Here is a bowl of yogurt we just made using powdered milk.

 To make yogurt from powdered milk is easy, first you turn the powdered milk to liquid milk by adding water. We used 1 large (900g) pack of cowbell milk for this yogurt, got about 6 a full 6 Litre gallon initially and it's great. Mix with water, Boil, cool a bit and add unsweetened store bought milk because you need that CVC culture to convert this boiled milk to yogurt. The quantity of unsweetened yogurt used her is just 500 ml. The boiled milk is
covered with towels and left till the following day and by the time we checked the next day, our yogurt was staring us in the face. This yogurt was sweetened with one cup granulated sugar before boiling because I need the kids to enjoy it. When I make for adults, there is no need for sugar. This homemade yogurt is thick, rich and delicious.

Honestly, this yogurt here took longer than normal because we all wanted the fermented taste to be strong. After we checked the following day and saw the thick yogurt sitting on whey. It was so thick we had to blend to make it a bit light and after blending, we got 6 Litres of yogurt but trust my teenagersy to ask for something different. The  girls asked if there was a way to make it taste a bit more sour, that is, a more fermented taste and to get it thicker. 

Had to empty my 6 litres of yogurt already loaded in a gallon back into the pot and covered with towels again till the next day, so by this time it's already almost 2 days and when we opened and tasted. I thanked them for making us delay the process. It gave that delicious fermented taste of good yogurt. We scooped out the thick yogurt from whey , it was so thick I had to dilute my serving with some whey before drinking. Too thick for me but that's what they wanted and that's how they ate theirs with spoons while we the light thickness lovers took in bottles with straws, lol.
With just these four ingredients, delicious yogurt is ready.

Powdered milk (900g) Pack
4 and 1/2 litres of water
500ml store bought unsweetened yogurt
1 cup granulated sugar.


1. Gradually add water to powdered milk and continue to mix while adding the water to prevent lumps.

2. Add sugar and stir if you want sweetened yogurt, if not, forget the sugar and just continue. Cover the pot and boil. When it starts to boil, let it continue to boil a bit more for about 5 minutes longer. Remove from heat, let it cool a bit for about 
20 minutes before adding the store bought yogurt

3. Add the plain yogurt to hot milk and cover with towels. I removed the lid, and covered the pot with about three large towels, lol. Let is sit undisturbed till the next day.

4. By the following day, when the towels were removed, this is what we saw. Already thickened yogurt waiting to be enjoyed. 

5. This is after blending. Yogurt whey is proteinous and good for food too, we didn't want to scoop and throw the whey away so we blended together to reduce this thickness and .also because for me, I like it a bit runny even though they prefer very thick yogurt. 
By this time, your yogurt is ready for food and refrigeration. You can scoop it out  and enjoy. That's all. 

The only reason we continued from here is because my girls asked for a very fermented (sour) tasting yogurt. So, we had to empty it back into the pot and cover again with towels (No pot lid) for another day and... You can see below what happened:

Yogurt thickened even more when we removed the towels the second time. Now the kitchen even has that authentic yogurt aroma and it's nice.

Gently scooped out the homemade yogurt, leaving the water (whey) under the pot. Served and enjoyed while the rest is already resting in the fridge.
These are Easy steps to homemade yogurt.
The very first time that I made yogurt in my kitchen, the recipe was posted here and looking back now, even though that too tasted good, now I ask myself why did people even like that yogurt so much? For me, compared to this yogurt here, that was an apprentice type yogurt though delicious too. You can check it out by clicking below:
 How to make yogurt without using machine


  1. I have used different yogurt making recipes and so far. This is the easiest you can try.

    1. Easiest yogurt recipe. Try it and if you have time, please share your experience, let us know how your own turned out.

  2. Great post. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Please
    kindly show the pictures of the milk u use. thank you

    1. I used cowbell milk. The large refill sachet (900 grams)


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