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Friday, July 22, 2016


Oha soup

I ate oha soup once and loved it but have never really tried cooking myself. When The Hon Judgejudy shared this on her page, I requested for her recipe to enable me cook and to also share with other readers. Here it is. Below is the recipe. This is our Nigerian soup recipe to try this weekend.
Happy cooking!

  • Oha leaves (shred with your hands, not a knife)
  • Uziza leaves sliced
  • Meat and smoked fish
  • Native thickener, achi or ofor
  • Ground crayfish
  • Onions for steaming meat
  • palm oil
  • Salt
  • Seasoning cubes
  • Pepper to taste
  • Water
Steam/boil our meat and fish. Season with salt, cubes, cameroun pepper and onions. When the meat and fish are as tender as you want, add extra water, the water should really be for the amount of soup
Thursday, July 07, 2016


Efo riro

This efo riro soup was cooked with less oil by Phummyndeps. I'm yet et to find one of her recipes that I don't like. Can we all try making efo riro this weekend? With this longesssst holiday, I hope we have not all cooked our weekends soup o, if you are waiting for Saturday, please try this yumminess, if you live in obodo oyibo abroad and need exactly like what is on this pic, contact the chief chef
Saturday, July 02, 2016


Ogbono soup
An appetizing serving of light ogbono soup.
Ogbono soup can be cooked light, thick with mush ogbono, thick with much vegetables or light with ugu (fluted pumpkin) or uziza ( hot leaf) vegetables added sparingly. I love everything draw soup but light, a bit watery is my favourite. Give me this plate of ogbono soup with plenty crayfish and pepper this morning and you'll see me push this bowl of cornflakes aside. Why am I even eating cornflakes when Saturday Mornings are for akara and akamu? It's raining and the akara lady might not be there and again, this cough and cold won't let me try home made akara
Ok, back to Ogbono soup. Is anyone cooking ogbono today? I'm preparing to cook the suggested bitter leaf soup for this weekend. Please take a few pics, even one or two is still ok, to share with us.

I like my ogbono soup light just like this but with roughly ground particles of crayfish showing, and
Thursday, June 30, 2016


Bitter leaf soup
Bitter leaf soup (Ofe onugbu).

This soup makes me want to cook ofe onugbu this weekend but I don't know if it will go well with eba. I know that the owners of this soup, the Ibos serve it with akpu fufu or pounded yam and it's delicious. Yams are so expensive and scarce now that I wouldn't want to pound this my two remaining yams, it's like kind of waste o. I'd rather boil or make some yam porridge with vegetables. If it's ok to serve onugbu with garri, then I'll try the soup this weekend and have some fun enjoying from the East. Any Ibo reader here? Please reply me oh. Ok to serve bitter leaf soup with eba? I know egusi bitter leaf soup goes well with eba, even ogbono bitter leaf goes well although My preferred bitter leaf soup for now is with egusi.

I'll search the blog now to se if we have any onugbu that looks exactly like this so we use that recipe.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Okro soup
Okra soup on the beat 
An Okro meal couldn't be more colourful and appetizing. With okro soup tasting and looking this good? I can swallow fufu, eba, semo, pounded yam, starch, tuwo, or even amala for breakfast and I mean it. I can turn the heavy meal to light by adding more soup and taking smaller garri. This sea food infused soup is so damn colourful and I bet you, it tastes really good. If you eat this and don't
Thursday, June 23, 2016


Okra soup
 Irresistible okro soup. Have some.
 Choi! You know, sometimes it's good to add okra sparingly and just enjoy the soupy soup.Have you tried light okra soup with pounded yam or semovita? It's heavenly.You'll eat so much you forget weight watching. This soup shared  by @enkay_y is my next okra schedule. I licked my screen and nearly broke the tablet. There is beef, goat meat and all the good proteins in there. By looking at this soup, I already know it tastes great.
She captioned it "meal of the day" and explained that this was a special request from her darling
Friday, June 03, 2016

How to cook One Thousand Four hundred and fifty Naira okro vegetable soup that serves 12

Affordable okro soup
A serving of pocket friendly okro vegetable soup.
This soup tastes really really good believe me. I enjoyed it yesterday, ate some more left over today. Okro lovers will enjoy this with pounded yam, semo, garri, amala, tuwo and all forms of fufu. I want to see how one can eat healthy and delicious with less. The exchange rate is not smiling at all. If you are abroad, you spend just a hundred Dollars on lunch, do you know that you have just eaten about thirty thousand naira in one meal? God save Nigeria, may we never get to that low where we need to carry money in ghana must go bags to go grocery shopping. You may be eating three square meals daily without even scratching your head but truth remains that people are really really suffering in
Thursday, June 02, 2016

