Jamaican Sauce With White Rice By Patsy


A serving of Jamaican Sauce with white rice, plantain and fish.
Thought I should share this. I made Jamaican sauce with white rice yesterday 25th Dec. Although some ingredients weren't present, but hubby insisted he would eat nothing else, and I had to make do with what I have in store and it came out yummy.


1 small sized Cabbage
4 medium sized Carrots
1 Green pepper chopped

3 dry bay leaves
1 can Green peas
1 can Red Kidney beans 
Tatashe..(didn't have this one)
3 cupfuls blended Tomatoes
a handful chopped Shombo pepper (Red chillies)
1 large red Onion
1/2 cup chopped Fresh pepper ata rodo (Scotch bonnet)
1/2 kg Beef or suya
2 cups vegetable oil (500ml)
3 seasoning cubes, you can use less to your taste
Salt to taste

Cooking Steps.

Season your beef and
1. boil till it's soft enough.
2. Then Fry until it's very dry.(pix1 &2)
Remove the beef from the oil and set aside.
3. Fry onion with a pinch of salt(hubby doesn't like salt oh, so it's always a pinch I cook with)(pix3)
4. Add your blended tomatoes and shombo pepper and allow to fry.(pix4)
5. Add bay leave to stew(I love bay leave) (pix5)
Add your preferred seasoning
Add red and green pepper
6. Add your tatashe, (not in mine)(Pix6)
Add cabbage
7 and 8. Add your fried beef(pix 7&8)
9. Allow to cook a while then turn off the heat, and add your green peas.(pix9)
Meal is ready!

Serve with rice, spaghetti, yam or pasta.

Well people, Sorry I added sweet corn and kidney beans during the
serving.(Hubby's choice)
FYI, you will have a better taste and presentation with lots of tatashe and green pepper inclusive.

See step by step cooking pictures below...

Ingredients for Jamaican sauce
Frying onion

Tomatoes and pepper 

Added bay leaves here

Adding seasoning cubes, red (Tatashey) and green pepper to stew

Adding cabbage

 Frying cooked beef in hot oil. This pic should have come up there

 Fried beef set aside

Adding cooked and fried beef to stew

Just added green peas. If you are using fresh or frozen peas, add earlier with the tomatoes so they can cook through.


  1. Replies
    1. fisayo07:38

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    2. fisayo07:38

      Good day ma'am Eya, could you please give a link to the post in which visitors gave tips on wedding budget. Needed urgently. Thanks.

    3. Hello. I can give u tips on wedding budget if u don't mind. Can we chat on bbm?

    4. Here is the link to the post...

  2. •Omalicha•08:25

    Lovely! My kindA food! I just love sauces,gravy etc. I made jambolaya sauce on christmas eve and was too pre occupied to take step by pics. I love this!

    1. Anonymous09:45

      Did you mean Jambalaya as in Jambalaya rice that has all sorts going into it coz I have never heard of anyone making Jambalaya sauce before and I lived in Louisiana for two years. Never heard of Jamaican sauce either and Google was not very much a friend to me today all I know is Jamaican jerk chicken, fish, beef etc oh well you learn something new everyday.

    2. Anonymous14:37

      Good thing you learnt something new today. You were always lonely and indoors in Lousiana maybe.

    3. Anonymous19:49

      Awww are you lonely anon 2:37pm do you need some company poor soul:(

    4. Anonymous19:00


  3. Anonymous10:15

    Aunty Eya I want to give u a hug,I have been looking for how to make this Jamaican sauce 4 ages now I got it.thanks so so much.CLAIRE

  4. Anonymous11:32

    How does this sauce qualify as a jamaican sauce? What ingredient makes it a jamaican sauce? Just call it a sauce. Stop reaching abeg.

    1. Anonymous14:40

      If the name pain you too much, cook your own let's see and clap for you.
      Poster thank you, I was also looking for this before Christmas.

    2. Anonymous19:49

      Thank you my dear there is no such thing as Jamaican sauce don't let me send this blog post to my Jamaican paddies they will come and start spewing patoi on here

    3. Angel09:35

      Liar liar, I ate Jamaican Sauce while on vacation. Pls stop forming here.

    4. Anonymous19:17

      Anon 9:35 please what did you eat the Jamaican sauce on vacation with with was it Ackee and Saltfish or was it fried dumplings or was it rice and peas or was it festival bread or was it green bananas? Liar liar pants on fire!

    5. Anonymous23:58

      oh my. I had to search jamaican sauce as I saw it mentioned in an african movie.im from caribbean and have never heard of it. i do not think even jamaicans make it either. all i know of is jerk sauce, but not this. Anon 19:49 I believe you are correct.

