How to cook moi moi with whole coconuts

 Moi moi cooked with whole coconuts.

I shared a moi moi recipe cooked with coconut milk instead of water here, a couple months back. Today, I'm cooking this delicious moi moi with whole coconuts not just the milk o. Coconuts are in season now and less expensive, we'll make the best of the season, load our bodies with all the cocogoodness. No oil added but you can add if you like. The bottle of oil in the pic is because I initially planned to stir-fry the onion, pepper and crayfish before adding, but later CHANGED my mind. These broad moi moi leaves have been preserved for 3 months and they still very fresh.
*TO QUICK-WASH BEANS; Rinse and run in the food processor for just 10 seconds, Add water and filter out the skin, rinse out all the skin in seconds and your beans is clean and ready.
2 cups beans (Shop measuring cups and measuring spoons )
1 medium sized coconut
1 cup water for blending (To start with, you may need more)
1 large onion
1 tablespoon ground crayfish because coconut loves cray
Boiled eggs
Salt to taste
2 seasoning cubes
Broad leaves for wrapping or tea mugs

1 glass of water, gradually add as pot dries but monitor so it doesn't burn.

Coconut Moi moi procedure

1. Soak washed beans in water for 1 hour or more

2. Blend with ingredients; onion, peppers pieces of coconut.
3. Add salt and seasoning cubes to taste
4. Wrap with leaves, adding your boiled eggs while wrapping
5. Place in a steam pot or place a gause under the pot before dopping the wrapped moi moi. You can place tiny pieces of sticks under the pot sef.
6. Cook for 45 minutes to 1 hour gradually adding water to the pot as it dries.
Serve hot with pap, custard, boiled unripe plantain, boiled yam, boiled rice Etc.
7. Invite me to taste and review.

These ingredients produced 10 moi moi wraps as shown below...
Please remember to skin beans first before soaking for one hour. Blend the beans, onion, pepper and coconut chopped into tiny pieces, until very smooth and light.
See picture recipe below...
coconut moi moi Ingredients ready or washing and blending

Blending these ones together

Blending beans, pepper, onion and coconuts

Well blended beans. If your blender can't handle this, take ithe washed beans to a mill
Shop good kenwood blender. The type I use)
Adding just a tablespoon of roughly ground crayfish

Washing moi moi leaves after three months of preserving them

Adding boiled eggs while wrapping

In the pot with just a glass of water, will gradually add until it's cooked. The wrapped moi moi is not even touching the water in the pot.

Food is Ready! Join me at the table please.

Happy cooking
Happy weekend!


  1. I've never tried moi moi with coconut milk but I'll do that the next time I make moi moi. Thank you for this.


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