Oha soup

I ate oha soup once and loved it but have never really tried cooking myself. When The Hon Judgejudy shared this on her page, I requested for her recipe to enable me cook and to also share with other readers. Here it is. Below is the recipe. This is our Nigerian soup recipe to try this weekend.
Happy cooking!

  • Oha leaves (shred with your hands, not a knife)
  • Uziza leaves sliced
  • Meat and smoked fish
  • Native thickener, achi or ofor
  • Ground crayfish
  • Onions for steaming meat
  • palm oil
  • Salt
  • Seasoning cubes
  • Pepper to taste
  • Water
Steam/boil our meat and fish. Season with salt, cubes, cameroun pepper and onions. When the meat and fish are as tender as you want, add extra water, the water should really be for the amount of soup
you want to eventually have. Add two or three spoonfuls of palm oil and add a spoon or two of your local thickener (could be achi or ofor, in my case I used ofor). The amount of thickener depends on how thick you want your soup to be, I like mine a tad light. Allow to boil together and thicken while you check to see the consistency  and taste too. This is where I add my ground crayfish to the pot and any other pepper or seasoning based on whether the soup is to my taste or not. Satisfy with the taste, add your uziza leaves and leave to simmer for a minute.then add your shredded oha leaves and leave for an extra minute and set down our pot. I don't let my leaves cook on the fire but let the heat from the already hot pot do the cooking.
And there is my recipe:
Happy cooking:
Happy weekend!


  1. Yayyy! Thanks for posting Sis! Also, I've been looking for one post on your page; about a lady who cut off her family for a man but the relationship went awry- I can't seem to find it, I really should have bookmarked it. I think she was a Northerner or so.....

    1. Ok, can you remember the topic or any keyword?


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