A serving of okra stir fry with hot eba fufu.

Okra stir fry is one of the fastest methods of cooking okra soup. It doesn't take time unless you want the okra over cooked. The oil used is not as much as you see there, because it's a stir fry and okra does not absorb oil, so it just sits there on the stock. This stir fry was cooked for fufu but some enjoyed theirs with boiled rice. The
chicken drumstick in there isn't part of the recipe, jut added by the owner of this yummy serving, lol. With just  8 simple ingredients, your pot of okra stir fry is ready.
Fresh fish can be used for okra stir fry, that means you let the fish fry with just onion and salt till cooked before adding other ingredients, taking out the cooked fish and adding okra vegetables.
 Some ingredients for okra stir fry.
Adding smoked fish and crayfish to the pot.

Setting the fish aside before adding okra.

Stir fry okra

Return the fish back to the cooking pot

Pot of okra stir fry is ready.

Okra stir fry served with eba, can also be served with boiled rice, boiled unripe plantain and so on.

3 cups chopped okra
smoked fish
1/2 cup ground crayfish
1 medium sized onion
1/2 cup palm oil or less/more to your preference
seasoning cubes to taste
salt to taste
Fresh peppers
1 cup hot water or stock (I added hot water). If after adding the water, stir fry is still too thick for you, adjust again with a bit more water.

Stir fry your chopped onion, peppers and seasoning till fragrant.
2. Add the proteins and stir. Leave to cook for about a minute or two before taking out the proteins from the pot or fry pan. Set the fish aside before adding the okra as you don't want to crush the fragile fish while stirring the pot of soup.
3. Add the okra, stir and leave for about half a minute before adding the hot stock or hot water you want to use.  Return the fish to the cooking, stir gently, check for salt and turn off the heat if you like half cooked okra. If your choice is very well cooked okra, let it simmer for about 2 to 3 more minutes before turning off the heat. Serve with some fufu, boiled unripe plantain or boiled rice. Soup is deliciously delicious Lol.