Egusi soup cooked without palm oil.
This is how to cook good egusi soup without a drop of any type of oil. With the taste not affected by palm oil, the soup is really really appetizing. Has that natural, unadulterated Nigerian soup flavour that makes you want to eat some more. Any soup can be cooked delicious without oil, if you know how to go about it. For the brought colour, vegetables can take care of that. If you know the benefits of eating red bell peppers (tatashey), you won't spend that much money on cooking Oil. With more and more Nigerians making better health choices daily, wanting to lose weight and live healthy, there is no better time to learn to cook healthy with less or zero cholesterol. 

Cooking this soup without oil doesn't mean that all oils are bad, NO. Palm oil is great for our soups but we can cook some meals without it and taste the difference. Honestly, some Nigerian soups taste better without oils, like this egusi soup and okra soups. If you haven't cooked or tasted okro soup, egusi soup or ogbono soup without oil, please do. You may just stop cooking with oil all the time because that rich taste is just different. This soup is easy to cook. Once the Nigerian soup base is ready (without palm oil), you know your delicious soup is almost done. Red Peppers are very good for adding rich  colour to cooking. This recipe produced a pot of egusi soup that serves 15.


5 Cups egusi (1 mudu)
2 cups roughly ground crayfish
2 medium sized red onion
8 large red bell peppers
1 kg beef
1/2 dried stock fish head
1 large dried catfish
10 pieces of kpomo ( cow skin)
3 beef seasoning cubes
1 small bunch ugu leaves (Fluted pumpkin)

First boil the beef and stockfish head with some salt, onion and water enough to cover the beef. Allow to boil and cook until meat is tender before adding your washed soft kpomo and washed dried catfish. Turn off the heat and set aside.
Next, blend the peppers and set aside.
Wash and chop green vegetables and set aside.
The ground melon should be mashed or pounded again in a mortar with a little water until egusi oil begins to show, set aside.

1. Toast the onion and crayfish in a hot dry  pot for about 1 minute or till onion changes colour.

2. Pour in the blended red bell peppers.

3. Stir and cover the pot to boil for about 2 minutes, add 2 seasoning cubes. Stir and cover the pot again to boil for about 3 to five minutes before adding the stock from your boiled meats. If stock is not enough, you can add some more water or continue to adjust by adding water as you cook..

4. Add the now pounded, soft and fluffy egusi. After pounding, your egusi should like like the one pounded in this mortar Do not stir at this time, cover and let the pot boil for about five minutes before you check, add the remaining seasoning cube, cover to cook for about 5 minutes again, check and stir very well, before covering to boil for the last five minutes (You don't want to chew raw tasting egusi).

5. Now add the cooked meats and stir.

6. Turn down the heat and let the meats simmer in the stock for about 2 minutes. 

7. Add the vegetables and stir for about 30 seconds before turning off the heat and serve with some accompaniment or just lick soup if you are on a weight loss journey.

If you want your egusi soup more colourful, increase the quantity of red bell peppers.

My egusi soup with no oil.

 egusi soup without oil served with hot eba.

 Small fist sized eba to help me maintain the weight I have lost so far.
 Happy Cooking.

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