How To Make Simple Nigerian Meat Pie At Home. Method 1

Nigerian meat pie I made with minced meat.

There are 2 meat pie recipes on this post; Below is my
first attempt recipe at making Nigerian meat pie. After that, you see another recipe I used after I mastered the skill of making Nigerian meat pie. Good luck as you scroll down to see both...

My first attempt Nigerian Meat Pie In the Oven.

Nigerian meat pie recipe: First Attempt... Another recipe is below please, you can use any

Nigerian meat pie also known as minced pie because of the minced meat used is absolutely delicious. Meat pie is an easy to make Nigerian snack that is loved and enjoyed by many. It is so filling and yummy.
This first attempt meat pie turned out yummy and I was shocked because two things went wrong while baking.

  1. The boiled carrots I kept in the fridge were forgotten
  2. While brushing eggs on the meat pie, the bowl (egg albumen) accidentally fell from my hand and emptied itself badly on the meat pies in the baking tray. There was no way I could scoop it out.
  3. Baking started with electricity, switched over to gas then, ended up using both gas and electricity at the same time, Lol.

After baking, the girls were asked to have a taste and give their scores. They ate and continued to ask for more. My dinner was wasted because everyone ate so much meat pie that they rejected dinner. The mistake I made was baking meat pies close to dinner time.


  • 4 cups plain baking flour  
  • 2 medium sized Irish potatoes
  • 500g Beef which I blended myself, you can buy minced meat
  • a pinch of salt
  • 1 sachet baking margarine (250g) 
  • 1 teaspoon thyme
  • 2 egg whites to seal the edges and brush on the meat pies
  • 1 seasoning cube
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder if you are using plain flour, if you bake with self-raising-flour, do not add baking powder
  • 2 tablespoons flour to thicken the filling
  • 2 medium sized carrots I forgot to use
  • 1 medium sized onion
  • water


  1. Boil your diced carrots and potatoes with a pinch of salt till soft, you can stir fry instead if that's how you like your vegetables cooked. Set aside
  2. Steam your minced meat with a little salt, seasoning cube and the diced onion till the pink disappears and check for taste. You may stirfry the minced meat too if that's how you prefer to cook your vegetables. If like me, your meat is not minced, you can boil with onion and salt and then blend or blend first and then boil (Same great taste).
  3. While meat and vegetable cooks, follow the steps on picture 7 and 8 below to mix the dough. When done and put in the fridge. Remember that keeping in the fridge is optional, you can go ahead and bake without first dropping dough ball in the fridge. 
  4. Mix cooked vegetable together with cooked meat and 2 tablespoons of flour to thicken, put to simmer for about 3 minutes or until you see the consistency turn thick. If it's runny, sealing the meat pie will de difficult as the juices will be all over your flat dough preventing the edges from sticking. Let the mixture thicken, check for taste again and add salt if needed. Your filling is ready for use. If you stir fry, continue to check and add water if needed to enable potatoes cook through, when they are done, you can add the flour and stir very well to thicken.
  5. Flatten dough on a flat surface, cut as seen below, scoop filling with a tablespoon and place on the cut dough. Then lightly brush your egg white around the edges for proper sealing as you co not want your meat pies opening up while baking.
  6. Lift up the far end of dough to cover the other end close to you, press with a fork and place on a greased baking tray, You may not need to grease the baking tray if you used baking sheets or if you wrapped the tray with foil. Only grease if it's a bare baking pan.
  7. Repeat the cutting, filling and sealing until all the dough is used up.
  8. Brush the egg white on the raw meat pie before putting tray in a pre-heated oven. 
  9. Bake until golden brown, Depending on the type of oven, you may need to flip after the down is brown to enable both sides brown and cook through.
  10. Nigerian meat pies are best served hot.
If you follow these steps without accidents like mine here, you'll get a perfect Nigerian minced pie.

