Recipe For Nigerian Garden Egg Stew By Shayor

Raw Garden egg in a kitchen bowl.
  I cooked garden egg sauce and thought to share with the Wives connection family. Garden egg stew is the cheapest and yet most nutritious plus delicious stew to cook in this economy. With just a few coins in your purse, the pot of stew is ready and served.
Sometimes I remove the skin after boiling, at other times I pound with the skin on.



1 small basket Garden Eggs
a handful Red Peppers
1 large Titus Fish
4 cups Palm Oil or more
1 medium sized Onion
Salt to taste
2 Seasoning cubes

1 cup ground crayfish


Wash and Boil garden eggs in a cooking pot  (I prefer to boil mine with the yam or unripe plantain)
When garden eggs are soft (the skin would start to peel off), remove and place in a bowl of cold water then start

to peel off the skin.
After peeling, blend, using a food processor or food blender pound with a mortar and pestle or mash with a fork.
Blend chilli peppers and onions roughly (I used a manual blender for this)
Meanwhile, wash, season and boil the fish.
When fish is cooked, set aside and mash
Heat a fair quantity of palm oil in a saucepan
Add the pepper, ground crayfish and onions
Add fish stock and leave to simmer
When the pepper is fried, add the garden egg and stir
Then add the fish
Salt and season to taste
Cook for 5 minutes and turn off the heat!

This sauce is best enjoyed with yam but can also be eaten with rice or Pasta.
Shayor is the Head Chef at Soup-a Bowl Foods.

Pepper for garden egg sauce

Ground pepper

Boiled garden eggs

Blended garden eggs, can also be pounded with mortar and pestle or ground roughly

Boiling Titus fish for  garden egg sauce, crayfish and smoked fish can also be used

Frying the garden egg sauce

Thick yummy garden egg stew

Adding boiled, deboned, mashed fish
Garden egg stew served with boiled yam


  1. Anonymous12:56

    This is yummylicious shayor.
    But I still mantain that this is dry,too dry!na wetin?no humour everywhere tense,pls that boring akpors should stop already.where is ahdaisy,jay and co

    1. Anonymous12:59

      Dry to you kwaa???? jUMP IN THE lAGOON. wHO care about how dry you feel???

    2. Anonymous16:05

      I think he/she meant the eya's blog is dry and I sincerly agree @ shayor nice dish.

    3. Anonymous16:52

      U want fun abi? Aya,invite ahdaiysi, Queen of the coast, Ezewanyi and the woman that looks for Virgin in every post(Can't remember her name again)..hehehehehe..Only thing b say,Eya go run commot the blog

    4. Anonymous17:07

      Na mama nnukwu be her name and I truly enjoyed her esp on d pounded yam post infact I laughed d whole day on d colour theme post when some attacked her saying she doesn't know what to say to her mama nnukwu replied her saying if she doesn't know what to say she can shout halleluya seven times I said thank God wc is back only for them to chase her away
      I miss ahdaisy,jay,sister,qoc,ezewanyi and d rest.where are they?

  2. Anonymous12:59

    Nice one Shayor.

  3. nice one ma. if u blend the garden egg without taking off the skin would any harm be done? would have loved to see a pic of when the skin was peeled off. tnks

    1. Shayor@Soup-aBowl15:17

      The skin wen boiled, is like a transparent nylon on d garden egg. I fink it wld mean you wld have to chew if u don't remove it, it won't just be smooth, so try removing it. Thanks

    2. Anonymous16:57

      I prefer using d other green garden egg and I dnt peel off the skin wot I du is wen am boiling my yam after washing d garden egg I sliz it into 4 pices or 5 so d skil wunt b big wen fred wit vegetables..... And I also prefer using mortal or grinding stone to make it stil look rough blender wil make it smooth and at d end.. I include pumki leaf... Hw I lv garden egg sauce wit boild yam... I presently stil ve some in my freezer..... *wink*

    3. tnks Shayor and Anonymous

  4. Anonymous14:32

    Tnks for the recipe shayor. This s d season for dis egg, tired of eating it raw good to knw I can prepare it as a sauce. Definately gona prepare it 2mao with yam

  5. Anonymous15:49

    I can even eat it raw let alone wen sure looks yummy

    1. Anonymous15:50


    2. Anonymous10:21

      i was like u few weeks ack ,bt since a tasted garden eggs with groundnuts ive nt stopped chewing them u should try it

  6. peace16:14

    Thanks Shayor. Will it taste d same way egg plant sauce tastes? It really looks inviting.
    Ahdaisy, pls where art thou! U've
    bn in my thoughts all day. Hope u are doing great.

    1. Shayor@Soup-aBowl19:38

      Errmmm..I rily don't kno d difference btw eggplant and garden egg! I have always thought dey are d same, but enlighten me pls if dey aint.

  7. I love making the garden egg sauce, but it must be with enough pepper! It can be very enjoyable with boiled yam!

  8. Anonymous19:46

    Thanks 4 ds recipe Shayor as av ben lukin 4 it& gonna try it soonest.

  9. Nice post shayor but I think leaving the skin intact is recommended for health conscious people as it is a source of fibre then also, my mum wraps the garden egg in black mylon when cooking to minimize the heat damage and she doesn't allow it get soft per say as it would mean eating "chaff" like she says. Then egg plant and garden egg are the same. Americans call it egg plant while british call it aubergine and there are many varieties including the purple, white and green cultivars but the purple cultivar is not common in Nigeria

    1. Shayor@Soup-aBowl20:58

      Yea...I usually put mine on top of the yam so dey can steam, I don't boil in water! I thought as much o! Dey are all egg plant, shey?

  10. Nice recipe, now I know what to do with my garden eggs. Drooling already

  11. Shayor, they are all egg plant aka garden egg. I feel 5 mins of cooking time is too much since the vegetable has been soften by prior cooking. 1 min of simmering on low heat is fine too

  12. Cant eat it raw either. This looks good. I should try it
    The one-stop Rights, Health and Beauty blog

  13. Anonymous08:07

    I love mine with the skin. Just boil and pound in a mortar and fry. I like it rough not too smooth, I will try this too Shayor. Thank you.

  14. Hmhmmm, nice recipe,I wl definitely try ds but wl add oil beans(ukpaka or ugba) to mine

  15. Anonymous13:19

    Hv heard so much abt ds garden egg stew, I will surely gv it a try now I knw d recipe. Tanx poster.

  16. Anonymous13:22

    i prepared this meal for my family on saturday and they all loved it !!!! Thanks a lot Shayor


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