, no makeup on and an honest caption explaining she'd been in the photographed position for about three hours.
The post, which touched a cord with thousands of other mothers, created a collective sigh of

Banky W replies Gifty's apology

After writing an explanation and apology to Falz and Banky W yesterday, Banky W has responded to her apology, saying it's not necessary.
Continue to read what he wrote...

Gifty explains why she said she doesn't know Banky W or Falz. Tenders an apology #BBNaija

Former Big Brother Naija housemate Gifty has explained in a lengthy note explained why she doesn't know Banky W and FalztheBadGuy. 
Read her explanation and apology below:
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See beautiful new photos of Kenyan woman whose hands were chopped off by husband

Jackline Mwende who lost her limbs after her husband chopped it off for not having children has found help. The images with her hands chopped off and face full of cuts became the face of gender based violence in Kenya. 

Today, God decided to re-write her sad story, which is said to be the most atrocious case of

Comedian Gandoki advises Tonto Dikeh to make her marriage work - "we never believed that your Mr X whom you held so dearly and, that was a hard nut to unveil, is today your fellow actor in “Tonto Dikeh Instagram Marriage Part 1 and Tonto Dikeh & Son Go Missing Part 2

Outspoken Comedian Gandoki has urged Tonto Dikeh to make her marriage with husband, Olakunle Churchill, work. He also reminded her that her marriage made lots of ladies who lost hope in marriage rethink. Read after the cut...

“Tonto my sister, you no sabi say wen you marry, many girls wey think say them no get hope to settle down, all find husband eventually? 
“You truly motivated a lot of them, but your untimely breakup will give those ladies a sour taste in their mouth and family,…Abi you want us to get more single mother’s or baby mamas? 
“It is on record that the Xmas of 2015 had the highest number of weddings and

Thin Tall Tony's wife reveals 5 things you dont know about him'#BBNaija

Big Brother Naija Thin Tall Tony has his beautiful wife campaigning endlessly for him on Instagram. She shares via her Instagram page; 5 things viewers don't know about the housemate.
See them when you continue...

Can a wife give viagra to poor performing husband without his knowledge?


Hello Aunty Eya, kindly help me post on the wives blog. I needs readers comments and help please. My husband and I have been married for 5 years now with 3 kids but I have never enjoyed him in me. I still have memories if my University days and how it used to be so much fun and climax with my then fiance although things didn't work out between us. I graduated, got married and I do truly love my husband but not in the bedroom. The 3 kids we have is just by the grace of God. He has never lasted even 2 minutes in me and that makes me wonder how I get pregnant in the first place. Most of the time, By the time I begin to think of relaxing and enjoying him, he has already ejaculated and will soon fall into a deep sleep. I complained to him that I suspect he is suffering from quick ejaculation but he countered and explains that not every man can go more than 2 minutes. 

Anty Eya pls help. I don't want to live the rest of my life in a man's house never experiencing pleasure. There were times I hissed at him after everything. If things continue this way, I fear may never enjoy orgasm with him and God forbid that I even think of