Nigerian Uziza Okro soup

Okra soup with uziza picture
A plate of okro soup to be served with Soft yellow microwaved garri.

 This okro soup is actually the third or fourth on the blog but they are all cooked differently. Chubby Ella posted Okro soup cooked without meat . There is a post on okro soup with ewedu leaves cooked diffently from the Yoruba ewedu soup. The okro with ewedu post has detailed step by step cooking pictures. I never liked okro until I started cooking it myself.
The recipes on this blog are good even for thosen who don't like the okro vegetable. 

This soup was stored in the freezer, after some days, was  brought out, warmed and frozen snails were cooked crunchy, chopped and added. The taste was extremely yummy before freezing and just wow after the addition of snails. Why I forget the camera while adding those seasoned crunchy snails and even serving with microwaved eba is what I don't know. 

Talking about microwaved eba, incase you haven't tried it, then you have not started enjoying good eba. After making garri with hot water, which now becomes eba, there is even a post showing how to make eba from garri powder. Place already made eba in the microwaves for some seconds or minutes, bring it out and serve, Ooh lalala there will be no remainder. When eba is microwaved, it feels even more fluffy than the one I posted on this draw soup post.

A little ground ogbono was added to this soup. A lot of people do not add onion to their okro soups because they believe onion weakens the slimy nature of okra but I love the aroma and taste onion adds to okro soups. Tastes completely different from okro cooked without onion and mine still turns out very drawy even when ogbono is

not added. Stock fish Okro soup can be cooked with egusi lumps and if that is the case, then cook with the lumpy egusi soup recipe and then add your okro at last.


1kg beef
1 pack dry stock fish
2 medium sized dry cat fish
1 cup ground crayfish
8 large snails (Optional)
Locust beans (Optional)
3 medium sized kpomo (roast cow skin) Should give about 3 to 4 cups when cut into tiny pieces.
1 medium sized onion to boil the beef
1 teaspoon ground fresh pepper
1 tablespoon palm oil
1 small bunch uziza
4 cups chopped okro
2 seasoning cubes
salt to taste
water, just enough to cover the meat after boiling

Before you cook this okro soup, wash and cut the vegetables and set aside. Wash the kpomo with salt to remove dirt and sand, cut into tiny pieces and set aside. Wash snails with alum, lime or salt, add to salted boiling water, let them boil and harden before turning off the heat and setting aside to later add to your soup. Grind the crayfish and set aside.


  1. Boil your meat, stock fish with salt and onion until almost done.  Add more water to cover the meat.
  2. Add washed catfish now or wait till later if you don't want it crumbling during stirring sessions.

Also see cooking steps in pictures below:

Boiled meat and stockfish with a little salt, remember to season meat before boiling
Add catfish to cooked meat

Adding boiling water to stock to hasten cooking

Boiling snails to make crunchy before adding to soup.
Adding my pepper sauce to cooking pot

Adding very little or no oil. Okro soups do no0t do well with much oil. Sometimes I don't add any oil

Boiling snails with salt to make crunchy before adding to soup.

Adding kpomo rings to pot of soup

Checking for salt afetr adding some water and kpomo rings

Adding crayfish and ogbono to boiling soup
Added okro and onion (If you want your soup very very drawy, slimy, you may not need to add onion but I love the flavour in okro.
Green Vegetables are added to well cooked soup
Uziza okro soup is ready
Tasty nutritious okro soup
Easy to cook Nigerian okro soup
Okro soup continues to do the final boiling
Nigerian tantalizing okro soup cooling off

Steaming Nigerian soup
Okro soup can be eaten without swallow, it's very filling
Fresh okra soup waiting for some swallow.

Crunchy snails in okra soup. This particular Okro soup was cooked without palm oil

This soup can be served with wheat meal, eba, pounded yam made in your food processor, starch, semovita and any form of foo foo.

For how to make eba, all you need is raw garri, boiling water and a bowl. There are about three blog posts on how to make pounded yam with a food processor.


  1. 'Soft yellow microwaved garri'.......Chei see enough qualifiers for garri. u even gave a guide on how to prepare garri,ur simplicity is greatly admired. Aunty Enya u just killed me wif this fyn soup 'ringed pomo,hot leave,snail....'O my goodness, dis is SOUP.

    1. Thank you H E abeg try microwaved garri and see enjoyment.

  2. Anonymous8/24/2014

    Thanks aunty 4 this soup. going 2 make it this weekend. Mavis

    1. Hi Mavis, long time. Hope you found time to cook?

  3. Anonymous8/24/2014

    U r rich ooo,na only rich pple go dey chop dis food,dats y all ur children are healthy looking! God bless me too.ADEYANJU

    1. For where? Adeyanju, we don't use soup to define wealth and riches you know na? How muich is okro? How much is kpomo? Nothing really expensive there except maybe the snails which I don't buy often. Forget jare it's because the kids are around and they need to fill up the bones with some flesh before boarding house resumption. Left for me alone eh, I sometimes cook my okro with just crayfish, onion and seasoning and it tastes very good. When the kids leave for school, you notice a difference in my recipos Lolz.

      For healthy kids, my sis, it's maybe the genes and God cos if I tell you that after all the garnishing, they don't eat , you won't believe. They prefer "bread foods" to my well cooked meals.

      These girls need sanctions and force to eat soup and swallow . If I was rich eh? hmmm... You know I won't even be cooking na, paid professional chefs will be doing the job while I do the eating:)

    2. Anonymous8/25/2014

      yummy snails
      growng up, I wouldn't have liked this soup myself. I'm still the same way now sometimes. I say blend the okra abeg. Many kids find chunks of okra to be intimidating.

    3. Cooking with blended okra is another method on it's own na. There is one where you boil whole okra and beat before adding to the soup. Different methods...

    4. Anonymous8/25/2014

      no i'm not saying only with blended okra is good. i'm saying if you're giving kids this one and they are not eating, try blending the okra. it might be because of the big cuts of okra that they don't like it. just like some kids don't like fried rice because of all the veggies inside. this method is good for grown ups

    5. Ok Thanks, my kids love okra soup. They are not just swallow loving children. They like to chew okra. I'll try blending and share the outcome with you guys.

  4. pickme8/25/2014

    Ma Eya u dey like remember me waiting I don forget, dz soup is hubby favorite am so cooking it dz weekend.

  5. Anonymous8/27/2014

    yea, is that a toothpick at the lower part of the plate? Why??

    1. Maybe it's toothpick for easy teeth picking.

  6. Pinkyberry8/27/2014

    Hmmmm!! I just loved d ringed kpomo in this soup! Weldon my Eya!

    1. Thanks pinky berry

    2. Anon 8:25, stock fish ears tinz. Those tiny bones are chewable after cooking.

  7. I was just thinking if what to cook and although I am not a fan of okro I am going to try this Tom morrow. Thanks

  8. Anonymous6/21/2016

    This pictures make me wanna eat some okro soup right now as in NOW.

  9. Anonymous1/11/2017

    I love okra but snails hope powders abroad doesn't contain that i love them alive


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