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My Boiled Rice With Titus Peppered Fish Sauce, Fish and A side Of Green Amaranth

 green vegetables, titus fish sauce, fish with white rice
Dear Diary, 
A lot of people do not like this fish because of it's smell. I have my way of cooking which removes that fish smell. Although no
member of my family agrees to eat this fish with me, I still love it. *wink* I like it cooked in tomato or just fried and eaten as a snack. When I buy this fish, I just know that no one will agree to eat with me so I  buy the quantity I can finish. LOL!

  • Rice
  • Fresh Titus Fish
  • Amaranthus
  • Fresh Pepper
  • Tomato Paste
  • Vegetable oil
  • Salt
  • knorr cubes
  • Water


  1. The rice is washed and boiled with some salt. When cooked, it is kept somewhere to wait for the fish sauce and vegetables.
  2. The fish is salted, put in a pot with a little water, vegetable oil  and some chopped onions, and brought to a boil.
  3. Ground Fresh pepper and just two tea spoons of tomato paste added. knorr cubes and maggi are also added to taste. I tried to avoid stirring so I do not crush the fish. With the fish boiling in that peppered tomato sauce, I checked for salt and allowed to simmer.
  4. The washed amaranthus is chopped with all the soft parts of the stalk, It is slightly salted and put in a pot. Without waiting, I immediately begin to stir until I see the vegetables begin to turn darker. Without delay, the heat is turned off. The hot pot continues to cook this tender veggies, that's why I can't leave it for even five minutes on the cooker. Depending on the quantity I make though.
  5. Serve hot. It is best eaten with the fish sauce poured on the white rice as seen in the third picture below.
 Boiled rice with fish sauce, fish and green leafy  Amaranth vegetables
Cooking fresh fish in tomato sauce with some fresh pepper removes the fish smell. I do not allow vegetable sellers to cut the stalk off. I only take off a little part of the stalk. I love the crunchy healthy feel. The fiber in the stalk is also very good for my digestive system.

 red pepper, seasoning cubes and onions ground together and fried. This is how I preserve my fresh pepper. They are made into pepper sauce and kept in the fridge for as long as I want. I just take from there and add to meals when I cook. This can also be served with just dodo, roast yam, boiled irish potatoes or roast plantain.
  1. Grind fresh red pepper with some chopped onions and enough seasoning cubes. For half a mudu of pepper, at least six or more seasoning cubes.
  2. Add the ground mixture to cold vegetable oil, place pot on the cooker and turn on the heat.
  3.  Stir until it boils, check for seasoning and salt, *avoid frying* turn off the heat when it boils and begins to taste cooked. Once the raw pepper taste disappears, turn off the heat and you have your tasty pepper sauce.

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  1. wow!!! My Fiance's favorite meal.... yummy yummy, i love this.

    1. His favorite meal doesn't take time to cook. Lucky you BC Makeovers!

  2. Anonymous18:20

    Please,what is the local name for 'amaranthus'

    1. The local name for amaranthus is "GREEN" That is what it is called by the sellers. Thanks for reading!

  3. I love fish(all kinds) with vegetables, so this will make a good meal for me.

    1. Me too, I can't eat meat the way I enjoy fish. Especially with a little tomato paste and fresh pepper added.

  4. Yum, yum. Love this dish :)

    1. Truly Yummy. I really enjoyed myself eating this!

  5. Aunty Ojay av missed alot no thanks to d poor network in ma village. Love d dish but can I substitute d amaranthus with pumpkin leaf,coz I don't like green.

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

    1. I like green cooked and eaten immediately. I do not like preserving this. It is better eaten all at once before it changes color.

  6. Welcome back Bonario. Poor Network in my village did not help matters too. With pumpkin leaves, you need to add water leaf as a softener.
    Wash the water leaf and pumpkin together and pls do not cover the pot. Stir and remove from heat once the green color begins to change. Hope you brought village goodies back to Abuja.
    Happy New Year!

  7. sexyboocalher08:59

    Pls anoda name 4 amaranthus???

    1. Another name for amaranthus is "GREEN"

  8. Anonymous22:28

    Wow o. I love ur blog. I can't wait to cook these lovely meals for my darling husband.

  9. Nife23:20

    Is there any way to preserve raw Green, at least for a few days? I love green but can't go to the market as frequently as I want to eat green. For vegies like Ugu and bitter leaf, I rinse and freez and they are still good to eat after a week but Green just turns dark and flat in the freezer or fridge after a few hours and turns yellow outside the fridge after one night

    1. Green preservation wahala! Nife, I understand you perfectly. I discovered that when I keep green inside empty rice sacks, it lasts longer than in the fridge.

  10. Chychy00:38

    Knorr cubes should come and use you for advert o!! You are giving them free publicity na., warrisit sef..ℓoℓ.. Any particular reason why u like using knorr as against star maggi cubes??

    1. No Chychy, no particular reason. I cook with star too. It just happened that on this day, I had knorr at home. I see no difference between knorr and star. I use even royco too.

  11. Nife19:05

    Oh good! Thanks

  12. Hazel16:18

    Omg I love this dish. Been looking for a food site like this foreva! I recently got married and I neva knew thinking up varieties of food to cook for my hubby is wahala. This will help, thnx!

  13. jite09:08

    Nice meal, love it. Its so healthy and looks delicious. I love vegetables a lot but have not tried used titus before. Will surely try this, thanks Eya.

  14. Anonymous12:55

    Please after salting the Amaranthus,is it put in a dry pot or a pot of water before stirring.


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