Naija 12 Uses Of A Food Processor

12 uses of a food processor in a Nigerian Kitchen

 making pounded yam in a food processor.
The food processor is a multi tasking kitchen tool that when you get used to, begins to feel like you can't live without.There were comments on one of  our delicious processor pounded yam posts asking if a food processor is the same as a blender, NO. A food processor has some remarkable difference from a blender and even though can perform some blender functions, it does much more than a blender. Every kitchen needs both because there are some functions that are performed better with either. in the past, I thought that a food processor could only be used for baking cakes and pastries and not cooking sauces, Nigerian stews , fish stew and soups. In a Nigerian kitchen, there are so many things a food processor can do, we need it here even more because our meals take too long to cook. With a food processor being used, you spend about one tenth of your time in the kitchen because every repetitive function is carried out in seconds by your food processor. The chopping, shredding, cutting and grinding is done all at once and all you do is add to your pot and the cooking is done. In my next post, I'll try and list out the difference between a blender and food processor in a Nigerian Kitchen.

    Onome  making her pounded yam
  1. Yam and cocoyam pounding   
  2. is taken over by the food processor. It grinds the yam so smooth you wonder why you used a mortar and pestle all these years. Making bitter leaf (onugbu) soup has become easier as you only have to boil the cocoyam and your soup is cooked. No need shopping for a large mortar and pestle. Mine has stayed idle until it's now growing fungus. Ijut transferred it outside because the food processor has taken over. So, my mortar is kinda fired, Services no longer needed. It's best to stop when it forms a ball in the bowl.
  3. Grinding meat: If your kids love homemade burgers and you are tired of spending so much money buying the burger meat, with your food processor, you only need to cut the beef in chunks, freeze and use the pulse button to chop which is far cheaper and safer.  Chop, and your burger meat is ready, no need for minced meat from the supermarket or butchery. Your minced meat can be used for other meals too, like making our shredded beef sauce, shredded chicken sauce and others like our basmati rice gravy for boiled rice.
  4. Chopping, Shredding, cutting vegetables like onions, peppers, tatashe, cabbage, carrots etc. for Salads and sauces like our Nigerian chicken sauce and others. To add apples to salads, Slice the apple just small enough to fit in the chute, then run them through the thinnest slicing blade and spread the sliced apples by the handful onto the dehydrator trays, they make your fruit salad very tasty or you just chop and eat your apple chips ( very tasty and easy to eat.
  5. Mixing dough
     in the dough bowl, the dough bowl is actually what grinds the yam and gives us fluffy, smooth pounded yam. I have baked a cake before without using a mixer or beating with a whisk. Made the batter with my food processor. The
    food processor is what I used to do all the mixing and from there just poured batter into the greased baking pan and tossed in the oven.

  6. Making peanut butter for events where you need to serve garden eggs (egg plants). There is no need for hiring people to grind peanuts, however the quantity of roasted groundnut, just pour in your dough bowl, grind smooth or with chunks depending on how you like your butter. For Nigerian peanut butter, add all your spices; uziza seeds and dry chillies to the groundnut before turning on the food processor. Your homemade peanut butter is ready. If you love bread with peanut butter spread, then just grind briefly so you still have some crunchy particles of groundnut in there.
  7. For Grinding grains into flour, the food processor may not give you that smooth flour you get from the mill but grinding in smaller batches makes it better and usable. Your beans moi moi  or ekusu may not be as smooth except you have to pour in a blender and grind again to your desired paste. If it's' moi moi or akara, after the food processor breaks the beans, add some water and let the blender complete the task, so, you can see a Nigerian kitchen needs both appliances for quick cooking and more resting time.
  8. Grinding rather than manually grating water yam for ekpang or ikokore dishes. Ekpang kwukwor is one Nigerian meal that some kitchens do not even attempt because of the time required to cook one pot of ekpang, the manual grating and then wrapping. With a food processor, you only have to handle the wrapping aspect as the processor grinds your tiny chunks of water yam in seconds.
  9. For homemade mayonnaise, the food processor gives you exactly what you want and how you want in, you control every ingredient that goes into your mayonnaise and the joy of making it yourself?
  10. For my Nigerian cole slaw, all I do is get the carrots, cabbage and onions cleaned, in seconds, the homemade nutritious cole slaw is ready, mixed with salad dressing or mayonnaise and served or chilled in the fridge for later enjoyment. You can grate a whole basket of carrots in just minutes for your child's birthday! No need destroying that manual grater with overwork
  11. For banana shakes; peel your very ripe bananas and the food processor gets your shakes ready.

    Clean up, wash as soon as you are done, don't pile up dirty or used food processor parts as cleaning dry parts is not very easy. How to care for that food processor? After grating the carrots or whatever, it's best to just run tap water over the parts immediately and wipe or leave to dry before packing if you need to.  
  12. See you at the kitchen, working less and resting more...


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  3. Now i want a food processor.

  4. Now i want a food processor.

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  6. It depends on how many functions you need. Different makes.There are some with more functions than others and more expensive too. When you shop ask for one with 32 functions, compare their price with 28 functions and even lesser.

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    Hi, Please which of the kenwood processors would you i advise i buy? there are quite a number of processors on the Konga site in Nigeria . Confusion has set in. Kindly advise.

  8. That's great information. Thanks for sharing this blog. I did a search and found your blog and glowing review. It's been a big help! Thanx!

  9. These food processors can be used for preventing the tears that come out from the eyes while cutting the onions.

  10. Great for skinning beans with the pulse button.


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