With all the forgetfulness and avoidable accidents while baking, I thought this was my worst meat pie while every one said it's their best ever. Hopefully I bake a better one this week and post. sorry guys.
See step by step picture recipe below:
shredded beef for my simple meat pie
boil shredded beef with salt and onion
cooked beef with stock
cut beef into smaller sizes and blend
meat ground together with tasty meat stock
soft meat for meat pie
adding baking margarine, baking powder, a pinch of salt and rubbing in sieved flour with my fingertips to look crumbly/make crumbs.

After dough and margarine becomes crumbly, add little water in bits while mixing, continue to mix and knead till dough can be molded into a ball. Wrap in cellophane or cling film and leave in the fridge for about half an hour to improve the dough, then, then, it's ready for delicious meat pie

    I like to make my meat pie or buy from a few places I know I enjoy theirs. Reason being that I do not enjoy meat pies with tomato taste and again, I do not like to bite into chunks of meat pieces. I like my meat soft with potatoes, boiled carrots and a few other ingredients.  
    When I make mine, I ensure there are no spices except thyme. Not even curry. I blend my meat soft, boil carrots and potatoes very soft too.
    boiled potatoes are chopped
    thyme, salt  and chopped potatoes are added to ground meat
    mix ingredients and taste for salt (add boiled and chopped carrots )
    Roll dough flat
    cut flattened dough with  meat pie cutter or cup. *wink*
    add ingredients to cut dough, rub eggs on the edges to enable smooth folding
    just enough meat for easy folding
    fold and press the egg rubbed edges with a fork
    cutting dough with a meat pie cutter
    add meat to cut dough
    press cutter closed to shape meat pie 
    cut meat pie ready for the heated oven
    meat pie on a greased pan in the pre-heated oven. 
    Forget the kitchen accident and pic o. meat pie bakes, the egg that fell over and poured affected this baking
    meat pie starts disappearing from oven  even before baking is completed
    baked with egg not properly brushed on to enable it brown well
       Baking Items:
      • meat pie cutter or cup with sharp edges or the lid of a can or bottle
      • board or clean table
      • dough rolling pin
      • baking tray
      • Small paint brush to rub eggs on meat pie
      • table fork
      • oven
      • sieve
      • bowl
      To me, there is nothing great about this meat pie, it tasted good no doubt, but, there is room for improvement.

      Enjoy! Scroll down to see an excellent Nigerian meat pie recipe  I made and another by Ope .
      What/where  do you think I could have done better?

      How to make Nigerian meat pie with minced meat

      4 cups plain baking flour 
       2 medium sized Irish potatoes

      2 large carrots
      1 medium sized onion
      1kg minced beef 
      a pinch of salt
      1 sachet baking margarine (250g)
      1 teaspoon thyme
      2 eggs to soften the dough more
      2 egg whites with a teaspoon of milk mixed to seal the edges and to brush on the meat pies
      1 seasoning cube
      2 teaspoons baking powder if you are using plain flour, if you bake with self-raising-flour, do not add baking powder o
      2 tablespoons flour to thicken the filling
      1 medium sized onion to stir fry with the meat, carrots and potato cubes
      120 ml water to start with. If dough gets too soft, sprinkle in more flour. If this water isn't enough, ie, dough is still very hard and dry after adding all the 200ml of water, you can still add some more water in very small quantities while mixing until you hands come out clean and free from flour.

      Direction for the meat pie filling

      1. Wash and cut the onion, carrots and potatoes. 
      2. Stir-fry with seasoning, thyme and onion add the minced beef and seasoning cube, stir until pink colour disappears. Check for salt and doneness, If the potato is not yet soft, you can add a little water and cover for about 2 to 3 minutes. Check again. Satisfied? 
      3. Mix the 2 tablespoon baking flour with a little water to form a paste. Add to the pot and stir until it thickens and looks kinda shiny and glossy. 
      4. Set aside.

