1/2 cup boiled rice and beans with stew and some cucumber slices.
Brunch and dinner for yesterday Thursday, March 29. Before the carrot and cucumber smoothie was ready, I ate 2 boiled eggs sha. Dinner was just 1 cup of boiled rice and beans with stew and a side of cucumber slices. E nor bellefull me but I just maintainnnn...

A mug of blended carrots and cucumber.

After yesterday's planks and all, I couldn't find the energy to work out today, make I rest abeg.
Still gliding on 80 kg this morning, I snacked on roasted groundnuts at night (Not advisable though) God be praised for how good I feel about my size as I look forward to my desired final destination which is 76kg by God's grace oh! Then I can increase my portions a bit and just maintain that. What ever you desire to weigh is possible, you alone have the power to get yourself there or to just give up and stay where you are just wishing. We can do this. I want to try and see if it's possible for me to lose the weight and return again to 76 kg (That's what I weighed after my first pregnancy. I remember nursing my first child , weighing 76 kg and then I gradually derailed and packed on the phat. I'll keep trying my best to see how far we can go this time but giving up? nah... This morning I still weigh 80kg, God be praised for this enablement.

... 😘😘😘

.#wecandothis #givingupisnotanoption#therearepitfallsandsmalltemptationsbutnoproblem #wearemovingforward#forwardeverbackwardnever #whofatepp


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