  5. pickme16:37

    Patsy pls did u blend d tatashe or u chop dem?

  6. Anonymous17:08

    This is nice. I can't imagine the look on my children's faces if I serve them fish on christmas day.

    1. Anonymous19:46

      Kids don't know that fish is healthier than meat na

  7. Anonymous19:52

    Nigerians can like to form sha! Jamaican sauce ni Jambalaya sauce ko!

    1. Anonymous09:37

      Just like Nigerians can like to jealous and hate on those who cook well and post. Hahaha

  8. Anonymous20:29

    I have tasted this @ a friends place and she said it's jamiacan sauce! Buh wen I tried to google it, I saw jamaian jerk sauce and d ingredients were quite different from this.
    Any way jamiacan or congolese sause Oo°˚˚˚°! I'm definately giving it a try on new yrs day!
    Thanks patsy.

  9. Anonymous21:16

    The plate looks very appetizing, very clean and colorful. As someone who is 100% Jamaican this sauce is not authentic.

  10. patsy21:47

    @pick me, you slice the tatashe. I won't use the word chop, it would mean dicing abi... So just slice.
    Eya thanks for posting and correcting all my errors... *hugs*


    1. Drolling already.

  11. Anonymous10:33

    I boiled rice then blended some tomatoes and added it to them guess what I made Nigerian Jollof Rice yay much love from me! I told all my friends that blended tomatoes added to cooked rice is Nigerian Jollof and they believed me!

  12. Lizzy14:16

    Patsy this looks yummy, colourful, healthy and very good presentation.
    I don't care what the name is but I'll give this a try. Thank you so much Patsy.

  13. •Omalicha•14:46

    You can cook anything,anyway you want it,and give it any name you like. Guess what?...wht I'm about to say next will shock you but..#YOU WON'T GET ARRESTED# Whoop whoop! Yaaaaay! So dear patsy,your sauce is as jamaican as u want it to be.And that's fine with the world!

    1. Anonymous19:13

      Don't let the Jamaicans hear you. All those people busy supporting this fake Jamaican sauce will be the first ones to curse the living daylights out of somebody who pours palm oil into any random made up sauce and then calls it Nigerian sauce. I am 100% positive that most of these fake Jamaican sauce supporters have never set foot outside the shores of Nigeria or if they have their social circle abroad consisted of only Nigerians that is why they don't get why people are not amused when you make something up and call it what it is not. If you want to call it Jamaican at least call it Nigerian inspired Jamaican sauce or something because nothing like this exists in Jamaica my Jamo friend laughed her head out at this post and her only advice was you guys need to Google or YouTube authentic Jamaican recipes prepared by Jamaicans before you post them here.

    2. Anonymous02:53

      @anon 7:13. I keep wondering why she didn't make a simple escovitch for the fish, that would have been 100% Jamaican and take 10mins to create. The way the fish is fried, it would have been perfect for an escovitch.

      At the end of the day, she didn't know it was a fake Jamaican dish, someone told her it was a Jamaican sauce and naturally she believed them. Like your friend, I laughed too, what else can you do. Jamaicans are quite used to such episodes, even so-called professional chefs put up dishes that are supposedly Jamaican and they are not, re: Marco Pierre White and his chicken and rice and peas fiasco back in October.

      Jamaicans use thyme in practically every meat dishes, and almost all fish dishes, with the exception being fried fish, thyme is always present in every soups, stews, and all savoury dishes. If you see a supposed Jamaican meat dish that does not include thyme as one of the ingredients, be suspicious. Thyme is the holy grail in Jamaican cuisine. We also use pimento a lot, especially in fish and pork dishes, pimento is more popularly known as allspice.

    3. Anonymous12:34

      You know what anon 2:53 pm pimento and thyme were the first things I looked for in the ingredients and was shocked not to see them lol. My friend who was born in Papine JA introduced me to pimento and I use it in almost everything i make these days.

  14. Anonymous15:14

    Pls house, I need help on how to make nigerian salad "dressing" mine usualy taste different from d kind I eat @ parties/ weddings.
    Thank u.

    1. Anonymous10:40

      Search salad recipes on the blog.

    2. Anonymous01:35

      You dissolve 2 tablespoons of potash, in half a cup of water, mix it to palm oil to emulsify the oil, add ground crayfish, ehu, stock cubes, diced onions and a tiny bit of fresh/dry utazi

    3. Anonymous01:37

      Mix it all then add your abacha and uh a to the mix, heat it up a little and hey presto African salad. Hope this helps :)

    4. You can start from this link...

  15. i'm sooo trying this for sunday lunch.......... thanks Patsy.........

