A pot of smoked kpanla fish sauce still simmering on the stove.

Nigerian Panla is also known as red codfish. This smoked codfish sauce is cooked almost like a stir fry with green pepper, onion, and other vegetables. Because the fish is already smoked, there is no need for long cooking. This cooks almost as
soon as the pot is placed on the stove top. You can choose to ad a little water for more sauce or just serve the way you want it. If your family is large like mine, you'll need some drops of water in there to make enough for everyone but if it's a small family, Enjoy! If kids are not the main participants of the dining table, then add lots of pepper sauce or fresh rodo peppers (scotch bonnet). Unlike the panla fish sauce served with rice moin moin, this recipe did not include locust beans but you can add some if you want to.

Right now, I can confirm that smoked kpanla fish is the most affordable smoked fish in Nigerian markets and easy to cook. This fish adapts well to meals maybe because it doesn't really have a strong flavour on it's own but very well incorporates the taste of whatever is cooked with it. It tends to taste like the stews, it's cooked in. Panla smoked fish sauce is really delicious, you already know by now that for me, if it's not really what I enjoy eating, I'll warn you ahead of time. This one here is worth trying. The first time I made this panla smoked fish sauce was the day I cooked the delicious blended rice moi moi and something tells me that the smoked fish sauce is also another reason that rice moi moi was rushed. I had to make another pot of smoked fish sauce but this time without dadawa (Locust beans) to serve with rice. Why? The way they eat and give reviews on the rice and sauce will let me know whether to share the recipe with you guys or just forget it and look for yummy recipes to create. So, I boiled rice, mader the sauce and served, also kept tomato stew aside for those who may not enjoy the smoked fish sauce and honestly, the pot of sauce emptied into the craving tummies even before the tomato stew went half way and that was all the reviews I needed to post this recipe and let other families too enjoy the deliciousness. There are many recipes for different sauces on this blog. We have served rice with beef sauce, shredded chicken sauce, Jamaican Sauce, vegetable sauce, fish sauce, snail sauce and even gizzard sauce. You can try any of our sauce recipes and please let us know how they turn out. 

Serves Four or more depending on fish sharing. Lol

  1. 3 smoked kpanla fish
  2. 1 large green pepper
  3. 1 Large red onion
  4. 1 cup vegetable oil, you are free to use more if you like.
  5.  1 large fresh tomato fruit
  6.  1 seasoning cube
  7.  1 tablespoon chopped fresh peppers or more according to your tolerance level for pepper.
  8. Salt (optional) Because the smoked fish is salted, you may not need more but check first to be sure before turning off the heat.
BEFORE YOU COOK THIS SMOKED FISH SAUCE, wash the fish and cut off the head but do not debone as this fish doesn't add bones to your cooking, they remain intact. Wash and set aside. Wash and chop the onion, green pepper, tomatoes and fresh peppers

  1. Stir fry the onion and green pepper with crushed seasoning cube first till it's fragrant.
  2. Add the tomatoes and fresh peppers and stir, then leave to cook for about half a minute.
  3. Add the smoked fish and stir, check for salt, reduce heat to low and leave to simmer for about a minute as you regularly check and flip sides. If pot is getting dry, you can add more oil or a little water according to preference. Stir and taste the cooking.
  4. Turn off the heat when the taste is balanced in your taste buds and serve with boiled rice, boiled yam, boiled unripe plantain, bread slices  or any accompaniment of choice.
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Happy Stewing!