Cook Any Soup With This Base

At this point of cooking Nigerian soups, no one can say if it's vegetable, egusi, ogbono, okra soup or what? This is basically the base for almost all Nigerian soups. Here, all proteins are in the pot, palm
oil is cooking already cos we don't want to smell raw oil while eating, at this point, I can make this white soup by adding hot leaf (uziza) and pounded yam; I can make this draw soup by adding ogbono; I can make this  Nigerian white soup vegetable ogbono soup, edikaikong  soup or afang soup by adding my veggies at this point. This can become egusi soup just by adding ground melon. Cooking Nigerian soups is very easy if one masters this basic part.Y you can easily make any soup with this same base.

For this weekend, let's cook egusi soup with tomatoes on number 4 below

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  1. Am loving d egusi with tomatoes....I use dat base for all my soups!!

  2. You are quite right. The base is the KOKO.


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