Ogbono uziza soup.
Nigerian Ogbono soup can be cooked in so many different ways. If you get creative in the kitchen, you can make 10 different pots of
ogbono soup, each tasting differently yet delicious.There's plain ogbono soup, Ogbono soup without oil, Ogbono with ewedu leaves, Student ogbono soup cooked without meat, Fisherman ogbono soup Etc, Etc; Ogbono with okro, There's ogbono cooked with egusi balls, There's ogbono cooked with vegetable which is mostly cooked with ugu leaves (Fluted pumpkin). On this blog, there's a recipe for ogbono cooked with both ugu leaves and some uziza leaves

When you try cooking and enjoying Ogbono uziza soup, you may not want to add any other vegetable to your draw soups. Ogbono and uziza blend so well you may overeat if you are not careful. This is a family pot of soup, serves 15. You can divide the ingredients to cook a smaller pot.

1 cup ground ogbono
2 kg goat meat
1 small onion to steam the meat.
1 cup roughly ground crayfish
 1 medium dried stockfish head
2 medium sized dried catfish
2 beef seasoning cubes
1 teaspoon ground fresh paper
1/2 cup palm oil
1 cup chopped fresh uziza leaves
1 wrap Dadawa (Locust beans) Optional
Salt to taste
3 cups water to start with and get the goat stock, you can adjust while cooking, add more water if needed.

NOTE: When you cook with uziza leaves or seeds or both, be careful with pepper because uziza naturally has that little spicy flavour that makes food more peppery.

As with most Nigerian soups, once the Soup base is ready, your cooking is done and like I tell newbies to Nigerian cooking, 'the base for Nigerian soups is THE SAME. We start with boiling the meat with salt, seasoning cubes and sometimes onion, adding other proteins and oil, letting them all boil and cook together before finally adding our vegetables and the soup is ready and delicious. The soup base I have here, can be used for other soups like afang , edikang ikong, egusi and so on. Once you know the basics of Nigerian soup base, you can cook any Nigerian soup.

 Adding uziza leaves to cooked soup.

Ogbono uziza soup so delicious.

Get your swallow fufu ready for Lunch.

See Step by step cooking direction below...
1. Boil the goat meat with half the water,salt and onion,  let it boil for like five minutes before you wash and add the stockfish.  let the pot boil some more, and continue to check that it's beginning to cook but not done. Meat from male goats cook faster though.
2. Add some more water for stock, add pepper, dried catfish, crayfish, salt and seasoning. Check for salt before adding palm oil.
3. Cover and leave to boil until palm oil has disappeared from the surface and mixed well with other ingredients. 
4. Add Ogbono and cover again, be checking to see that it's boiling and the ogbono soup bubbles have formed.
5. Finally, check for taste and add the uziza leaves. Stir, turn off the heat and serve with semo, eba, pounded yam, amala, tuwo or any choice of foo foo swallow.
Enjoy your ogbono uziza soup. If you are on a weight loss journey, the wallow should not be bigger than your fist o. Or, you lick the soup alone without carbs. Lol.
Happy cooking!