  16. patsy18:10

    My people, sizzlers fast food calls it Jamaican source oh... Make una nor verse... Eya pls change the name enh, let's change the name to ishan source... Matter close... Am adding weight oh! This season shld go away fast... See food everywhere. Parties, get together and family dinners... Hey!

    1. Bebe23:05

      I love love your Jamaican Sauce. Will try it on new year. Thanks Patsy.

    2. miss j10:37

      @ patsy u didn't add soy sauce n cameroun pepper...dats wat gives it d dark look n wen I asked for d recipe tomatoe wasn't included.I'm sure everybody cooks differently bt Jamaican sauce is nt complete witout d soy sauce

  17. Chioma09:01

    You nor even sabi road to Jamaica. Escobitch kor, escovitch no?

  18. Anonymous17:21

    Eya Abeg we nid a new post. I don taya to dey refresh d page.

    1. Anonymous12:32

      Tell her ooooo at least she should post what she had for christmas

  19. gbemi07:18

    There's either jamaican jerk sauce, curry sauce, curry chicken, oxtail sauce/gravy etc. Jamaican sauce sound too broad. And did I mention it doesn't exist. Food looks tasty Still. Source: worked at a carribean resturant.

    1. Anonymous01:11

      Exactly there wasn't anything Jamaican about it, but it looks alright.

  20. Anonymous21:32

    What's shombo pepper

    1. Anonymous10:01

      Scotch bonnet red pepper

  21. Anonymous09:16

    Wateva she called it,it dosent luk bad,abeg mek sumbdy help me wth how I go tek care for my 6wks old baby stomach pain,d thn dey giv us sleepless night,I alwaz try making him burps afta each meal,thou he dosent atimes,I don try gripe water,nospamin drops but no result,sum say is lik dt till 2 or 3 months,especially baby boys,abeg mek sumbdy help me,am a first time mum,thanks n hapi new year in adv,mrs m

    1. Anonymous15:07

      @ anon 19:16 I had d same ish wiv my baby boy. D stomach pain nearly drove me mad till a friend recomended Infacol. It was very effective. U can google it. Check any reputable pharmacy dear! And yes by 3 to 4 months it will all be over.
      Stay blessed.

    2. Tommy pain is caused by indigestion or the way you position your baby when breast feeding, make sure his mouth covers the whole Areola not just the nipple so that air doesn't enter into his tommy while breast feeding, when he wants to sleep let him sleep on his tommy and also during the day you can back him, he will start farting and he will get relived. You don't need drugs till this doesn't work. Happy new year ppl

    3. Tess11:21

      I used infacol for my older children but with my new baby someone introduced us to Dentinox colic drops.
      Pls try it, I think it is more effective than infacol
      Eya, I no see your break light this Christmas. I hope all is well. God bless your family.

  22. Anonymous16:52

    Anon 9.16, generally indigestion causes stomach pain in babies wch results in crying. Always lay ur baby on his tummy weneva he wants to sleep, dis position aids digestion and helps baby to sleep soundly. Hope dis helps. Horlah

  23. Anonymous17:31

    Yea infacol is d best,I used it on my son,nd it. Worked fine.

  24. Anonymous20:12

    Really what happened to WC? We used to be a big family. Miss those days of first daughter, bona, jay, rubynnia etc.

  25. Pls oº° aunty Eya where art thou Oº°

  26. Lizzy21:09

    I guess aunty Eya went to d village for xmas and new year.

  27. Happy New year W.C family. Guess we wld hv 2 keep usin dis jamAican rice post 2 communicate til she returns ℓ☺ℓ‎​​

  28. Anonymous08:45

    Thank u vry much tokoni,horlah n anon 5:31,I will get it asap,Hapi new year to all W C family,may God kip us alive to achieve all our heart desires in ds 2014,we will not die young neither shall we lose any of our loved ones,dis year will be a blessn to us n d land shall be green for us ijn,amen,mrs M

  29. Anonymous01:56

    Thank u madam debby bala,tess n all d gd pple of wc,may God continue to kip us all ijn,anty eya where r thou,hope all is well o,thanks again for all ur help,hapi new year,mrs m

  30. Happy New Year Fam, I am fine, just couldn't come Online since I last posted. Sorry about refreshing on same old post, will really try my best in 2014, God helping.

  31. Anonymous01:09

    I'm not sure what is Jamaican about this sauce or why it is called Jamaica sauce because it doesn't have anything to do with Jamaica, but all the same it looks alright.

  32. Anonymous13:35

    Lovely meal. I'll try it. Makes sense to me.

  33. patsy13:38

    Thanks Auntie, that's red kidney beans beside the green beans.


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