Ofe Onugbu Soup By Zinny

A plate of Nigerian ofe onugbu soup

Sorry I'm posting just the end product. I'm not very good at patiently taking step by step pictures while cooking.

Palm fruit (Akwu, Banga)
Meat (I used Cow tripe and)
Cocoyam (Ede Orie)
Stock fish head
Dry Fish (Mangala)
Dried Prawn (Opollo) or crayfish
Bitter leaf (Onugbu)

Cooking Method:
I washed my bitter leaf myself just to get a very fresh taste. Except you are lucky, most of the washed bitter leaf sold in the market in the city aren't always fresh or well washed. Make sure you wash at least 5times, depending on the quantity to get a bitter free leaf.(Some people like a bit of bitterness though, just a bit).
Wash your banga and Cocoyam and put in a pot with water and put on fire to boil. Once the Banga gets really tender, You bring out separately and pound in a mortar until the skin comes of totally and you can clearly see the oiled nuts.

The trick in washing banga is speed. You need to extract the oil while its still hot. Some people wash the Banga with warm water. Wash your Banga while adding water little at a time to get the oil extract. Place the oil extract on fire and immediately add your meat(For some, they pre boil the meat. I don't do this and its your choice to make).

 The Cocoyam should

be well cooked by now. Remove the skin quickly by press the bottom and pound to get a very smooth paste. (For those who augment Banga with palm oil, you can incorporate the oil to the pounded cocoyam)

Next you add your stock fish, well washed with hot water and salt. Next is the washed mangala. The next item I add is the washed Bitter leaf( if your bitter leaf is not pre-boiled, you add it before the cocoyam. Let it boil for some time then you add your well ground pepper, opollo and ogiri and salt. Boil for another 5mins and add your Cocoyam paste in medium lumps. Stir from time to time to prevent burning and help toe cocoyam paste
to dissolve quickly.

Reduce heat and Leave to boil for about 15mins and put off heat. Remember to taste for salt. Some people would add stock cube. Please don't exceed one or two depending on the quantity of soup.(Ogiri is native stock). Soup shouldn't be too thick or too watery. Enjoy

Best served with Fufu!

Enjoy hot Onugbu Soup!


  1. Anonymous2/21/2014

    We don hear you "Chief Cooker"

  2. Anonymous2/21/2014

    Who is d bitter anon, biko Aunty Eya which Zinny ooo, lol.

  3. Anonymous2/21/2014

    How come I didn't see the the previous comment again? I was referring to the First anonymous comment with my "Chief Cooker" comment, no offense though, but give her some credit.

    @Zinny, you did a fine job. Onugbu soup is very rich when prepared with Banga/Akwu.
    Well done Zinny!

  4. Biko aunty Eya which zinny? My sis is zinny aswell and I haven't seen her in a while. Dunno if she did. Lol

    1. Anonymous2/21/2014

      Go find ur sis Eya yanked off the name from my email add. I usually comment anonymously or with my second name. But I'm keeping my ID private so I don't wanna do the linking. Cheers

      Thanks all for the compliments!

  5. Anonymous2/21/2014

    Please can some body help me with. the list of small chops and how †☺ make dem please.its urgent.....tanks

    1. There are lots of small chops: Samosa, spring rolls, puff puff, buns, banana chops, club sandwich, asun etc. Giving u all the preparation methods at once won't be easy. I would have loved to post them to WC but I noticed people appreciate food post more only if accompanied with pix. So ill mail them whenever I prepare them

  6. Zinny I'm seriously salivating here o. I love bitter leaf soup too much.

  7. Nice one Zinny. I also make my Bitter leave soup in this pattern, though I boil my beef first. The freshly extracted Palmoil from the Banga seeds makes this soup fresh and yummy.

  8. That is good. someone asked us to come and see good cooking here. keep it up


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