Saturday, May 28, 2016

Vegetables Cornmeal With Fish

vegetable cornmeal with fish
 Vegetable cornmeal cooked with fish.
I enjoyed this a lot as a child, ate lots of cornmeal s during the rains, Mostly cooked with broad pumpkin leaves. Green amaranth is also good when there's no pumpkin leaves. If you are from the South South, you may have tasted this delicacy. I can eat this for dinner because corn is not high in calories. We enjoyed this meal after so many years, I just remembered it this week. Cooking with kpanla fish makes this a very very affordable dish because kpanla fish is the most affordable fish in Nigerian market right now.
We have food is Nigeria abeg, in abundance.

  • 2 Tablespoonfuls palm oil

My Fiance Says He Used To Masturbate, That Ok For A Christian?

Hello, good day auntie Eya,I'm a Christian and so is my fiance. We're both adults, and are both waiting till marriage before we share a bed. Now, we all have urges. we're human. I'm physically attracted to my fiance and he is the same towards me. Yet we of course won't and can't do anything about it and just try our best to ignore the urges.

Well, the thing is he just confessed to me that he used to masturbate, and this would ease

Guess This Delicacy and win airtime

Found this on Facebook. It tastes like fresh fish pepper soup.
Hint: It's cold blooded, medicinal too. A lot of people, especially women, do not have the guts to eat this even though it's white meat and highly nutritious.

Singer Waje and her Daughter

The Voice Nigeria Coach and her gorgeous daughter Emerald cover Allure Vanguard.
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Get Rid Of Infertility Problems

Get pregnant
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Heavily Pregnant In My Dream, Two Other People Had The Same Dream About Me

Good morning aunty Eya, please i have something bothering me that i would
like you to share on your blog. I dreamt that I am heavily pregnant
and two other people had the  exact same dream too which they told me. I'm a
girl of 22 years, not married and not ready for it till I graduate and

Woman wins permission to remove her dead partner's testicles in the hope of using his sperm to get pregnant

A Toowoomba woman has won permission to remove her dead partner's testicles in the hope of using his sperm to get pregnant

A woman has won a legal battle to remove her late partner's testicles from his dead body in the hope of using his sperm to have a child. 
The Toowoomba woman was granted permission to remove his testicles in the Queensland Supreme Court.
The woman lodged an urgent application to perform the procedure the day after her fiance died unexpectedly in April, the ABC reported.  

The two met in September last year, became engaged a month later and were planning to


Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 11.42.13 AM

After raising a ton of questions and setting off a firestorm of speculation with her ‘Lemonade’album, Beyoncé wants fans to know that her family dynamic is in a great place.
The singer took to Instagram to share some intimate family photos — and you may be surprised to see
Friday, May 27, 2016

Photo: Annie Idibia Celebrating Children's Day In Abuja

Gordon Ramsay responds to woman who claims her baby looks just like him

Claire Dempster

Do you see the resemblance? Claire Dempster wasn't expecting such a huge response when she tweeted a photograph of her baby at Gordon Ramsay.
The child, who in the photograph sports the same steely expression as the famously volatile chef, does look remarkably like Ramsay.
She tweeted... @GordonRamsay this is our baba - have you been in Wales for any reason


The shooter believed the doctor had no right to be present during labor and that only a female gynecologist should have assisted the delivery.
The woman gave birth at the King Fahad Medical City in the Saudi capital Riyadh back in April, Saudi news site Sabq reported.  
Shortly after the birth, the woman’s husband went to the hospital and asked to meet with Dr Muhannad Al Zabn, а Jordanian national who helped his wife during labor. The man said he wanted to thank the doctor.
Both met in the hospital garden but instead of expressing gratitude to the

Pregnant Woman Killed As Driver Misses Bus Stop Sign

KeAnna Shields

An Atlanta man missed a stop sign and plowed into a pregnant woman at a bus stop, killing her.
Ke’Anna Shields, 21, was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident on Pryor Road near Amal Drive on Thursday, according to the
The graduate nursing student was on her way to pick up her cap and gown at United

Photo: Zahra Buhari


Hello wives connection and Madame Eya, I started following the blog in 2014 and have benefitted immensely. Please advise me on how to go about this new drama from my wife. We have been married for 8 years and live in a 4 bedroom here in Lagos  with 2 kids. We are not rich but comfortable enough to thank God. I am a  business owner and I pay for everything, children School fees, food, cars, insurances, groceries, maintenance, medical bills, building a home at my village and all expenses which is well over say ten thousand Naira straight.  I also pay for my wife's part time schooling. She became a teacher after our second child was born, to enable her create more time for the kids while earning a little something for herself.  My wife doesn't really work that much at home and does only a few dishes sometimes, laundry pretty much most of the chores for

Italian doctor wants to adopt Nigerian orphan Baby Favour whose parents died in immigrant boat off Libya coast (Photos)

Favour the baby with Pietro Bartolo

 A doctor taking care of a baby girl orphaned when the ship her family were on capsized in the Mediterranean has said he wants to be her adoptive father.
Nine-month-old Favour arrived on the Italian island of