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Omi Atanifa Soup For New Moms By Deborah Bala

A pot of omi atanifa soup

This is a kind of soup made by the bode people of Edo state. It is also good for women that just delivered. Made this for a friend that delivered via CS so I used minimal pepper unlike the previous post partum pepper soup. Ingredients. Scent leaves. Uziza leaves. Spice( don't know the English names but the pictures are available) garlic. Pepper onions. Groundnut. Seasoning.  

Procedure. Wash the fish properly, pluck the leaves and wash properly to remove dirt. Blend or

Ofe Onugbu Soup By Zinny

A plate of Nigerian ofe onugbu soup

Sorry I'm posting just the end product. I'm not very good at patiently taking step by step pictures while cooking.

Palm fruit (Akwu, Banga)
Meat (I used Cow tripe and)
Cocoyam (Ede Orie)
Stock fish head
Dry Fish (Mangala)
Dried Prawn (Opollo) or crayfish
Bitter leaf (Onugbu)

Cooking Method:
I washed my bitter leaf myself just to get a very fresh taste. Except you are lucky, most of the washed bitter leaf sold in the market in the city aren't always fresh or well washed. Make sure you wash at least 5times, depending on the quantity to get a bitter free leaf.(Some people like a bit of bitterness though, just a bit).
Wash your banga and Cocoyam and put in a pot with water and put on fire to boil. Once the Banga gets really tender, You bring out separately and pound in a mortar until the skin comes of totally and you can clearly see the oiled nuts.

The trick in washing banga is speed. You need to extract the oil while its still hot. Some people wash the Banga with warm water. Wash your Banga while adding water little at a time to get the oil extract. Place the oil extract on fire and immediately add your meat(For some, they pre boil the meat. I don't do this and its your choice to make).

 The Cocoyam should

Tomato In Egusi/Melon Stew

This is for the mailer that asked if you can add tomato to egusi stew. I like the taste of tomato in egusi soup or stew. I remember Lizzy posted Efo elegusi on the blog, she added tomatoes to her egusi soup.  Chubby Ella's multi purpose egusi soup also has tomatoes in it

There are

Mushroom Ogbono Soup With Pounded Yam

Mushroom draw soup with dry catfish and cow skin
 Well, yes I know, I know ... we don't like swallow with soup on Sundays. This is the Sunday before Christmas so we can just

Ewedu Soup Cooking Procedure In Pictures By Yinka


A serving of ewedu soup
There was a food post  on this blog, where I
wished that I know how to cook some other soups like ewedu and gbegiri. Yinka saw that post and decided to help us out with the recipes. Gbegiri will be published later or tomorrow.

Ingredients for ewedu soup:

The ingredients varies on the quantity of the leaves
But for a bunch say 50 naira worth. You'll need

Ewedu leaves

How To Cook Egusi Soup With Sweet Bitterleaf And Cow Head

Egusi soup cooked with sweet bitterleaf, cow head, stock-fish, dried catfish and crayfish. This is cooled and packed for the fridge.
Egusi soup with sweet bitterleaf is one Nigerian soup that gets better with age. This soup tastes better after a few days and it

How To Cook Tasty Afang Vegetable Soup With Fried Crayfish

A Pot Of Fresh And Healthy Afang Vegetable Soup
 This is not the first Afang soup post on the blog, there are so many vegetable soup posts already. I decided to add this because I like the sharp taste of fried crayfish in vegetable soups. This method of cooking vegetable soup gives a unique rich taste.

Some people boil Waterleaf or squeeze out the green juice before

How To Cook Fresh Catfish Stew

A serving of fresh catfish stew
Fresh fish stew is very easy to cook if one knows how to avoid stirring the fish while it cooks. The best way I do this is cook the washed fish in a different pot, cook the tomato stew in another pot before pouring into the cooked fish and leaving to simmer until yummy. Even those who

How To Cook Edikang Ikong Vegetable Soup With Crunchy Snails

A serving of vegetable soup with crunchy snails, smoked cat fish, stock fish and crayfish
Nigerian Vegetable soups can be cooked with any meat of your choice and there are many methods of cooking this soup.  I cooked this with more water leaf than ugu vegetable and it turned out really tasty and fresh. 

There are many vegetable soup recipes on the blog. I am posting this because

Banga Or Palm Kernel Soup By Dressed

A plate of real banga soup
Hi, I saw a comment someone made recently about wanting Banga and Owo soup and as a correct Delta babe who makes the meanest Banga and

Nigerian Benniseed/Sesame Seed Soup With Beef, Goat Meat And Smoked Fish

A plate of benniseed soup
Benniseed/Sesame seed is grown along the Benue river by the TIV people of Nigeria. It is also grown by some parts of Cross River State. This seed is grown mainly for food while most of it is exported to Europe where a little oil is extracted e.g Salad Oil and sesame oil. It is very nutritious and filling.

Benniseed/Sesame seed soup can

How To Cook MY Melon Bitterleaf Soup

A pot of cooked melon washed bitter leaf soup
This egusi soup can be cooked with washed bitter leaf like this, ugu leaves or spinach. Ingredients depend on the taste you want. Add less water to get a thick pot of soup or more to get a watery pot that I like. Periwinkle can be added, cowskin and even snails can be added 

Melon bitterleaf soup can be

How To Cook Okro Soup With Ewedu Leaves

A plate of okra  soup cooked with ewedu leaves.
Okra soup is very good when cooked green and fresh. Ewedu leaves are good for weight loss. They are both full of vitamins which can be destroyed by heat, reason

Groundnut Soup With Much Vegetables

A plate of groundnut soup with much vegetables.
Groundnut soup can be cooked with or without green vegetables. I like it more when the groundnut is roasted a little bit before grinding like this one. Here, the crayfish is

Ogbono Soup With Meat By Lizzy Obaze

Ogbono soup served with garri.
Hello Sis Eya,

I woke up this morning and couldn't get that your ogbono soup out of my head. I later went to buy all the necessary things needed and I didn't regret it. My hubby even helped

How To Cook Healthy Afang Okazi vegetable soup

A pot of afang okazi soup cooking with washed periwinkles
Cooking afang okazi vegetable soup is easy. There are many methods of cooking this soup. Depending on the

How To Cook Walkie Talkie Pepper soup

a serving of walkie talkie pepper soup
 Walkie Talkie Pepper soup is cooked with the walking and talking parts of birds. In the past,
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