How to cook Nigerian Yam Porridge without palm oil

Nigerian yam porridge cooked with no palm oil.

 Yam porridge can be cooked with or without palm oil and both methods taste great just that the one cooked without palm oil doesn't have that beautiful colour. If you cook with Saladmaster cookware, you already know that they do not need any kind of oil because the pots are all about healthy living.

I made this colourful, delicious yam porridge without even a drop of palm oil. Red bell pepper enhances the taste and also adds colour not forgetting all the health benefits of red bell peppers.
Yam porridge cooked without a drop of oil is delicious. Do not worry, the oil from the fish is all the body needs.

1/2 small tuber of yam
Enough water to cover the yam
2 medium sized smoked cat fish
1 large onion
5 large red bell peppers (tatashey)
Seasoning cubes to taste
Salt to taste
1 teaspoon fresh scotch bonnet pepper (Optional)
Locust beans (Dadadwa) Optional


  1. Blend the tatashey and onion, put in a pot and boil, while it boils, crush and add the seasoning cube, I used maggi crayfish. Let everything boil until dry. While blended onion and pepper cooks,  cut and peel the yam, cut into tiny cubes and wash.
  2. Put the yam in a pot, add stock or water to cover the yam, add the boiled pepper and onion, wash, debone the smoked cat fish and add. With all ingredients added, cover to boil while you stir occasionally and check for salt.
  3. When yam begins to soften, stir even more to thicken the sauce.
  4. Remove from heat when satisfied with the thickness and softness. Serve your delicious yam porridge cooked without palm oil .

Blending red bell peper and onion

Boiling the blended pepper with seasoning

Pepper boils until it's this dry

The quantity of yam used

Adding yam and other ingredients to the pot

Very well cooked  yam porridge

My Nigerian Yam porridge


  1. Not bad but it's my first time seeing yam porridge without palm oil. Thanks for the share, now I feel like tasting this.


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