How To Make Moi Moi With Beans Skin And Eggs, Guide To Easy Wrapping Of Leaves

moi moi made with beans skin and egg
Cooking moi moi without peeling beans skin is a great
saver. It helps one finish with the preparation and cooking of moi moi in minutes. For those who cannot preserve ground
beans; those who like washing and cooking their beans fresh, this is for you.

Taking beans to the mill (at the market) can be cumbersome when you don't have a help. What I do is engage the men around me. We start with the manual grinder (they are glad to help do the grinding because the one who grinds takes a bigger share). They assist with manual grinding, the blender then does the final job of blending.  Cooking moi moi or akara balls has become easier ever since I discovered that brown beans doesn't really need to have the skin removed.

If you have a meguard, driver, gardener or any man in the compound, *apart from aga himself o* they should be willing to help, unless, if they don't get to see where the finished products go to. *rolls eyes to the right*
grinding picked and washed brown beans with a manual grinder

  • 2 cups Brown beans
  • boiled eggs
  • 3 fresh peppers (blended with the beans)
  • 1/2 cup Crayfish (optional) to be blended with beans
  • 1 large red onion (optional) blend with beans
  • salt to taste
  • 2 seasoning cubes
  • 1/2 cup palm oil
  • broad leaves or foil to wrap
  • water not needed except blended beans is too thick. After blending, paste should be very smooth and a bit runny.
How To Wrap Moi Moi In Broad Leaves:
hold moi moi leaves with your left hand
bend/fold the outer end of the leaf in
wrap the inner end around the outer end
bend the downward end of moi moi leaf up and press it there with fingers
scoop ground beans with a deep spoon and pour in through the moi moi leaf opening
drop a boiled egg  in the opening with the ground beans
close properly and fold moi moi leaf on top of the other folded end
cut broad leaves stalks and lay on the bottom of the moi moi cooking pot, add salt and seasoning, stir , then add palm oil
wrapped moi moi neatly arranged in a pot, 2 glasses of boiling water added
moi moi begins to boil and cook
moi moi is left to cook for 45 minutes before removing from heat
cooked moi moi begins to reduce in the pot
well cooked moi moi with a boiled egg
fluffy moi moi waiting to cool before serving with boiled rice and stew
The taste of this moi moi is actually not different from the ones we cook without the beans skin. I think I added too much palm oil, the oil made it even tastier. Do you know that moi moi can be served with boiled yam or boiled unripe plantain?
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  1. I've not eaten today o....(tummy rumbling)

    Never tried making moimoi with the 'skin' before, not sure how it would taste without first removing it. I also love adding crayfish, fish with the egg...yummy

    Bookmarking this to try later if only to find out the difference in taste...

    Double thumbs up, Eya.

    1. Thanks Abiola, I add crayfish too sometimes, but never tried it with fish.

  2. Anonymous3/11/2013

    My favorite!I just love palm oil moinmoin. Looks so yummy Eya,well done. Funke

  3. Oh nice. So I don't have to go through the task of peeling the beans. Great stuff.
    Meanwhile, will it still be smooth if I just blend it straight? I don't have a manual grinder
    Ps: Eya, you're trying o. Someone just said I was you on another post. Lmao

    1. Hi Mrs B, I'm used to Anonymous reading some comments and crediting them to me. Blending it straight may harm your blender. It can be ground at the market in it's dry form. That way, you store the powder at home and use when you want.

  4. Nice one aunty Ojay,gud to know u can av ur moi moi without going through d stress of peeling d back,use to add bone marrow and biscuit bone to mine. Ehen aunty whats d name of dat red ingredient on ur finger?lolz it appeared severally and u didn't mention d name.*wink*

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

    1. Bonario!, where do you get bone marrow? The red ingredient is called POLISH. Do you polish your shoes? Women also have something we polish. Lol!

  5. Anonymous3/11/2013

    Choi! Dear Eya, ur energy is quite inspiring.
    So after d stress of making moi-moi, you still served it with rice n stew!
    Thumbs up!!!!!!!
    I sound like ds cos growing up, making moo-moi was a big deal, wash wash n wash! Lol!

    1. Hahaha! @ Zee, it's not like I cook everything at the same time. Sometimes, the combination is made easy because I pick some preserved food from the freezer and serve with the just cooked.

  6. The aspect I like most( like many people would too)is that I can prepare moin-moin without going through the wahala of skinning the beans! Thanks a lot.

  7. Anonymous3/11/2013

    Love the palm oil addition :)

  8. Wow...I haven't tried it with the skin on....that sure saves a lot of's about time someone makes a simple machine for dehulling beans :)

  9. Anonymous3/26/2013

    Dear Aunty,I tried making the Moimoi with white beans...although the end product was sweet,but it looked I'm asking;should it be tried only with red beans?Mrs Bridget.

    1. Hi Mrs Bridget, sorry I'm just seeing your comment now. Use brown beans next time. If you want to make akara too with beans skin, use brown beans. Don't use black eyed pea pls.
      Sorry about the black moi moi.

  10. Anonymous7/05/2013

    That's great. I have never use palm oil and beans with skin.I'm not clear on adding palm oil, seasoning, salt, in the cooking pot with the stalks of the leaves. Can the moi moi be prepared i nylon or cups and still have great taste?

    1. Yes. Go to this link:

      AND this link:

  11. frances7/13/2013

    I cooked some moimoi following your instructions but they came out hard like cake. I want them to be soft. How can I achieve that. However the taste was nice.
    From Frances.

    1. Frances you did not add enough water. Make it a bit runny next time.
      Sorry about the cake moi moi.

  12. I did it yayeee it came out great and very delicious. Thanks ma'am u the best.

  13. Yayeee I tried it *dancing Etigi* and it came out great.Thanks ma'am. U d best.*hug*

  14. Nic work Eya, only that, the skin included, maks the moin-moin look dark in colour ..well i guess the skin has its own nutrients!!!
    great job!!

  15. Anonymous4/10/2014

    Plss I wanna know; do u add d palm oil in d mix before wrapping or packaging d moi moi or u add it to d pot with water to boil alongside d moi moi.. Ms J


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