Nigerian school lunch fried plantain with scrambled eggs
 Plantain with scrambled eggs and fruits in Nigerian school lunch box.
This Nigerian lunch box organizer covers one month of school lunch box packaging with photos taken taken daily, that's 20 lunch box meals to serve as a guide when we rush in the mornings for the
kids. Packing school children's lunch boxes daily for three months multiplied by three terms yearly is not easy o. But, can be simplified if parents/guardians know ahead of time what to pack for the kids. Time seem to run too fast in the mornings and thinking about what to pack early can cause delay, confusion, unnecessary stress and lateness to school. I have carefully taken these pictures of my son's school lunch box for about a month so that other parents can from these lunch box food timetable, organise themselves and have stress-free mornings. If you pack all these daily, before you repeat thrice, the term would have ended in ease. Having this lunch box meal plan helps us prepare very well ahead. What I do is shop on Saturdays or drive straight to the market after Sunday church service, pick vegetables and other items that I'll need for the week's lunch box, keep. Everyday, I pick from there and if it's something I can prepare the previous day, I get it ready at night, just heat in the morning and pack. Knowing what to pack in your child's lunch box and having it ready ahead, saves precious time in the morning and leaves you smiling while getting the kids ready. There is nothing as stressful as trying to figure out what to put in the lunchbox while time is quickly ticking away. 

I posted Nigerian school lunch box ideas and school lunch box tips  on this blog, but this is here is more detailed with recipes on how to make them if you'll like to try my recipes. One good thing that makes this easy to follow is that we are not compelled to serve everyday, what is on this lunch box menu plan but we can use it as a guide to reduce stress and early morning headache.

When planning or packing our kids lunch boxes, nutrition should be number one in our heads. The food  has to be balanced because some kids eat better at school with friends and classmates than at home. Most kids do lose some inches weight during holidays but gain it back when schools resume, why? because watching their classmates eat, makes them want to eat more, want to impress the teacher and want to be applauded. If the meal in the lunch box is balanced, the day is covered as some may not even be able to eat heavy again at home, after school. After nutrition, think about what your child loves to eat and pack more of that. It's better for the child to come home with an empty lunch box than for you to empty a lunch box full of nutrition into the waste bin because even though what is packed is nutritious, it's not what that chile likes to eat. Try to make the food attractive. If your child doesn't like boiled eggs, you can serve them in a different form and the aim is achieved. You can scramble and they'll just eat. That doesn't mean that you have to pack only dodo daily because that's what your child likes. Anyway, I can pack that everyday and still make it different and nutritious. You can actually repeat the food your child truly loves. If it's rice, there's nothing wrong with packing rice two to three times a week, like on Mondays, Wednesdays and maybe Fridays while other foods are served on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Sometimes, if what I'm supposed to pack on Friday is what is available on Monday, I swap the days. If I have ripe plantain for dodo, it can't last till when it's supposed to be served, so I serve that and swap. This school lunch box timetable/meal plan is dedicated to all mums who sweat it out in the mornings daily for years and still find time to freshen up before taking the kids to school, then work. E nor easy!


Nigerian school lunchbox meal of rice with chicken and bananas

MONDAY: Drinking water, Rice and stew with a fruit. I used bananas, snack and juice. This rice and stew is leftovers from Sunday lunch, so Monday school lunch box is never stressful at least for me.

Nigerian school lunchbox meal of plantain and fish stew

TUESDAY: Drinking water, Plantain with deboned fish sauce, you can serve any sauce of choice or stew, a fruit, I used pineapple , snack and juice.

Nigerian school lunchbox meal of sweet potato porridge with boiled eggs

WEDNESDAY: Sweet potato porridge with fish, boiled eggs, drinking water, a snack and juice.

Nigerian school lunchbox meal of fried rice with chicken and plantain

 THURSDAY: Fried Rice with plantain, protein, snack and juice.
Check out different fried rice recipes.

Nigerian school lunchbox meal of fried noodles with carrots, egg and served with apple

FRIDAY: Noodles with boiled egg and a fruit, a snack and juice. On Fridays schools close early, so, we can do without snack and juice.


MONDAY: Jollof Rice (Perhaps Sunday left overs) a snack, fruit, water and juice.
CHECK OUT more jollof rice recipes.

TUESDAY: POTATO CHIPS (Fries) with ketchup and scrambled eggs. A fruit or vegetable, I used watermelon, snack, juice and drinking water.

Nigerian school lunchbox meal of macaroni with sauce served with sausage pieces

 WEDNESDAY: Boiled macaroni with sauce, a grilled sausage (Protein), snack, water and juice.

Nigerian school lunchbox meal of dodo fried plantain with sauce served with pieces of watermelon
 THURSDAY: Plantain with scrambled eggs, fruit or vegetable, snack, water and maybe juice.

Fried noodles with chicken
Recipes for fried noodles

Nigerian school lunchbox meal of fried noodles with chicken served with a side of apple
 FRIDAY: Fried noodles, protein, fruit, snack and perhaps juice.

MONDAY: Leftovers Sunday rice, could be fried rice, jollof rice, rice and stew, rice with sauce and so on. Heat and pack with a fruit or vegetable, some protein and a snack.

dodo with stew served with a side of oranges
  TUESDAY: Plantain with tomato stew, some protein, fruits... I  served orange, snack, juice and water.

