Nigerian Coconut Macaroni With Grilled Fish, Vegetables

Nigerian coconut macaroni served with fish and vegetables.
Nigerian coconut macaroni served smoking hot. Why do I feel like I posted this coconut macaroni before? Any way, no time to go checking archives now but if later I find it in any old folder, this will be taken down, but, for now let's cook our coconut macaroni.

I labelled this Nigerian coconut macaroni cos it's cooked same way we cooked coconut rice with beef except that macaroni cooked in just ten minutes and this was cooked with just crayfish and
dry catfish.
Grilled chicken for a later post, it accidentally got here and I don't have the guts to delete this juicy chicken abeg

This grilled fish is not the one werved with the rice o. I'm just showing off my new grill pan jare. The fish served with macaroni was grilled in my old fry pan.

Adding coconut milk to my stock, all ingredients are already in, tasted for salt and seasoning before adding macaroni cos it cooks fast. before. Had beef stock in the freezer which came in handy

Sautee onion, Seasoning cubes, green pepper, tatashe, spring onion, carrots, cabbage etc if you have them. I made do with the little ingredients I could find at home. You can do with more and then less green pepper. Cook your vegetables for as long as you can enjoy but not over cooked.

Add red kidney beans to the vegetables if you like, if not maybe you try baked beans in tomato sauce:)
I added half a cup of  beef stock to make some sauce. Red Kidney beans is just bland so, season your sauce to your taste.

In ate this one, everything. Maybe that's why I have  gained a little. The gym refused to register me that I should return when baby is six months cos according to them, those exercises will affect breast milk flow. I look forward to when I can return to the gym for now, a little coconut something is not bad.

Coconut macaroni. I ate more of the macaroni than veggies, don't know why

My old fry pan. I cannot dump you o. Still very useful.

Don't know what I clicked on this camera to be getting a wrong date. I don't even need any date and can't find the manual. How can I cook this type of yummy macaroni in 2004? when then I was just using maybe only a Nokia 3310 (Those first Nokia rugged phones). In 2004 I didn't even have this camera and didn't think of sharing my recipes Online abeg. Ignore the date and just cook your coconut macaroni.

You guys know that me? If any meal doesn't taste right, I warn my readers so you add twists to make yours better. This was heavenly. Coconut macaroni is it. The big pot of pasta was cleared as soon as cooking was done. It kind of just melted in the tongue like caramel. It made everyone eat too much. If you like properly cooked coconut rice, then you'll enjoy this.


  1. Thanks, I surely try this by weekend.

  2. Anonymous7/23/2014

    Jst dt hubby hates all pasta
    He calls them nri nnunu(food for the birds)

    aunty eya,pls how do i achieve this decorative cooked rice mould. As in cooked rice served on a plate but looks moulded.

    1. Anonymous7/23/2014

      put the rice in bowl or cup that has the shape you want. stuff it well. turn over the cup on your plate and gently. you'll have molded rice

    2. scoop hot rice into a bowl or any container with your preferred shape, press rice in and fill with more then turn upside down and gently pull out your bowl leaving the moulded rice. Do it the way kids mould sand at the beach.

  3. Eya, I no know where u dey get all these yummy recipe idea. I love coconut rice, so I can imagine how good this macaroni version tastes - especially with the 'mede-mede' wey you add.
    Did you boil that kidney beans yourself or na ready-made-cooked?

    1. Thanks Stella, it's canned beans.

  4. Actually this made my mouth watery

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  5. Macaroni?can't recall d last time I ate that stuff. Pasta that's lyk u r chewing rubber,as my 6yr old will tell me lol...not really my kind of pasta. I will prefer using spaghetti 2 try this Aunty Enya, permit me biko. Hope it turns out as yummy as yours. I love that sauce,its colourful, those green veggies made it more yummy.

    1. :), cook it al dente and you'll like it. Wash the starch off after boiling. I cooked coconut spaghetti before and it was yummy. You are permitted. lol

  6. I'm so tryin dis dis afterrnoon. Tnx aunty Eya! I missed u! Congrats on ur bundle of joy! How do u grill fish with ur fryin pan?

    1. Thanks Princess Gabriella, i'ts a grill pan.

    2. Anonymous7/25/2014

      Do you put it in the oven or just on the cooker?

  7. Nice, simple, inviting, Colourful, quick. Well done aunty Eya.

  8. Fantabulousss. Definitely doing this for da weekend. Thanks for sharing..

  9. Looks perfect, love this type of recipe, this time of year.



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