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Time Saving Lunch Box Ideas For Parents And Guardians

English: Somali sambusas (samosas) being deep ...English: Somali sambusas (samosas) being deep fried. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) I shallow fry my samosas
CroissantsCroissants (Photo credit: rofi). Croissants come wrapped already, all you do is just put in the lunchbox.

A cooked hot dog garnished with mustard.A cooked hot dog garnished with mustard. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
My kids do not like mustard, so, I use ketchup instead, wrap in foil and keep in their lunchboxes

For the ones I didn't take pics, I have used pictures  from the public domain, Wikipedia, for illustrations.
 spring rolls are very fast to fry , pack and put in a child's lunch box
shallow  frying spring rolls 
 Kebabs are fried the same way  as sausages. For me, they taste great with that fresh aroma of mutton when fried or cooked in an oven

 frankfurts, I use them  or chicken franks for hot dogs, or just like a kind of snack in the lunchbox
shallow frying sausages for a hot dog, sometimes, cooking sausages in an oven is preferable

 put cornflakes dry with powdered milk and granulated sugar. Their water bottles and teachers will help them mix during short break by 10 am

 samosas, I fry them same way I fry spring rolls, I do more of spring rolls than samosa.
croissant, I dont have pics of croissant, my kids don't like them so, I don't bother. I have seen children who love croissant
 pancakes,  these too are fast to make in the morning. You can see how to make pancakes

 sausage rolls. Gala can really save time if you have kids who love them. You don't do nothing, just pick and throw in the lunch box with a banana and you are done
 Sandwiches are another great time saver. Just crush sardines with your salad cream, if your kids prefer corned beef, good. just put what they want in between the slices of bread, press two slices together, place on a chopping board and cut into triangular or rectangular shapes. Wrap in foil and keep in the kid's lunchbox.
 When I'm not using them for hot dogs, I chop into two halves, fry and keep in their lunchboxes, remember to include a fruit that is easy to eat
I wish I knew how to make shawarma, my kids love it,  being able to make it at home will save cost.
Any tips and ideas for us?
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  1. Shawarma is made with nan bread(you can get @ any good supermarket),chopped cabbage,shredded beef,mayonaise,ketchup and pepper(optional)+ sausage(if u wish.u spread the mixture(above mentioned ingredients together)and spread on the nan bread(it comes in a round shape and wrap very well,then place in a toaster(at least that's what I use) note that the toaster won't be able to close.just for a few minutes and voila ur shawarma is ready.you could replace the beef with shredded chicken or even mix the two,its a matter of preference ;)

    1. Wow, something I can comfortably make. I can't thank you enough for this. I can't wait for Saturday. Hmm, so, my family can now enjoy home made sharwama. I thank you on behalf of all the recipe beneficiaries! See you when I make and post pics!

  2. I bliv fried food in a LUNCH box wud get suggy b4 lunch time! E.g d samosa and spring rolls!
    Plus I love croissants and crumpets but hey dis is 9ja and most of des r not everyday 9ja brekky!
    Eya a more local naija friendly lunchbox wud b nice!
    Billie jean

    1. Thanks Billie Jean, now I'm seriously thinking of adding akara and moi moi.

  3. Can i use poundo yam 4 d white soup instead of poundin

  4. Thank you so much....

  5. How can I do shawama. I bought those bread, 1kilo meat, I have mayo,pepper,tomato,onion,garlic. etc..- don't have toaster

  6. Was expecting to see jollof spaghetti made with corned, or yam porridge,rice and chicken sausage stew etc