This is a Do it yourself (DIY) for those of us who use table top gas cookers. Although, I intend to change mine very soon to a glass top table cooker. They are easier to clean, besides I'm just fed up with this current one.I bought this table top in January, and I'm not pleased with it . I just don't like seeing black stains on my pots,afterall, this is a gas cooker, not stove and kerosene..
when I first bought it, it was all yellow flames, and for the first 2weeks, my pots were toture to my sight.Then,I remembered my dad had the same problem with his gas cooker and we called in a specialist, thank God I observed the guy while he worked, so when I couldn't stand this yellow flames anymore, I set to work on it myself. The result was enormous, and, so before I discard this particular cooker completely, let me take you through the step
by step adjustment settings. Yes, it's very easy and it's coming free too. Lol.

Below are the pictures of
: before setting, the setting and after setting result.
1) Make sure the gas cooker is on, if you don't put it on during the setting, you won't be able to tell if the flames are changing or not.
2) Next, flip the cooker over, so that you can see the underneath, as shown in the second picture, don't be scared, it's not that complicated, you will see the secret of your gas cooker here..lols.
3) Now, this is what you will do, dont forget the cooker is still on, and you don't have to flip it over completely, leave it at angle 90 or 85 deg. No, I'm not trying to intimidate you with my maths skills, lols. I mean you have to tilt your cooker in a way whereby you can view both the burning flames and the underneath at the same time.
4) Can you see that each burner has its own individual pipe, attached to the pipe is something like a clog intertwined together, the two clogs have their own individual handle,( look at my finger in the third picture). That is where you will turn. Pick one of the clog handle ( not the two at the same time o)  Turn it right or left, while turning, observe the flame, notice when it increases or reduces. Turn it more to the side where it reduces the yellow flames and brings the
blue flames. If you notice that the clog you are turning has reached its highest level for a blue, release it there, and go to the next clog, ( you only go to the next clog if the current one has reached it maximum, and you can still see some yellow flames). keep turning at a slow frequency, till you get the desired blue flame.
 5) Repeat no4 procedure on the second burner, until you get the same blue flame.
6) Flip your gas back to its normal state of rest, you can now step back, and grin while you observe the burning flame, once you are satisfied,give yourself a pat for a job well done.
The result will be as shown in the last picture.
step 1. the yellow flame before i started.
step 2. flip your cooker over.
step 4:turning the clogs by their handle one at a time, adjusting the flames.
the clogs and their handles. step 3
the final result.


  1. If you have tried several table top gas cookers and you are not happy with them, why not go for a standalone cooker? Its twice the fun:)

  2. Sometimes the bunner falls our of place. You have to move the bunner around a few times to get it to seat right and return to the blue colour.

    Aunty Eya congratulations on bobos 1st birthday. Seems just like yesterday when you were preggy and the whole WC team kept speculating, time really does fly. I can smell another positive preggy test coming your way lol.

    1. Lizzy ooh, so you wish me a football team family eh? Smiling with vexing grin.

      After celebration we'll see his pics here. Waiting for big sisters to come home and be a part of the cake cutting tinz.

  3. Anonymous3/18/2015

    The glass table top cooker gets cracked on the long run as I have experienced it. I eventually got one branded as 'Sonik Japan'. Though it's not as heavy as others. But it works just fine for me and no black stains at all, blue flames all the way.

  4. hi.
    I just saw this posting online. Kindly assist.
    The challenge in addition to the yellow flames is that my table top gas cooker always ignite flames underneath anytime i turn it on.
    So I just turn it off. Any advice?
    - Tinu


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