Pounded yam in the past could only be made by manually grinding boiled yams with mortar and pestle. These days, with the help of Technology, with food processors and blenders, pounded yam that used to take upto an hour to cook and pound can now be made and served in 5 minutes. You can also make good pounded yam using a food processor

The yam I used is not even the white lovely type yet the fufu is

It's simple... Peel, blend, stir like semo, wrap and serve. I small tuber 1kg yam produced 6 poundo wraps. I used palm oil to get a different colour that feels even smoother to touch.
I saw a post on Social Media where a mom is unhappy that mothers these days don't even teach their kids to pound yam with mortar and pestle and I'm like ... even though manual pounding isn't bad because it's our culture, those who like to, can teach their children but why would I teach my kids to pound with mortar and pestle when there are easier methods? sha oh, maybe just for the fun of it.

Their mates in other parts of the world are studying hard to produce even more competitive blenders that might come with artificial intelligence. I don't think teaching children to pound yam is still VERY necessary like that unless one just wants their kids to learn EVERYTHING. I had to go cut this 1kg small tuber of yam, blended raw, made my fluffy, elastic, soft, smooth pounded yam before remembering that I can't share there because it's not a foodie group. I still have it preserved, no soup. Will serve when soup is available.

This raw blender fresh pounded yam cooked in 5 minutes, why would I bother with mortar and pestle. I was taught to pound yam to any consistency and I'm good at it but that ends with me because in the future there might be blenders that I will talk to like Alexa and get them peel and pound the yam without lifting a finger, lol. I had to make two colours for more swallowing enjoyment.

Here is my raw blender pounded yam that cooked in 5 minutes, waiting for soup so that it can be served.

Yam cut in tiny pieces for blending.

Blended very smooth yam still in the electric blender.

Pouring the smooth blended yam into the pot before turning on the heat. 

Vegetable oil.

Adding palm oil to the pot just after scooping out the first batch of pounded yam. To give a different colour.

Adding the remaining blended yam to the pot before turning on the fire.

Wrapping my cooked yellow poundo to keep it fresh and elastic till soup is ready, lol

6 wraps from the tiny half tuber of yam.

NOTE: Use stainless steel pots or heavy base pots because aluminium pots do affect the colour and taste of some foods. If your yam is good white yam and the colour of your fufu changes to brown, check the pot...

1 small tuber yam (White yam is better)
1/2 glass of water or less for blending
1/2 tablespoon palm oil
2 teaspoons vegetable oil

  1. Peel yam and cut in tiny pieces to help the blender.
  2. Add very few pieces to the blender with half a glass of water or less. The yam already has water in it , you just need very little water to enable the blender kick start.
  3. Blend till smooth, then you start adding more pieces gradually while blending. Continue to add until it begins to thicken but don't add any more water.
  4. After blending, pour in a cooking pot, turn on the cooker and keep stirring like the way we make semo.
  5. While stirring, when it begins to cook, there may be tiny lumps forming but don't worry just continue stirring, all the lumps will disappear when the poundo is ready. If it sticks to your turning stick, use a knife or spoon to clean them back into the pot and continue. A little vegetable oil on the turning stick will keep it from sticking there.
  6. When yam is ready in about 5 minutes of stirring, serve with any delicious soup and enjoy with friends and family or just preserve your poundo in the freezer, microwave and enjoy when you are ready.

    1. Add palm oil to the pot
    2. Pour in the blended yam
    3. Turn on the heat and stir till cooked. Even if you don't want to make nit yellow, a little vegetable oil in the white pounded yam will help it feel more fluffy OR you can just stir and enjoy your meal without adding any oil at all.  


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