      Direction for the dough

      1.Sieve the flour, baking powder, salt Into a bowl, rub with baking margarine using your finger tips until they look like bread crumbs. 
      2. Add the eggs and mix before adding water. Do add water gradually while mixing until your hands begin to come out clean, dough is no longer sticky. 
      3. Wrap with cling film and keep in the freezer for about 20 to 30 mins or longer. I say freezer because NEPA doesn't allow our Nigerian fridges to get cold o. 
      4. Bring out and roll but not too much abeg. Not like bread o, just a little rolling. If you want the crust thin like mine, roll flat before cutting with a round object or meat pie cutter. Brush the edges with the egg white
      5. Scoop the already cooked filling with a spoon and place in the middle, roll, press with a fork and place on the baking tray. Repeat until dough is exhausted.
      6. Bake in a pre-heated oven and serve hot with chill zobo drink.


      Adding eggs to dough after mixing with butter until it's like bread crumbs.
      After mixing with eggs, you can start adding water while mixing
      At this point, stop adding water as you can see dough is no longer sticky and your hands come out clean.

      Dough wrapped for the fridge. When it comes out, the feel is different, more pliable and easier to work with.

      Vegetables for the meat pie filling already cut and diced.

      Stir frying Nigerian meat pie filling ingredients.

      Adding baking flour to thicken

      Mixing the baking flour in

      Filling is thick and well cooked. This way it's easy to scoop and fold, tastes great too.

      Filling scooped on cut dough, edges brushed with egg, Scroll back up to see what to do with the fork from here.

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      1. New Phone3/08/2013

        Sister Eya, You really tried, the only thing missing is the carrots, I wish you will make the one with carrots and share pics with us. For this one, I'am just waiting for Saturday. I will make it tomorrow for my kids, will add boiled carrots to mine though.
        From the pics here, I should be able to do this or I call myself a daft.

      2. BlackBerry Lady3/08/2013

        Sorry about the eggs that poured. There is room for improvement sha . Next time hold the bowl firmly and don't come here with stories of how a pot fell from your hand jor.

        1. Queen Bee3/08/2013

          Madam BB,so u never make mistake in ur kitchen and things never fall from ur hands ko?*rme* for Ms Perfect!
          u obviously are the type that will almost kill a maid if she breaks ur plate in the kitchen.
          Leave Aunty Eya joor and face front!

        2. You might like "meat pie by ope" GOOGLE IT.

      3. Anonymous3/08/2013

        Is alrite,look nice but burnt.there is room for improvement. But next time why not use mince beef instead of shredded beef, I tink its d best 4 meatpies. Weldone.

      4. I love it, homemade nice. What really matters is i got it. Eya expect my meat pie pics soon. Thanks

      5. Anonymous3/08/2013

        Eya,u're honestly a mind reader!just bought one yeye tasting meatpie yesterday&i was like;ow I wish I cld make mine! Tanx 4 ds post. I'll surely try ds 2moro;I'll be careful handling d egg tho',lol. U're d best! Funke

        1. Samsung Galaxy3/08/2013

          Eya forgot her carrots, don't forget yours.

      6. Anonymous3/08/2013

        Abeg Eya you failed this one oh!!!!!!!!!i give you 10/100% that's for you effort sha, your punishment is to repeat the recipe again make we grade you.

        1. Anonymous3/08/2013

          Gbam I agree!!! Eya repeat it and post pics for us.

      7. this is too much ahan!! biko when are we going to taste all these things you keep making our mouths water for?

      8. Anonymous3/08/2013

        This is BRILLIANT!!! Eya, you must be a mind reader. Earlier on today, I was going through ideas for my new blog and I thought that it might be a great idea to write on my hilarious cooking disasters with pics in order to make other mothers like us feel less horrible for making one or two mistakes which I believe is inevitable and here u are living out my thoughts!! Again, BRILLIANT(I really need to stop watching Sherlock Holmes), now I have a new respect for you.
        Do you know that I later made the chips, salad and ur coated chicken recipe for my dad's birthday like I said in your earlier article. I had boiled the chicken and then when I started gathering my ingredients for coating realised that I didn't have flour in the house but corn starch. Needless to say, I convinced myself that it would turn out the same way and boy was I wrong. The chicken was multicolored and no matter how long I fried, it came out with a brown and white colouring. Lol. Oh well, I laughed at myself a bit and guess what, everybody loved it albeit its strange albino look. Hmmmm, lesson learnt. Keep it up dear, n do what ever you feel right to do. Creative Mom

      9. Nice one eya,pls I want to know if it can be made locally without an oven perhaps firewood or sometin else?

        1. From reading Eya's post on how she baked without an oven, I think it should be possible. I had to copy the link for u.