How to cook Eight hundred naira afang soup that serves 8

How to cook 8 hundred Naira afang soup
8 hundred naira afang soup served hot.
Don't worry, with the recent high cost of living in Nigeria, we can still cook our favourite delicacies for less. I cooked this pot of afang soup with less than a thousand naira. The time for low cost cooking is now if you don't want to start borrowing, unless you have surplus and to spare sha.
If you can cook afang soup with one thousand naira, isn't God good?
There is no meat in this soup, yet it tasted good and served it's purpose.

  • 3 hundred Naira afang leaves (shredded)
  • 1 hundred Naira waterleaf
  • 3 hundred Naira smoked fish (kpanla)
  • 1 hundred Naira crayfish
I had the following ingredients at home so, didn't buy
Friday, May 20, 2016


Nigerian recipes
 Afang soup 2.

I cooked this afang soup last weekend but didn't post. Today, I'm sharing to suggest afang as the soup for this weekend. Search the blog for old afang soup recipes and you know you can also Google "afang soup on wives connection" to see variety. Also check out our fufu and soup recipes. No step by step pics as that will be repetition and not good for the blog. 

You want to try it? please do, you'll enjoy the soup. Also Check out this fried crayfish afang soup recipe

More pics when you continue...
Thursday, April 14, 2016

Nigerian Four in one ugu, green, water leaf, tomatoes stew served with rice

Nigerian vegetable stew

A serving of Nigerian vegetable stew with rice, fries and titus fish

This assorted vegetable stew is cooked with ugu vegetables, waterleaf, green amaranth, and tomatoes. Served with boiled rice and Eba. I enjoyed it with boiled rice, others preferred with garri. The Irish potatoe fries were added for enjoyment but taken off after snapping because I couldn't find ketchup to spread on them. There was no long cooking involved as green vegetables don't do well with heat.
Monday, February 01, 2016

Cooking Nigerian White soup with cow tail and smoked catfish.

Cow tail Nigerian  white soup. Lick your screen if you like it.
There are so many different white soup recipes online from, and for different world cultures. It's best to include "Nigerian" in ours because it's exclusively Nigerian and richer than many other white soups I have seen.
After posting the cow tail  pepper soup I cooked in a pressure
Thursday, January 14, 2016
Thursday, January 07, 2016

Egusi soup for the weekend, Can We Cook This?

Nigerian food recipes
Nigerian melon (Egusi) soup with cow skin, stockfish,  smoked catfish  and beef. Packed to be preserved in the freezer. 

After all the Christmas and New Year fried rice, coconut rice, vegetable rice, jollof rice, rice and stew and so on. Let's take a break this weekend and crave some swallow
Thursday, October 29, 2015

Okra, Ugu, Ogbono Soup Recipe With Cooking Pictures To make this weekend

 Okro, ogbono, ugu in one plate.
We have more than enough Nigerian soup recipes on the blog already, see more soup recipes  but, just to let us cook something a bit different this weekend, I added this delicious pot of Nigerian draw soup. Try it and you will come back for more. Trust me, there'll be left over if you are not firm on the
Thursday, July 09, 2015

Nigerian White Soup To CookThis Weekend

Nigerian white soup cooked with a few drops of palm oil. 
The Nigerian white soup is one very easy to cook south south soup that is now accepted all over the country. It's one Nigerian soup that can be served as the main course or starter. The consistency of this soup makes it easy to swallow with foo foo, wheat meal, pounded yam,  starch, pounded plantain, semovita or even amala.

The thickness depends on who is cooking, and the
Thursday, April 16, 2015

Vegetable Soup Should Not Have Meat, Crayfish, Fish, Snails?

Vegetable soup with meat, stockfish, periwinkles, smoked fish, how can one suggest we take away all these proteins from the soup
This reply was left on my vegetable soup post, written by Chukwudi Udeh and it's worth sharing wioth you. After reading, I'm like... without the meat and fish and snails and cow skin, where will the Animal protein come from. If we just added vegetable to water and cook without some protein, what happens to God's command to Adam and Eve to Kill and eat the animals in the garden of Eden because those are there for food.

READ HIS COMMENT BELOW, left on the afang soup post.

