14 January 2013

Tomato Egg Sauce With Boiled Yam, Boiled Unripe Plantain

 Ingredients, Eggs, crayfish, onion, red pepper, seasoning

  1. tomato
  2. eggs
  3. onion
  4. pepper
  5. seasoning
  6. crayfish
  7. salt
  8. vegetable oil
  9. water

 boiled yam served with tomato egg stew

 Some seasoning added to the eggs before stirring


  • I broke the eggs into a bowl
  • chopped the onion, tomatoes, and red pepper
  • grind ed the crayfish
  • mixed the eggs with some seasoning
  • Heated some vegetable oil in a pan and fried the vegetables and ground crayfish first, added some salt to taste 
  • before adding the whisked eggs and checking again for salt .

 Frying the ingredients in  hot vegetable oil
This is a dish particularly loved by children, especially when the pepper is not much and the vegetable crunchy. Over cooking destroys the crunchiness in the veggies. Frying should be briefly done to retain freshness.
 A portion of  salted boiled yam with fried tomato egg sauce
The yam tuber is peeled, washed and boiled ( salted)
It is left to boil until it gets soft and edible.
The heat is turned off and the dish served hot.

 Unripe plantain to be peeled, boiled in salted water and served with the tomato egg sauce.
To boil unripe plantain, remove the skin and proceed the way yam is boiled. To see pictures of boiled unripe plantain, GO HERE.


Myne Whitman said...

Yum Yum, me likey!

Anonymous said...

Y am I just seeing dis blog 4 d 1st time?
I just opened it on LIB thru Eya Ayabem!
Ok ill follow up and c wat its all abt,
I love d food recipe concept!
Looking foward 2 more!
Billie jean

Morounfoluwa Lukina Akibo said...


Eya Ayambem said...

Welcome on board, Billie Jean.Thanks for coming o.

simply mee said...

I love yam! esp with the egg sauce you prepared.....yummy.


I love yam and egg sauce so much,give me yam and egg sauce for breakfast it leaves me cheerful and ready to forgive anybody's tresspass at workplace.

~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

cousin uche said...

I have never visited blogs,gossip blogs especially.not my thing.but bonario put up my pix den I found myself here..I must say that I really love ur dishes,recipes n preparations..I really need em cos I'm a bachelor u know..I have to thrill whoeva I will b dating. #winks..my wife n kids in future also..good job ma'am..I will visit often n will try 2 spread ur news 2..break a leg

Akua Priscilla Yeboah said...

I love eating this dish, I prepare it a lot of times too.

Anonymous said...

I saw ur post on LIB and decided to check it out.....impressive. The plate of yam and eggs is sure going to send me into the kitchen.
By the way, I came here because you mentioned healthy.....as in i'm trying to loose weight hence sourcing for healthy naija recipes. Hope I can find some low fat recipes here.

Eya Ayambem said...

Yes! What really works for me when I try to lose weight is drastic reduction of carbs. It works wonders for me. In December 2011, I did the Atkins diet thing. I completely eliminated carbohydrates for two weeks while stuffing well on all others. What happened??? In 2 weeks, I lost 10kg.

This type of weight loss is not good for long term sha because after the event, I returned back to my carbs and gained back every single pound I dropped. LOL!
We blame fats, while the real weight giver Mr Carbohydrates relaxes!

Anonymous said...

Nice look...will try it

Anonymous said...

I came across ur blog on LIB...aft al u everyday advert I decided 2 pity u n check. I DNT REGRET IT...u r excellent @ wat u do plus dis is Educative.

doll (retired blogger) said...

bookmarking you

Anonymous said...

I love cooking so I,m so glad to be part of this blog. Well done

Anonymous said...

Wao, looks delish. I'm not a fan of yam but I find myself cooking boiled yam n egg stew quite often coz its my hubby's favourite food n I think our kids r enjoying it too. I don't add crayfish to mine but I add tin sardines instead. I prefer green plantain so I find it easier to boil the plantain with d skin on n peal off d skin after d plantain has cooked. Sis Joy, u shld try garden egg stew with yam, plantain or potatoe coz it so yum.

Eya Ayambem said...

Ok, I will try it. There is garden egg stew served with boiled unripe plantain on this blog. If you click on "all my plantain recipes" or "my kitchen diary recipes," you'd see it.
Thank you.

cynthia said...

Aunty Eya ur blog is d bomb.. You are a life saver cos you give me ideas on what to prepare evryday.. Cookin is so much fun now.. I don't regret checking you out from LIB... Keep up the good work

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Gud job,keep it up!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Can dis luvly sauce be taken wit rice as wel?

Eya Ayambem said...


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