Public Marriage Proposal For Blogger Linda Ikeji

"I will marry Linda Ikeji" popular blogger reveals to Mary Stopes, Good life Magazine reporter

Celebrity blogger Linda Ikeji

Tatafonaija's Belema Meshack
Ok, I open my mails and the face thing I see is this proposal interview. After smiling, laughing and looking serious, I copied to share. I pray it's true.

In an interview by Good life magazine reporter Mary Stopes popular blogger Tatafonaija original name Belema Meshack-Hart speaks on his passion for blogging, Helen Paul and the name Tatafonaija, his love life, family and interestingly the belief that he would marry Nigeria's foremost blogger Linda Ikeji, read excerpts below..........

Mary Stopes: Can you tell me a bit of yourself?

Tatafonaija: Thanks Mary, my name is Belema, i am from Rivers State, I studied Mechanical Engineering at the prestigious University of Port-Harcourt, but now am a blogger and prefer to be called Tatafonaija, thanks

Mary Stopes: Why Tatafonaija?

Tatafonaija: Because that is my brand now, that is how i want to be known and seen, sounds funny but that's me.

Mary Stopes: I know Helen Paul is called Tatafo, how did you come about the name Tatafonaija?

Tatafonaija: Thanks Mary, so many people ask me the same question, sincerely when thinking of a name for my blog, the name came as a result of what i intend to do with the blog, which is talking, and you know some one that talks a lot is called Tatafo, so i said  i am going to be talking so much about Nigeria, hence the name Tatafonaija

Mary Stopes: Have you ever met Helen Paul?

Tatafonaija: No, but i hope to someday

Mary Stopes: Who inspired you

My Marriage Is A Mistake, I Regret Every Passing Second

Hello, Am an ardent reader of wives connection  blog.  My name is Roseline Chukwu from Imo State, Madam Eya pls be kind enough to delete my details before posting this. I have a situation that I need your advice and that of others.

I have been married for two years and 8 months now and we are still believing God for fruits of the womb. My problem is my husband's attitude towards me. Every  little misunderstanding we have he would keep malic with me for days even when he is the one at fault. He has no job but  follows politicians, attends meetings with some of them and in the process they may dash him money and that is how feed and do other things. This is is a man that made me believe with some convincing evidence before we got married that he is a graduate only for me to find out later on that he dropped out of school. 

We are having fertility issues cos diagnoses shows he has a very low sperm count of below 5 million.  But instead of seeking medical help from hospitals he prefers taking herbal medicine. I dragged him to my gynaecologist some time ago but he swore not to go back to the hospital that the doctor is very expensive. 

 I am just confused. Of late he started going out without telling me his way about and would also stay late into the night. I have sat him down severally and expressed how I feel towards these issues to him all to no avail. You may ask why I married a jobless man in the first place?  The answer to this is that I was tricked into believing that he would get a job soon considering the caliber of people he mingles with coupled with the fact that he made me believe he had good certificates to go with.


This Conversation Has Lasted 5 Days, Can You Please Help With Advise?

Beebe sent a blank mail to me with a title "Can I talk to you?"

Eya: Hi Beebe, it's only your name showing. No mail included.

Beebe: Can I talk to you ma?

Eya: Yes you can. ALL EARS

Beebe: Am in serious trouble and all I can think of is to run away cos I don't even understand myself. My life is complicated dnt even know where 2 start from cos am screwed and...sad

Eya: How is it complicated, are you sick, homeless or what?

Beebe: Don't just know where to start from am not sick or homeless....where do I start name is (real name witheld by Eya) ,yoruba,20yrs old guess am ruinned now, went to yct{yabatech dint know what happened, I dint further and was collecting my school fees and other stuff, later went for pre degree @aaua{adekunle ajasin)  on getting there, I don't know what happened, didn't pay my School fees though it was given tome. I did the post UTME, did not pass though I didn't have interest in going 2 skull have always wanted 2 be a fashion designer. can't tell my parents all dis cos they are only interested in school and choosing a lyf that I dont want. Now dat I am ruined dont know what 2 do or who 2 talk 2.

