How To Cook Moi Moi With Tatashe, Corned beef And Santana Bags

 A serving of moimoi cooked with corned beef, bags and tatashey.

Do not forget that cooking moi moi with leaves or ceramics is the best healthwise anytime!


Moi moi is a delicacy in Nigeria. It can be cooked tied in cellophane bags, wrapped in broad leaves or even in empty cans. When cooked soft, it can be served as a
side to other meals. Moi moi is made from beans, it is a very healthy meal to my body.

 There is no electricity  to blend, so, the washed beans was sent to the mill. I finished washing and skinning the beans in just 15 minutes. As at the time I was done with washing and adding tatashe, onions and
crayfish, another 10 minutes went by. Total time used to wash and get this beans ready was 30 minutes.

The result justifies the time spent washing. 20 minutes is not much
considering the time it takes to wash without a grater.
I enjoyed this moi moi. For variety, you can pour some stew on it before eating. For me I wanted to enjoy that sweet corned beef flavor in there.
Brown beans for moi moi
 3 cups of beans "7cm cup"
 washed beans, washed and chopped tatashe, crayfish,and onions

 Ingredients for making  moi moi with Tatashe and corned beef:

  1. 3 cups Beans
  2. 4 big tatashe
  3. 1 teaspoon ground fresh pepper, you can add more
  4. 1/2 cup crayfish
  5. 2 medium sized onion
  6. 2 seasoning cubes
  7. 2 cups vegetable oil
  8. salt to taste
  9. 1 pack cellophane bags (santana)
  10.  Water enough to give a light but not too thick consistency, a bit thicker than pancake batter though
For pictorials on how to Use moi moi leaves,wrap and fold the leaves, Go HERE

 washed beans. how to wash beans Go To how to wash  and skin beans fast
adding corned beef to moi moi
 just added corned beef to the ground beef
 chunks of corned beef waiting to be mixed
moi moi in bags
 moi moi tied in bags and put in a cooking pot

Cooking Steps For Moi moi CORNED BEEF:

  • The beans is washed and skinned, see it's done  HERE 
  • chopped onion, crayfish and chopped tatashe are added "cut tatashe open, remove seeds and stalk  before adding"
  • Blend or take to a mill
  • After blending, add some vegetable oil, salt and seasoning to taste "check with the tip of your tongue"
  • Add some warm water to the consistency you want. For hard moi moi, add very little water. For soft moi moi, add some more water, check for salt. It is better not to add enough salt in moi moi than to cook it with too much salt
  • Add corned beef in chunks and stir just once or twice
  • pour in bags, hold tight with thumb and index finger, wrap around the thumb once and take it round the bag, in between the ring and pinky ( last) finger for about  3 or 4 times, then pull out  the thumb and knot or tie which ever  way is easier for you.  (make it tight).
  • In a pot, pour hot water to cover all the moi moi before placing on a cooker
  • I allowed this one to cook for 30 minutes,  when I checked, it was ready. 
  • Serve with stew, rice or just enjoy your moi moi.

 just added hot water to the pot before placing on the cooker
moi moi cooked in snatana bags
 moi moi boils and increases in size. Pot becomes too small  for the quantity of moi moi in it
 A lesson, cook moi moi in a large pot.
 cooked moi moi looking delicious
 cooked moi moi waiting to be served
 eating the yummy moi moi
The good thing about this moi moi is that even after giving out some, I still had enough to share with the freezer.
Remember to cook your moi moi in a large pot. If you are cooking with leaves, see pictorials on wrapping and folding the moi moi leaves HERE


  1. Anonymous1/21/2013

    I like moi-moi! But so lazy to do the washing! I use the commercial grinding machine. Like plenty of tatashe and onions in it.

    I always use satana nylon, it is easier and convenient. Dont have to start washing the cups... the aluminum type can develop rust if not well dried before storage and the plastic type can melt under the bottom if the water dries off before one notices.

    You are a patient and good cook from all the recipes I have read for me, abeg no ask ...I don't have your skill oo...ahahaha..weldone sistah.

    1. Thanks SM, grinding brown beans with the skin gives the moi moi a yummy brown color. I like it too!

    2. Anonymous2/20/2013

      ‎​•-̶̶•̸Ϟ•̸ŤђαϞĸ Ɣõú•̸Ϟ•̸-̶̶•-̶̶! Aunty, ‎​A̶̲̥̅♏ gonna try making moi moi dis wkend.‎​A̶̲̥̅♏ new Τ̲̅ȍ dis page though

    3. Welcome Anonymous, I wish you success with the moi moi making.

  2. I love moimoi too but na leaf moimoi sha oh....So I make it at home. It's my favorite way of eating beans.

    Madam, this your blog is making fasting impossible oh......I have initiated my colleagues at work to your blog. A male colleague made one of your vegetables as a surprise dinner and his madam was truly impressed.

    Keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you Sykik. I truly appreciate your bringing more readers. God bless you!

      Ehen, does the wife now know how he came about making such delicious vegetables? does he want to keep it a secret and just continue to surprise her?

  3. Anonymous1/21/2013

    I'm so making dis cornbeef moi moi 4 my baby dis weekend, even if I hav 2 force it down his throat!!
    Eya, wats d easiest way 2 peal d beans!?
    I soak it in water 1st but 2 get all d back off is anoda wahala!
    So annoying!
    P.s...I'm making d yam and egg sauce after work 4 dinner!heheheheheh
    Billie jean

    1. Rub hand fulls of soaked beans against a sharp grater. When chaff increase, sieve, add more water and continue to pack and rub until you are done.

      Start skinning with a grater as soon as beans is soaked in water.

    2. P.s don't forget to share the "yam and egg sauce" dinner story with us.

    3. Anonymous1/23/2013

      @ Billie jean,u can also pound d beans in a mortar,it's easier dat way 2 peel d beans..

  4. Lol@ force it down his throat. It seems your man is like my hubby who doesnt like food. Cooking for him is so difficult contrary to what ppl think cos he doesnt care. And I like food so am trying hard not to grow fat...:-)

    1. You won't grow fat, just be setting the nice looking and great aroma food where he cannot avoid seeing. But come,Women, why do you like to overfeed your husbands?
      The quantity his body needs is what he is eating.

  5. This woman sha.....
    Them send you come???
    After a weekend of too much food, I promised myself I will take it easy this week.
    Unfortunately, after visiting your plans have changed and I must buy moi-moi today from my local Naija bakery LOL
    Stay blessed

  6. Hi Eya, cook of the year,
    had enough of sorting paperwork so thought I would have a read of blogs for a while. Hope you and family are ok.

    1. Hi Brenda, thanks for the Award! We are fine. how is writing going? Good to see you again.
      Have a stress-free week Brenda.

  7. Hmm aunty Ojay always adding swag to every dish,I enjoyed cooking moi moi for d whole family those days,but seems hard now to prepare moi moi for just one mouth,anyway will try dis ur corned beef moi moi when ma sisters visit dis weekend.

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

    1. No, Bonario, not when they visit but before they visit. surprise them with the dish. So, you want them to come and do the cooking right?

  8. Anonymous1/21/2013

    Pls eya explain how to skin the beans properly. Iv followed ur links stil didn make sense. Pls bear wit me. Xplain it again. Uv sort of rushed over it and its an important step in makin moi moi. Gud job! Tanks

    1. Pour the beans into a bowl of water, grab a sharp grater with your left hand. With your right hand, begin to pack the soaked beans and rub continosly against that sharp grater on your left hand. Do it carefully so that you do not scrub your right palm on the sharp grater.

      After rubbing the beans on the grater for some time, the water gets filled with the beans skin. You stop scrubbing, pick a sieve and pour out the chaff into the sieve. The skin floats on top while the beans sits
      s below, so, it is easy to filter out the skin.

      After filtering out the skin, add more water to the bowl of beans and start all over by packing beans with your right, scrubbing it on the grater on your left continously until all the skin falls off, At a point, you may not need the grater anymore because, the skin becomes soft and begins to pull of when you rub the beans against themselves.

      Brown beans is the easiest to wash. Once you soak brown beans for like 5 minutes, just use both palms to rub the beans together, and you see the skin peeling off.
      Hope I didn't rush it now. Let me know where you are not clear., and I'll try and simplify further.

  9. I was not wrong when I said this Eya's kitchen was getting better by the day o. Well, I'll add crayfish next time and I hope to enjoy it well, well!

  10. Anonymous1/21/2013

    Tanks Eya 4 wat u re doing thumbs up but pls I will u to teach me how to make okro soup that draws.the ones I always make does not draw pls helP tanks

    1. I add ground ogbono to my okro when I want it to really draw. Add the ogbono first, allow it to cook before adding the okro.
      Some people pound okro after chopping, to make it very smooth and more slimy.

    2. Anonymous1/22/2013

      Tanks so meaning u can't okro alone and it will draw u av to add ogbono ok oh

    3. It also depends on the type of okro. The smooth skinned one needs ogbono, but, the rough skinned one that can prick your fingers if not properly handled, that one needs no ogbono because it is extra slimy.

