How Do I Say No Without Hurting?

Good evening Aunty Eya and all wives connection family. I have a challenge and need your advice and that of blog members.

I have been in a relationship with my fiancee for close to 8years now. NB i met him when i just finished secondary school and was seeking for admission into the university. I was really young then so he decided not to do anything sexual to me(was a virgin n still am). He has been there for me and by God's grace we are having our introduction this december and marriage next year.

I started attending my church few months before i met my fiance as i said before i was quite young and didnt show him off cos i was worried people will think that as small as i was, i was already into a man without knowing there was no sexual attachment.

To cut the story short, a brother

He Suspects His Wife Sends Money Home Which Is Not True, Please Help My Sister

Good day! I would like to be anonymous. I earlier posted my story on this blog which attracted meaningful advices from you and blog visitors.  This time I need your advice and that of blog visitors for my younger sister. She has been married for 2 years with a baby boy .

 Now the problem is her husband; the man is a business man and he is doing very well financially. After their wedding he made sure my sister stopped using her bank account , he in fact doesn't want her to be going to the bank for anything whatsoever.  He goes about telling people that God disappointed him by giving my sister to him as wife.

 My sister is currently doing her nysc and he told her to withdraw all her monthly allowance and give to him that he would add money to it and buy a new set of seat for their sitting room. My sister did that for the sake of peace. 

 Every now and then it is always money this money that. He suspects that she sends his money to her family which is not true,  cos our parents are not lacking. He said my sister does not give him change whenever he gives her money to buy food stuff and all that. 

 Just 3 days ago he beat the

He Accepted The Pregnancy, Proposed Marriage But The Problem...

Hello Anty Eya and Fellow blog readers,
I am a yoruba lady dating a guy from the south south. we met in school during our Post Graduate Diploma (PGD), he was actualy a very nice guy back in school though I never had any intention of marrring him then until...  I got home and found out I was pregnant for him. 

 i went to see him and he accepted and even proposed marriege but the problem now is i just discovered he is very clueless about life and real living all he has worked for 16yrs without saving a penny and lives in just one room!

 His daily routine is

A Guide To Wives Connection Recipes

Will Be Back Soon... 

 Ingredients for Lizzy's Nigerian fried rice sauce
For those interested in Wives Connection Step By Step Pictorials of yummy food recipes but cannot see the 'post categories' because you blog with phones, Click on the links below to arrive at
the recipe you
are looking for:

He Asked Me What I Wanted, My Reply Before Saturday

Hi Aunty Eya,pls hide my ID.I'm 24yrs and a virgin(i want 2 keep it till i'm married) i ve never dated.There's this guy in church(he is 32) that is seriously pestering me for a relationship.I ve been to his house 3rice.The 1st time i went,he asked me out and i refused.The 2nd time we talked extensively,i asked him if he believes in sex b4 marriage,he said YES.I told him i don't and he said he will never force me into it.

He forcefully kissed me for
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