A set of aluminium pots
Best cooking pots here is not about the most expensive cooking pots, it is about the safest when it comes to our health. I'm one of those who used to argue that our grandparents cooked with aluminium pots and nothing bad happened to them. This argument
stopped the day I tasted something cooked using an aluminium pot, a stainless steel pot and a saladmaster cookware. That day I understood clearly that aluminium actually leaches metal into our food during cooking, even though in very minute quantities. Non-stick and aluminium pots are not among the safest pots to cook with why? Because under heat, they can release some little quantities of hormone disrupting chemicals and toxins into food. These toxins get in slowly, slowly so that you don't feel sick, they are so small you don't even feel the effect until they continue to accumulate in your system and overtime, the effect may be felt through ailments. 

Even though aluminium pots are safe for cooking, The World Health Organization estimates that adults can consume just more than 50 milligrams of aluminum daily without harm. During cooking, aluminum dissolves most easily from worn or pitted pots and pans. ... Leafy vegetables and acidic foods, such as tomatoes and citrus products, absorb the most aluminum. Now, how do you know when you have taken more than the daily 50 milligrams safe dose of aluminium?


1. Ceramics
2. Cast Iron pots; the type used in cooking Nigerian party jollof rice, those pots rank high when in comes to healthy cookware to use. They are also good for frying. Cooking tomato products in it sometimes can interact with the PH level of this pot and give a different taste. Who knows if that taste is why we love party jollof rice, Lol. 
3. Stoneware; better for baking than cooking food on the stove sha.
4. Glass and corningware mainly used for baking.
5. Stainless steel are one of the best cooking pots and of all the ones listed above, stainless steel pots are the most easily available in Nigeria. They are more expensive than aluminium cooking pots though but are safer for cooking.

Small sized stainless steel pots
 When I posted the raw blender pounded yam on Social Media and some comments showed that people tried to make these blender pounded yams but their results weren't as expected. Some complained of their yams tasting raw while others couldn't even eat because the yam fufu either turned brown or black. Immediately I saw those posts, I just knew either of two things were to blame:
1. The specie of yam used.
2. Aluminium pots interacting with the food.

Other types of cookware might be very expensive considering the economy we are facing today in Naija but Stainless steel cookware should be more affordable. Pots are not like some household items that we shop monthly or yearly, once you have good sets of pots in your kitchen, you may not need to shop any more pots in a very very long while. I haven't bought any pot in years and I don't have any need for pots yet. We can continue to use, even pots inherited from grandparents  are still working fine. These are one household item that if we can, why not invest in good pots and keep your family healthy. You don't even have to buy sets of pots as there are single stainless steel pots sold in different sizes. 

The best pot to make your raw blender pounded yam is not the aluminium pot. Use stainless steel instead. I watched a practical cooking demonstration and received lessons on the bad effects of aluminium pots to our cooking but don't know why I didn't blog about that till today. 

When people cook moi moi in cellophane (Nigerian nylon) bags, we are quick to correct  and warn them about the health hazards of cooking with bags but say nothing when people cook with aluminium pots. Most Nigerian kitchens are loaded with aluminium pots, I used to have them too and I had just shopped a set of aluminium pots the very month we watched the saladmaster cookware demonstration and with my eyes opened, I had to pack all those pots to the village when we travelled for Christmas and even there in the village they are not used. I can't afford to give these pots away knowing their health hazards so they are just packed one side in the pantry and sitting idly inside a carton. The two small pots we left in Abuja were never used until my daughters got to SS3 and needed small sized pots for WAEC and NECO Catering Practicals (a one day thing). Those pots came in handy at this point because of fear of losing my stainless steel pots. They use for just that one day cooking practicals and return home to keep and wait for the next child's catering practicals because 'na girls full my house.' 

If you can, use ceramics and stainless steel cookware and leave the aluminium pots for now. Though aluminium pots are safe for cooking, they leach tiny metal into food while cooking and too much aluminium in the system is not safe. Healthy people can actually excrete the small amounts of aluminium that enters the body through food what about those with kidney problems and people who may not even know that they are gradually falling ill? 


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