Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Royco Women Who Really Cook Contest

Royco Women Who Really Cook contest

Royco Nigeria has rewarded two African women with Kitchen appliances for preparing tasty African meals in the Royco Women who really cook contest. Faith was the winner of the Southern theme with her delicious lookingBanga Soup & Starch recipe while

Meditation:Thy Kingdom Come

••• I have a friend close to my heart. Whenever things go wrong in her life, she'll jerk her left

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Sisi Yemmie's Fried Rice For This Weekend

Fried rice with a difference. 
Beautiful Blogger Sisi Yemmie is now a mommy blogger, she just gave birth to a bouncing baby boy who is less than a month old and right now. You and I do not need to be told that this is a very busy, tiring, guest receiving,  hot watering, sleep craving, overwhelming period for every new mom. Even if one has family and friends to do all the work, what about waking up to breastfeed hungry crybaby at night?
sometimes once is not enough. Sleep deprivationx.

Let's try her well dressed attractive Nigerian fried rice

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Leaving Him And New Wife An Option?

WhatsApp Conversation:
04:12, 18/05/2015] Blog Reader: Morning aunty,u're doing a nice job,pls keep it up.I really have a burden in my heart dat I want to share wit u,nd I really nid advice from ur blog.                           I've been married for over 8yrs now,still believing God for d fruit of d womb,done 2 failed ivfs,just to discover dat my husband has a wife nd two kids outside,I've heard about dis kind of stories,never believe it could happen to me,honestly I'm shocked by his betrayal,will leaving him be d best option?
[08:25, 18/05/2015] Eya Ayambem: Oh my, how did you find out?

[04:31, 19/05/2015] Blog Reader: It's God,for d pass 4 yrs,he's been locking his fone,on dis particular day he

Turn Off The Tap, Stop Mopping Floors

A Faucet in Your Soul

"I will no longer talk much with you, for the ruler of this world is coming. He has no claim on me." John 14:30ESV

¶ A few years ago, a popular Nigerian pastor was in the big news when he declared that masturbation was not a sin. Usually, when such a matter generates such heated interest, it could only mean that too many people are involved, if you know what I mean.

Is masturbation a sin? I pondered that question for years because I was involved. The answer my heart gave me was not the answer I had wanted. I secretly wished masturbation wasn't a sin! I had fasted, prayed, tried hard not to look at women lustfully. Yet, the more I tried the more my willpower buckled. 

At some point, I didn't care anymore if it was a sin or not. I just wanted to be free from the habit! I

Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Curse Of The Married Man: The Awakening (Part1)

The only thing more frustrating than not having available men come to you is having married men come for you. They come in drones. I mean the married ones. The happily married ones, the ones with troubled marriages, the ones looking for adventure, the this, the that, even pastors too. At a point, I was beginning to wonder if I'm not under a certain spell, you know , the type where what you desire doesn't come, where what comes is not what you want. Abi, what do they see in me? Am I the only one? 

And they do it so well, sometimes I'm tempted to give in. You know, to say yes to them and collect more money.
I must however confess to having collected stuff from some of them tho. They just won't let me be, even after outrightly telling them I'm not interested and all, they still come back, insisting and all... baring and displaying all forms of gifts and cash. 
The gift giving types and the money dashing ones make resisting difficult alot. Especially when you're a single and available and living alone. 
Personally, I'd like to give kudos to myself for my strong will and my staying power. Left to some other girls, they would have long since been swayed. I actually know a whole lot of girls who are into this thing. But then, a lot of things keep me from falling.

 As I lay on my bed last night, after receiving a call from another hunting married man ( I guess he was even calling from home, his wife must have been asleep beside him). See, married men have issues abeg.
I thought. I thought deep. I thought far. 
I wondered. I asked questions.
Why do married men still hunt?
What do I have that their wives don't? 
Why is it a common thing amongst them? 
Will I experience the same thing from my husband when I eventually get married?
When will it stop?

To my questions, I couldn't come up with reasonable answers. 
I guess it's in their nature. Abi? 
I recall asking one of my persistent toaster my first question. 

Read his reply:

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Weekend Recipe; Shredded Chicken Gravy With Curried Rice

 Shredded chicken gravy with curried rice.
This weekend, the rains are here with cold, *let's try something very delicious and nutritious by Mavis Immanatue. Your family and friends will love this. I'll add links to related posts later. Start cooking

Getting Some Parenting Help From Police

Young boy arrest
A mom gets her misbehaving 10 year old son fake arrested by a police officer to bring the derailing young man back on track, after it's shared on Social media, some praise her for fake arresting rather than wait and face future REAL arrest of her son as a criminal. She is applauded by moms who think whatever it takes to raise a son well is in order provided the boy is not hurt by her decision. Others came for her calling it bad parenting.
Full story

I cannot judge this mother in any way. She must have tried other methods before involving the police. It's not like it's a real arrest. Boys at this age can be a

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Brain teasers For This Week

We've got very intelligent visitors on WC. To all those who attempted and , Oya clap for yourself.
As for those who decided to sit back while the answers roll-in, una do well.
Since all the questions were already answered save for num 1, I'd just answer it.

Answer to no 1 of lastweek brainteasers :

Question :  
A man walks into a restaurant and the the waiter says good day Admiral.
Why did the waiter call the the man an Admiral?
Answer : Because he

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Too Soon To Rest With The Lord

Rest And Cry No More Lady T .
Rest? No! Wake up, it's two days to your birthday. How could you not tell me you were depressed and very ill? How could you come into Abuja, quietly check yourself into National hospital leaving instructions that you didn't want anyone to know, didn't want to see anybody. You didn't want to bother anyone? Who is ANYONE?

I am grieving silently and it's so heavy for me cos this whole thing I don't understand. I didn't see you sick, didn't hear about ill health, didn't hear you flew in straight to the hospital, spent a whole day there and passed on the following. 

What is friendship? Why are we friends? I thought you said you trusted me a lot? If we were friends, why couldn't you sort me out as the only one to confide in? I am so heartbroken, don't know how and what to tell the girls.

You could have just let me in. Just a few days ago, I teased hubby that you look fresher now than when you were married to his friend. He didn't argue at all. We were happy thinking that you have gone past your husband's passing. You didn't fall sick during those dark days. You told me how your in-laws pounced and took everything, how they accused you of ending their son's lineage, they called you
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