Friday, January 18, 2013

How To Enjoy Boiled Yam With Palm Oil And Raw Onion

 serving boiled  yam with palm oil
Dear Diary, 
 I beg you in the name of your owner to stop forming! If truly you are a naija diary, then you should know what
boiled yam with oil is. Stop forming, I don't like it. Be real jare!
I enjoyed this dish my own very self. We all know what good, raw onion can do to our hearts, how to eat the raw onion, is our number one problem. The smell and everything. Eating raw onion in palm oil is the easiest thing to do. The crunchiness of the onion makes the salted boiled yam even more delicious.

To convince myself that the meal is balanced, I had to chew chicken as dessert. LOL!
So now, I guess yam and palm oil is a balanced meal!!!
 enjoy boiled yam with palm oil, fried chicken or fried fish for dessert. choi!

ingredients for boiled yam with palm oil. na so !

  1. salted boiled yam
  2. palm oil (salted)
  3. chopped onion
  4. some fish or chicken

 this is how to enjoy boiled yam with palm oil
Some slices of boiled yam are put in there to heat the oil up.
 chopped onion smiling in palm oil
Raw onion and garlic are very good for the heart. The problem is how to enjoy them. For raw onion, this is my easiest way of eating it. I didn't forget to rinse my mouth with mouth wash after eating though.
Enjoy o jare!
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  1. You have made boiled yam and palm oil look so sexy ehn....now I actually am craving some.

    1. Lol@ making boiled yam and palm oil look so sexy loll. I can't stop laughing

  2. No pepper hw on earth cn I eat dat

  3. Chai! Everytime I come to ur blog eh, my mouth starts to water uncontrollably!
    I love boiled yam and oil, prefer when d yam is roasted sha.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Aunty Ojay I don't know how to start but I must start somewhere. I was shocked when I saw dis post,dat I had to reload it again.
    My favourite food right from childhood has been yam and oil. And eachtime I say it my friends do laugh at me,as a child when served yam and beans I always remove d yam from d beans and eat with oil.
    I prefer roasted yam with ukpaka,crayfish and utazi. Now I miss grandma so much.
    Tanx aunty Ojay,u touched me in a special way with dis post,may God bless u for remembering people like me.

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

  5. This blog is so welcomed. Thanks a lot. Pls more on how to make chicken stew. God bless u my sister!

    1. OK, I will check my pics, if it's there, I am going to post as soon as possible. If not, you may have to wait a lil bit more, until I cook and take pictures.
      Hope you don't mind?

  6. Eya, to enjoy it better, u need put chopped fresh pepper inside. Delicious

    1. Thanks Amaka! I will try that next time.

  7. U be correct gal
    No mind all those people wey dey form like Formalin *hisss*
    My son was born and bred in London and his favourite meal is OIjebu garri and groundnut. LOL
    I've been enjoying your food posts recently.
    God bless you my sistah
    Love to your adorable family

    1. Thanks NIL, abeg give your son high five for me!

  8. Bonario u don reach here? I believe u

  9. Now u have reminded me of my holidays in d village as a child...U know when frying garri,my grandma wld throw tubers of yam in d fire,comes out roasted then she mixes d oil,pepper,salt,onions...Viola! Delicious meal EYA u try joo

  10. Hello joy ojay, dis food look gud bt no forming i dont lik yam nt to talk of eating it wit palm oil. Anyway am one of ur regular reader and i must say dis,u ar really trying may God bless u and ur household. Av been trying to comment on ur blog for weeks now ojay bt it seems network is bad @ my end here bt trust me i just came down from MFM prayer mountain cos i must comment today lol, Do av a great day urs Hallyshally

    1. Hi Hallyshally, your comment went straight into my spam box. I guess it's your MFM prayer that made me check that spam box today. I had no choice that to post it because, you must comment by fire by force.

  11. chubby "Ella"January 19, 2013

    Ahah Eya,dis one i̶̲̥̅̊s̶̲̥̅̊ difft Oº°˚˚°º ,u dint tell us ​♓☺W 2 boil d yam lyk u always do wit oda meals. Hehehehehehehe

    1. Hi Chubby, peel the skin and cut the yam into smaller pieces.
      boil in a pot with some water and salt.
      Boil until the yam is soft enough for eating.
      Turn off the heat. YOur boiled yam is ready.

  12. Lol @ rinsing your mouth with mouth wash. I haven't tried this before. I have tried yam and butter as a child, but will definitely try this out tomorrow. x


  13. I ℓ♥√ع adding ukpaka (oil-bean) to mine...along with sliced fresh pepper and utazi. I† tastes divine!

    There's this ugba sauce a friend of mine taught me. I† goes wonderfully with boiled/roasted yam or boiled/roasted ripe/unripe plantain....(Hope you ge† wat i jus† typed) anyway, I'll share the recipe below...afterall, na kitchen we dey. Ok, so here goes..


    Fresh pepper
    Palm oil
    Ground Crayfish


    Slice up the tomatoes, onions and pepper.

    Pu† your palm oil in a po†, once i†'s ho†, pour in the onions, fry a little then pour in the sliced tomatoes and pepper. For some reason, i like to pu† in my pepper after the onions and fry for a 'lil while before adding the tomatoes....don'† ask me why ooo, 'cos i don'† even know why. *covers face*

    While frying the tomatoes, add your salt, maggi and more dried pepper if need be.

    Wen the tomatoes dry up a little, add the ukpaka, fry for a while, then add the crayfish and then the utazi. Le† i† simmer for a while and then turn off the fire and serve.

    NOTE: I added the crayfish last cos crayfish usually speeds up burning. I don'† want my food sticking to the bottom of the pot while i fry i†.

    Enjoy this ukpaka sauce with your ho† yam. I ℓ♥√ع eating the leftovers the following day because of the special flavor i† develops. Even if i don'† have enoff sauce left, i jus† heat up more oil and add i† to the little sauce i have. I† s†ill tastes wonderful in a local way.

    Thank you for your blog Eya. Will keep coming.

    1. Thanks Chinazor, I have to try this tomorrow! Sounds interesting.

  14. When i saw this post yesterday, i said to myself it been a while since i ate yam and is one of my favourite food. so this morning while preparing for work i quickly boil some package and eat with palm oil with salt,pepper and onions. hmmm it was yummmy. thanks so much sist

  15. Aunty u are too much!!!!!!
    (Been reading dis blog since YesTday) so cool!
    Tanks Chi will try dat ur recipe 2morro!
    The chikoo!

  16. fine girlJuly 05, 2013

    Thanks, I'm so trying this out. Ps what is ukpaka? Is it those long slim brown things they put in abacha?

  17. Nice,am happy

  18. Yak, just oil and onions. Makes me feel like throwing up. I think if you add pepper and heat it oil up a little, it will be improved. Make you no vex oh.