Can't tell my parents anytin my dad wld mke my life miserable am down dnt know what 2 do am finished my mum has been the one sponsoring I and my siblings through skull and everytin just feel useless cos when my mum would get 2 knw the truth dont just know. Guess I already spoilt tins Living a fake lyf.

Eya: Yes dear, you were living a lie. They will expect you to graduate and that is when you'd be exposed. Can I post for advise cos this is really overwhelming.

Beebe:My dad wld soon get to knw and I cnt jst face it jst feel lyk comittimg sucide.Please could you hide my identity.Thank you ma

Eya: Yes, your parents will

First Time Mum: Has Anyone Been In This Situation?

 I must say that I have learnt a lot from wives connection blog though I never knew a day would come when I'll have to write in for help...

Am a first time mum,had my baby ten days ago and I had a little tear which the doctor said didn't need to be stitched,its painful like crazy and am so scared even after d normal everyday hot water massage

Initially I couldn't

Is It Wrong Not To Support This Wedding?

I saw this comment by an anonymous reader and didn't know what to say so I didn't reply. Can anyone help with advise please:

Good morning everyone. My sister is getting married soon but am not happy. My sister met a young man and they started a relationship. Introduction was fixed and a wedding date. The church demanded for a HIV test and the man tested positive. 

My sister is negative. We all now kicked against the wedding. But she insisted. That nothing is going to change her mind she must marry this guy. 

We all thought maybe she has been exposed to the virus that's why she wants to marry him. 4months after she took another test still negative. 2 months after that still negative. But my sister still insists on marrying him. 

I know HIV is

Ebola And Nigerian School Resumption Date, A MUST READ

Nigerian schools and Ebola, do you agree with September Resumption Date?
I got a mail this morning from one of my kids School here in Abuja and I totally agree with their decision, here is the mail:

....... School will like to remind you that the opening date for school is still on OCTOBER 13, 2014. Parents and Guardians can come to the school from Friday 12, 2014 to pick up home work for their children from 9am to 2pm as part of their continous assessment. Thank you.
When I saw this mail, I started thinking about other Schools. Are Schools really going to resume on September 22? Really? The people in Government, do they have kids in Nigerian Schools? Do they have friends and relatives working in Schools?

Thinking about boarding Schools, students travel from all over the country, all towns, cities and villages to resume.

Well, I'm just thinking aloud.
Below is a mail from a concerned Nigerian Mother Efe Farinre:

   Read and tell us what you think about September Resumption Date...
I just received a mail confirming that schools will re-open on Monday 22nd September, 2014. After reading it, I felt compelled to put on paper my thoughts since the announcement of same by the Federal Government. One thing that struck me is that I am yet to receive information about confirmed (not advised/suggested) nationwide measures that have been put in place to ensure the safety of our children from the Ebola virus upon resumption at school in two weeks." Continue...
 The reason for moving the resumption date forward by three weeks was given as “containment of the Ebola virus in Nigeria”. How does that statement stand in view of the present situation in Port Harcourt?

I returned to Lagos from a week’s trip to Abuja on Friday 5th September, 2014. The first issue I had,which I mentioned to an airport official was that just before boarding the planes (in Lagos and Abuja), passengers (adults and children) are given a rub-down. The officials checking our bodies were wearing gloves. However, the same gloves were worn while touching a good number of people.
 The officials were protected, but how about the passengers being touched with the gloves that had been used to touch many others? On arrival at the Abuja airport, the temperature of every passenger was taken before entry was granted into the Federal Capital Territory. Of concern is that on departure from Abuja, this was not the case. Worse still, Lagos State that had the index case of Ebola welcomed us without any precautionary measures of any kind. We simply picked up our bags and walked into the city. With instances where infected people have traveled from one state to another, we should be worried.