Nigerian school lunchbox meal of boiled yam with stew and a side of oranges
 WEDNESDAY: Boiled yam (very Soft), with stew, proteins, fruit, snack and water.

Nigerian puff puff balls
A snack doesn't always have to be crackers like me. You can pack any snacks of choice,  small chops, puff puffbiscuits, buns, meat pie, egg rolls, Etc. You can even pack a club sandwich for your child if that's what the kid likes to eat.

Nigerian school lunchbox meal of jollof rice with chicken and a side of boiled eggs
 THURSDAY: Jollof rice with proteins, snack, water and juice. Not three  eggs oh. Those are egg halves. 

Nigerian school lunchbox meal of spaghetti with stew served with a side of watermelon
 FRIDAY: Spaghetti with stew and proteins, fruit, snack and water.

MONDAY: Sunday leftover rice, macaroni or spaghetti, protein, fruit and drinking water.

Nigerian school lunchbox meal of boiled yam with egg sauce and springle snack
 TUESDAY: Boiled yam (boil Very soft) with egg sauce, snack, fruit or vegetable, water. The dressing on that cucumber is my homemade Nigerian salad cream

Nigerian school lunchbox meal of noodles with boiled egg
 WEDNESDAY: Noodles with boiled egg and fruits, snack, juice and water.

Nigerian school lunchbox meal of fried spaghetti with boiled egg

 THURSDAY: Fried spaghetti, protein, fruit, snack and water.

FRIDAY: Club sandwich (Made with mixed sardines, cabbage, carrot, mayonnaise etc) Snack, drink.
Nigerian school lunchbox meal of jollof macaroni with chicken and a side of cucumbers
Nigerian jollof macaroni with vegetables... cucumber, snack, juice and water. Here is the recipe for my homemade salad cream that makes him clear all his cucumbers and salads.

Spaghetti with stewed meats and grated carrot
Spaghetti with stewed meats and grated carrots.

jollof macaroni witth chicken
Nigerian jollof macaroni.
See How to cook Nigerian jollof macaroni.

See Also: Boiled rice with vegetable stew.
green Vegetable stew boiled rice with a side of oranges
 Boiled rice with vegetable stew, protein, snack, water and orange.

To make this green vegetable stew, you need less than 10 minutes. 
1 bunch ugu leaves (Fluted pumpkin)
1 bunch water leaf
1 medium sized iced fish (mackerel a.k.a Titus)
1 cup palm oil
1 small size onion
2 seasoning cubes
1 teaspoon or more ground fresh pepper
Salt to taste.

1. Stir fry the washed and cut fish with onion and salt until almost cooked.
2. Add the washed and chopped vegetables, seasoning cubes and pepper. Cover for about 2 minutes. Stir and check for salt. Cover to cook to your preferred green pot whether half cooked or well cooked vegetables is what you like, no wahala.
3. Stir very well and serve with boiled rice. Great for school lunch box because it cooks really fast and easy. To serve in the kids' lunch box, first mix rice and vegetables very well in a different plate before emptying into the lunchbox.

Concoction jollof rice with sweet potatoes and sausages, packed with fruits, snack and water.
There are so many foods not included in this plan. I just remembered moi moi, agidi (eko) with stew and so on. We can pack those too.
Happy Lunch box packing!
Most kids love rice and there are so so many different rice recipes on this blog. See the rice recipes here.

 Egg sauce macaroni recipe

NOTE: Some meals appear only in one week, that doesn't mean that we cannot repeat a weeks plan the following week. We can! By the time you repeat this lunch box meal plan three times, the term is ended and you are resting and more relaxed in the mornings.Cheers!
My son doesn't eat breakfast before leaving for school and he closes late, so I try my best to pack what can sustain him for that long.

TIP: Most kids do not like to repeat meals, so, if you want your child to eat their school food very well, avoid serving that as breakfast. Give them something light in the mornings, like bread with beverage/hot chocolate (Nigerian tea), biscuits or a small piece of cake with Nigerian tea or just any food that's not heavy. That way the food in the lunch box is first seen/tasted during break as a surprise and they'll enjoy eating.

Can you think of any other food that can be packed in the kids' lunch boxes? Please share with us. Leave a comment below.


  1. Whaooo!!.I love this,thanks a lot madam Eya

  2. Thanks Eya for this but I think adding juice every day is too much. I do juice with snacks twice, natural fruits with snacks twice, and 1 day only water and snacks to make a week's lunch packs. We should encourage our children to take less sugar.

    1. Thank you so much Omoba. I always thought that little pack juice is not upto a glass full and so shouldn't matter, considering he doesn't take beverages (Nigerian tea) in the morning, but your plan also makes sense. Bless you. I';ll sure cut down and give juice maybe three days a week. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Hi Eya thanks for the ideas they are really great let share mine with you.
    Monday: white rice and stew with egg water melon 2 crackets and water no juice.
    Tuesday: jollof pasta with chicken pineapple 2 crackers and water
    Wednesday: beans and bread with fish tangerine 2 crackers and water
    Thursday: jollof/fried rice with fish banana 2 crackers and water
    Friday: semo/ amala and ewedu with stew boiled groundnut 2 crackers and water.
    Juice is only weekend and its fresh juice.

    1. Thank you so much. You just gave me a few more ideas to use. Bless you.

    2. I wish you can explain a little on how to serve the beans and bread. Do we sandwich the beans or just keep them in separate bowls in the lunch box?


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