Delicious Jollof Spaghetti, Enjoy

A serving of jollof spaghetti.
 Cook with the recipe for our jollof pasta and you'll just get it right. The ingredients mightb not be the same, but same cooking method.
Cooked spaghetti waiting for
vegetables and beans

Adding chopped and shreddd veggies to jollof

Jollof spags with veggies waiting for beans

Baked beans in jollof

Kidney bens, green peas, baked beans, veggies in jollof

Food is ready who says this is not very nutritious?

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Enjoy somen Nigerian jollof with spicy chicken

 Some spags with enough crunchies
 I'[ll find time to update with a complete recipe
for now,
bon apetit.


  1. Hmmmmmmm! Yummy, I cook this a lot at home, but its been a while since I last ate it. Will try it again very soon. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Look really yummy! i'd definitely give cooking with kidney beans try.

  3. Wao. Looks tasty and colourful. I made something similar but with brown pasta. I'll share here soon.

  4. Anonymous9/23/2014

    Sincerely speaking, it doesn't look that inviting, I'm not doubting that it may taste great though... just my opinion

  5. Anonymous9/28/2014

    Same here. I can't salivate for it for a second. Maybe its because the vegies are too much.


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