It is understandable that we want our children educated, but we need to be reminded that we can only educate the healthy and living. Ebola virus in Nigeria is an unprecedented occurrence that has to be handled as such. “Better safe than sorry” should be the motto here. So far, we have been blessed in the manner that no child has contacted the disease. Children play indiscriminately with one another.
 A child of what age can be guaranteed to identify the symptoms of the Ebola and keep away from it? How many times do we have to remind our children not to put their hands in their mouths and cover their mouths when they yawn, cough or sneeze? How do we tell them not to play with their friends as they are used to or not to show concern if one of them gets hurt and is bleeding? How can we really be sure that our 3 to 16 year olds would be safe from Ebola in a place where we cannot control who they come in contact with; a place where they share toilets, eat and play with others. How about our babies at crèche who we can’t even attempt to explain this to and who cannot verbalize their day at “school”?

I am the typical “Nigerian Mum”….ensuring my kids are on top of their school work, home work and leisure activities. At this time, I must pause and realize that prevention is the only option here as there is no cure! If the children have to stay home a little longer while this epidemic is eradicated or contained NATIONWIDE then so be it. If this implies a shorter Christmas break this year or just four weeks of Summer break next year to make up for the lost education time, so be it.

 One thing I am sure no parent wants to deal with is the anxiety if a child comes home with a fever. We

Quick Cook Jollof Pasta With Beans, Corned Beef

A beautiful serving of jollof pasta looking as delicious as it tastes.
 This my signature pasta, please don'tb get bored. I'm trying to like other shapes but this still tastes and feels better for me. I never enjoyed the ones with a hollow middle. This dish was so rushed that I think I shocked myself. Everyone that ate, asked for extra. We have cooked pasta a lot of times in the past but this, I mean, this particular pot turned out tasty beyond expectation. It cooked in 8 minutes but I allowed one more minute before turning off the heat.


  • Pasta 2 packs
  • soya oil
  • pepper sauce
  • Seasoning cubes (4 chicken cubes)
  • Salt

Smoked Turkey Stir fry With Pasta By Mavis

A serving of smoked turkey stirfry with pasta.
 This is mavis. am sorry i have not contributed to the blog for a while.i made this stir fry over the weekend and i want to share used pepper.spring sauce.chilli sauce. 

Mavis takes her time to cook well and carefully decorate before presentation, she also shared the curried rice with shredded chicken, gravy. and the very deliciously nutritious plantain porridge with crunchy snails, fish, liver
try and link old pasta posts later. For how to make stir fry check out how to make Nigerian fried rice sauce BUT use less oil pls. Stir fries are made by just pouring the

Fashion Designer? Workers Needed Urgently

Hello good people of wives connection,
Good morning and happy new week
Please I have a problem, I recently just opened a fashion house but I have been having problems with tailors . It's like they all have a generational curse (sorry to say this) . I pay well but none of them ever stays more than a month. My friends in the business are also complaining about the same thing saying tailors are never serious or responsible .

I have thrown my problems to this blog about three times in the past and I always got solutions here. So please if there's any one out there who knows a very good tailor that would be ready to sit down and work please help me with their contacts. If you need mine please just comment below and I would drop it for you .
I have invested so much in this business and I can't afford to be looking and my machine chairs empty with no serious worker on them.

Please help . Today is monday and nobody is at work, Monday that is to be taken seriously . I have 6 workers and

Suya Jollof Rice By Omalicha

Suya jollof rice served with egg and vegetables. Oh No not suya, this is another emergency rice she cooked months ago without suya but with same process.
 Okay this is what happend, the food was inspired by the fact that I didn't want chicken and chips for dinner which is what everyone was having.i wanted skmething ricy and spicy. But there was no frozen meat or chicken or fish or any animal in the I went to the junction and bought suya(allow them put enough suya pepper,beef and gizzard)N1000 worth. So that with every spoon I take I crunch something.
Red and yellow pepper
Green chili
Little ginger and garlic
Turkey stock from a previous meal

I sliced all the veggies including the suya into tiny bits
Mixed them all up and set aside
Washed my rice about 4times with lukewarm water (I dont parboil unless i'm making white rice)

In a dry pot I added rice, turkey stock and seasoning.mixed all up, tasted for seasoning added more water.
Put on heat to cook
On medium heat in a large pan, put about one cooking spoon of olive oil and when hot add all your veggies and suya, stir fry.

Pour contents in frying
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