Vegetable soup should only have vegetables in it. Whenever we start adding Goat meat Crayfish,
Smoked cat, Stock fish, Snails, Cow skin, Dry Shrimps, Bonga fish, it is no longer "vegetable soup". The health benefits of the soup has been tainted with the slaughtered blood and flesh of a once living, breathing being added in to it.

When we begin to kill to satisfy cravings is when we twisted our fate from eternal life to slow, conquering death. As stated in the ingredients, the meats are optional. Not required. However, We fail to realize that it is the seasoning, i.e. dried and grounded herbs/roots that gives the pleasant taste and aroma that excites the taste buds. The okazi, Water leaf, Periwinkle, and Hot leaf all contribute to a long and healthy life since the body processes this much faster then any flesh we trick our
Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Nigerian Chicken Sauce

Very well cooked, soft, tasty, juicy chicken in vegetable sauce, no oil added.
My Nigerian chicken sauce cooked with vegetables was served with spags and rice. This is truly delicious, plates were cleared and fingers licked. The step by step pics are so many and uploading too slowly, I'll keep updating when I upload until
Monday, September 29, 2014

Blended Afang Soup

Afang soup cooked with very well blended afang and boiled water leaf
 The  afang soup s already on the blog were all cooked with just a little bit of pounding and no boiling of water leaf. We have egusi afang soup, some yummy groundnut afang soup, and a few others. This time I tried to do things differently. I always thought that those who blended afang leaves before cooking did not know how to enjoy this delicacy but I was wrong because the taste is the same and for those who like their afang soup very very soft, this is a softer version than the pounding. The soup was so soft I caught a few gentlemen licking their plates with five fingers and taking more soup without swallow just to drink with a  dessert spoon. To me, afang soup is afang soupm never disappointingm anyhow you cook it just remember to add crayfish. For hubby, THIS was extremeIy delicious as he made sure I preserved some until friends came over for lunch and he specifically asked for "that soft afang soup" lolz.

We always
Saturday, August 23, 2014

Nigerian Uziza Okro soup

A plate of okro soup to be served with Soft yellow microwaved garri.

 This okro soup is actually the third or fourth on the blog but they are all cooked differently. Chubby Ella posted Okro soup cooked without meat . There is a post on okro soup with ewedu leaves cooked diffently from the Yoruba ewedu soup. The okro with ewedu post has detailed step by step cooking pictures. I never liked okro until I started cooking it myself.
Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Nigerian Tomato Egusi/Melon Stew, Soup

Nigerian egusi Stew, Soup With tomatoes
This is for the mailer that asked if you can add tomato to egusi stew. I like the taste of tomato in egusi soup or stew. I remember Lizzy posted Efo elegusi on the blog, she added tomatoes to her egusi soup.  Chubby Ella's multi purpose egusi soup also has tomatoes in it

There are many methods of cooking this tomato in egusi stew and here is how I make mine.

If you have ever eaten boiled rice, yam or plantain with egusi stew, then you'll feel me here. I add a little tomato paste to my egusi stew but forgot to add here, lolz. Adding some tomato makes it really go well with rice and gives the melon stew very bright colour. Even when tomatoes is added, it can still be served with pounded yam made in a food processor or maually or even serevd with any other swallow like eba, semo, amala, elubo, starch etc.

This pics were taken when I was still pregnant and sorry I didn't have the patience to really take all the step by step pics, I kind of rushed them but you can still follow with any of the many egusi soup recipe on the blog. 

When the lumpy egusi draw soup was posted, I made the melon lumps by pounding with a little warm water. This method is very fast, you only have to mix the ground melon and fry in hot oil stirring until it's well fried and the lumps are formed before emptying into the boiling pot of stock.

How to make egusi lumps:
  • By pounding the ground egusi with some warm water, salt, chopped onion and fresh red pepper. Once the mortar becomes oily with the pounded stuff moulding into and sliding round in the oily mortar, then its ready to go into the pot of soup. Cut tiny lumps and drop in your boiling pot of soup, cover and allow to boiul for at least 5 minutes before stirring the pot.
  • Mix ground melon with water, some salt and pour into a pot of hot oil and fry till lumps are formed. Empty the fried lumpy melon into the pot of soup and continue cooking.
  • Mix ground egusi with a little water, continue to mash and mould or pound until it forms like a dough, with your fingers, mould little lumps and keep in the freezer for a few minutes until they get cold and kind of non sticky. When lumps begin to feel different from when you just put them in the freezer, bring