  11. Anonymous1/21/2013

    I meant I will luv u to teach me

  12. Anonymous1/22/2013

    Ok tanks Eya! U didn rush it dis tyme. One more tin,white or browns beans,which tastes better for moi moi. Iv eaten brown beans all my life,never liked white beans. So wich tastes better. Tank u!

    1. I don't see any difference between white and brown beans moi moi. It all depends on the ingredients and how the moi moi is cooked.

  13. Anonymous1/22/2013

    Wow! You give me something good to look at every night while planning my family's meal for d next day. My husban loves moi moi so I appreciate these tips

  14. Anonymous1/22/2013

    Ermm I always hav a problem with the consistency of the moi moi mixture,pls what's the secret to making it just perfect-not too hard,not too soft-

    1. It should be able to flow freely when you add water. Not too lose. Should look like thick akamu/pap.

  15. Anonymous1/22/2013

    Also pls does the tatashe serve as your pepper?or do we stil need to add?also you didn't say what quantity of groundnut oil goes with four cups of beans.thanks dear

    1. I didn't add pepper because of the kids. Tatashe is a bit hot. You can add pepper, but not too much.
      The oil was just like say... 3 scoops of a soup spoon/laddle

  16. Anonymous1/26/2013

    Yea,am gonna try dis moi moi tommorow,op it wil come out well like d edikaikon,buh I don't av corned beef,av got titus fish thou,my Hubby is home for d weekend and I want to give him a gud treat!Thanks Sis for givin me direction

  17. Thanks for trying out the edikang ikong! Titus is good. If you can fry it with a little tomatoes before adding, Better!

  18. Anonymous2/01/2013

    Will the moi moi still come out fine if one uses bean flour? Keep up the good work your doing.

    1. Yes, it will come out fine!

  19. So, I made this on Saturday. :-) So pleased with myself cos it was my first time ever. Didn't come out as perfect as I would have liked but for a first attempt, not bad at all. I washed the beans by hand. I actually found it therapeutic. Noticed that this process requires a lot of water to get rid of the peeled skin. I milled it at the market. Had a slight problem putting the mixture into the santana bags as I was a bit clumsy and spilled some in the process. Also, burnt some when the water dried out. Lol. In all, it was a very good experience and can't wait to do it again. Thanks for inspiring me to do this as I don't think I ever contemplated making moi-moi myself prior to reading your blog posts. You make it all easy. God bless you.

  20. Hi Adele, congrats on the moi moi making:
    1. You don't need much water to wash the beans. You recycle the water you used the very first time. When you filter out the chaff, let the water into a bowl, pour it back into the beans and continue to wash until all the chaff is removed, then, you add clean water to rinse.
    2. Hahahaha! next time, use a big pot and let the water cover the moi moi. Sorry about the burning.
    3. You next experience will be easier and fun.
    Well done!

  21. I like ds recipe.. I use corned beef sometimes tho wat I always use is smoked fish or boiled eggs. I turns out really good and the fiance loves it! *grin*.. Aunty Eya, try using slightly fried palm oil + pepper in it for cellophane(santana) wrapped moimoi it tastes good too!

    1. Makes sense, I'll try it next time I make moi moi. Thanks Oma.

  22. Anonymous5/07/2013

    Please stop using the plastic bags. The plastic contains chemicals that cause cancer and eventually it can be harmful to you. I found out from a doctor's book. Please I want you to live long so that you can continue to teach us new recipes.

  23. Looking delicious.. Will try this soon..

  24. Looking delicious. Will try this soon ^_*

  25. Anonymous7/25/2013


  26. Anonymous8/08/2013

    pls teach me how to make green nd thick okra soup

    1. Google ;Okra soup on wives connection' to see all our okra recipes.

  27. Right now, am making moi-moi in ma kitchen, I followed all d steps here, I hope I get it right ooo, cos I av visitors, dnt wnt disgrace. Lol

  28. Am making moi moi right now in ma kitchen, I hope I get it right cos I followed all d steps here. Make I knw fuck up ooo, cos I av visitors. Lol

  29. Anonymous6/03/2016

    Anty Eya,
    my name is JOY Thanks for the receipes am doing the moi moi tomorrow saturday, Pls my question is that on the bottom of my pot should i place enough santana nylon there or it does not mean pls tell me ma.

    1. You don't need to place anything on the bottom since you are cooking with bags, just make sure the pot doesn't get dry. Add enough water to the pot. Happy weekend.

  30. Anonymous3/23/2018

    Can I cook my moi moi today and eat tomorrow?


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