How To Cook Nigerian Party Jollof Rice With That Secret Ingredient

Jollof rice served with meat
Nigerian Party Jollof rice cooked with that special secret ingredient that gives a very inviting aroma. One thing about party jollof rice is that you just want to have a taste, even those who just ate rice before leaving their houses cannot resist party jollof rice. The secret ingredient is what you see floating on that boiling pot of rice below. This jollof rice recipe is something to try this weekend.
Ingredients :
  1. 6 large tomatoes 
  2. 6 large tatashe 
  3. 3 medium sized onion bulbs 
  4. Pepper
  5. Soya oil
  6. Water 
  7. Beef stock 
  8. 4 Cups rice
  9. 4 bay leaves 
  10. 2 teaspoons thyme
  11. Salt
  12. 3 Knorr cubes
Cooking procedure as shown in the pictures below. With your food blender, Blend together the tomatoes, tatashe and onions, I used my pepper sauce, but if you are cooking with fresh pepper, then blend together with number 1 to three above.  In your fry pan, Fry the blended ingredients in hot oil, season to taste,  add stock,  check for salt and seasoning. You satisfied with the taste at this point, then,  continue as shown on the pics. And please share your outcome with us, let us know how cooking went well. If you have your cell phone with you in the kitchen, a few pics to share on the blog.
bon a petit.

Cooking steps for Nigerian party jollof rice
It's at this point that I remembered where I kept the camera o take cooking pictures. This is after frying the tomatoes  with much onion and tatashe, I just added the stock here, then sprinkled in the secret ingredient that gives you that perfect party jollof rice taste. Try it and see. Whether cooked with firewood, stove or gas cooker, you'll arrive at that special taste, just make sure that it burns a little after the food is done. Some bay leaves added with enough thyme. 

Cooking steps for Nigerian party jollof rice 01
 Adding my washed rice to boiling stock, the bay leaves and thyme have boiled into the meat stock, come and follow smell the aroma in the whole compound.

Cooking steps for Nigerian party jollof rice 02
 Rice boils for 10 minutes, before I turn down the heat and let it simmer until done. When you let jollof rice simmer, you won't need to keep adding water because it will just cook slowly without drying up the water too fast. The more you add water to jollof rice, the the weaker the taste becomes.  I hardly add water a second time to my jollof, I just let it simmer and by the time the water dries up, the rice is cooked.

 Nigerian party jollof rice, here it is but you won't get to see the bay leaves when rice is served because these leaves are used only for that aroma, once cooking is done, pick out all the bay leaves in the pot before serving your food. Do not serve with the leaves.

Cooking steps for Nigerian party jollof rice 03
 Let the burning begin! A little burning o, abeg nor go burn all your rice come dey eat charcoal o.

 A serving of jollof with stewed chicken, goat meat and lettuce to garnish.  To say the truth, I added this lettuce here when I remembered comments that used to criticize my food presentation. We are changing, and getting there. 

 Enjoy your Nigerian party jollof rice with a tall glass of  chill water! You can serve with wives connection moi moi, ripe bananas, or your choiced salad. 
Happy weekend!
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  1. Anonymous11/06/2015

    Aunty Eya only pics? what is the secret ingredient?

    1. It's bay leaves with a pinch of thyme.

  2. pls wots d secret ingredient on the pot. ?


    1. Na dry bay leaves o, if you can get fresh ones in Nigeria, better.

  3. Anonymous11/06/2015

    The secret ingredient us the bay leaf. That's according to her but the taste if party jollof rice is as a result of the firewood used in cooking.#myopinion#

    1. Anonymous11/06/2015

      Exactly. But you can kinda get that taste by burning the rice a little.

  4. @Funmy Kemmy, abeg nor vex sister. Your comment just got deleted in error.

  5. Yummy yummy, but we don't know what the secret ingredient is

  6. beauty! is that bay leaf?

  7. miss dee11/07/2015

    TESTIMONY... I woke up this morning 7/11/2015 with a mail from our beloved Aunty Eya. She send me 1500mtn recharge card. I'm so so happy. God Bless you. 4rm Miss Dee aka tutucious

    1. Long time Miss Dee, we miss you mucha. After the Aliexpress lecture you just disappeared, even my comment on that Aliexpress shopping post neva got a response from you all this while. I need that reply please, sista Dee.

    2. Anonymous11/09/2015

      Thx Bose... I still receive email every week from this blog visitors asking questions and I try to answer as much as I can. Anyways u can drop ur question na make I deal with am.

  8. Aunty Eya bet why? The presentation of this rice is making your girl hungry.

    1. LNC, my lovely girl, please wait for weekend.

  9. Anonymous11/07/2015

    *sent me*

  10. Anonymous11/10/2015

    Pls is it true dat nutmeg gives it d party rice smell?

    1. Nutmeg in rice? Maybe I should try and see how far.

  11. Which kind of curry and bay leaf are u using.names please....

  12. Which kind of curry and bay leaf are u using.names please....

    1. Gel superior curry and spice garden bay leaves for this meal. I also use Lion and Ducross curry sometimes if that's what's available in the kitchen.

  13. My problem is finding where to but these bay leaves. Is it these Hausa guys that sell ginger, garlic, green bell pepper, spring onions, green peas, cucumber and carrots that sell the bay leaves too?

    1. Buy bay leaves from the supermarket. I buy the dry leaves in a large jar, don't know if we have fresh leaves in Nigeria. The aroma in the dry leaves sha is still super.

  14. Anonymous11/19/2015

    the look though...

  15. Aunty Eya another secret of party rice is this. Benny spice, its yellow, just use it in seasoning your beef or chicken. Then use turning stick to turn the rice, when it starts burning. another one is onga stew.

  16. Anonymous7/26/2017

    Hahahahahaa I love ds blog jare


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