      10. Teacher Eya! There just can't be a better way to teach or learn this. I love the blending of the beef, makes it smoother and more convenient to eat and enjoy, especially by children. Thank you.

      11. Am sure going to try this one ooo! Thanks anty eya!

      12. Anonymous3/09/2013

        Just stumbled on ds blog. Gonna stick to it. Its different from the usual blogs dt ar ful of haters.

      13. Anonymous3/09/2013

        I must try this.

      14. Triple O3/09/2013

        Av got to try dis 2mao...thanks alot

      15. Eya, which weldone? You no try @ all. Even an amature will make something more fantastic than your burnt meat pie. Please remake and post because more people are visiting this blog daily and learning so much from you. We are waiting .........

        1. Anonymous3/10/2013

          Treasure tell them ooo whiich kind rubbish meatpie be this one sef

      16. Anonymous3/09/2013

        Lovely recipe and it looks yummy too

      17. Anonymous3/10/2013

        I'm glad she posted this. At least she's not ashamed to show that she's not perfect. Well done jare, I'm going to make it, error or no error. I still get the gist on the procedure

      18. God bless you Eya
        I've learnt a lot from you
        Take care

      19. Anonymous3/12/2013

        Sister Eya, u bi rely 9jia mama, try, u hear. Na bicos of u I buy Internet. U too much!

      20. sweet16mum3/20/2013

        plz aunty eya sori 4 disturbing, can u plz recomend gud company product 4 blender cos i ve bought upto 3 blenders bt non of dem is serving me well alwayz blowing up

        1. Hi Sweet16 Mum, you did not disturb me in any way.I like Kenwood blenders, they don't disappoint.

      21. Anonymous7/07/2013

        Thank you. I got it

      22. Anonymous8/04/2013

        The way people criticise though. It's lovely that the meatpie didn't turn out perfect in looks, but she shared with us because she's a real woman. She's proven that she's not fake. And these things happen. Besides, d beauty is in the taste. If people came back for more, that's all that matters. Lol.
        Welldone ma.

      23. I lov it am goin 2 try it one of dis days. Thanks alot aunty Eya

      24. Anonymous12/11/2013

        I'm loving this, been wanting to learn how to make meatpies. I'll definitely try it tomorrow. The kids will love me more for this. Thanks to Aunty Eya!

      25. Thanks Eya, I just made some and they turned out very delish. Now I have to stop myself from eating more than the two I just ate, husband liked it too. Would attach pictures but don't see how to here.

        Where are those meat-pie cutters sold? It looks like a handy tool to have in one's kitchen...

      26. Anonymous2/14/2014

        Pls madam, how long do I need to need the dough for before it's ready

      27. GOOGLE MEAT PIE BY OPE to get a better one posted here by Ope. Her own is excellent.

      28. The meat pie by ope is complete with carrots.

      29. Anonymous7/21/2014

        Waoh , easy does it. Yummy!!!!!!

      30. Anonymous9/10/2014

        I tried it n it was yummy. Where can I get the meat pie cutter to buy

      31. Anonymous4/14/2015

        Pls wr can I find one of em meat pie cutters to buy. Thanks!

        1. Market, ask sellers of baking items.

      32. Anonymous4/14/2015

        Using a dough mixer can I get same result as using bare hands?

      33. Scroll right down to click on meat pie by ope, there was no mistake making that one. Goodluck!


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