Fish Stew: How To Cook Fish Stew

To cook fish stew this good? EASY. Fish stew is best enjoyed spicy, so, cook with lots of fresh  pepper and your life won't remain the same.Steam the fish separately with just salt and onion. Make your light Nigerian tomato stew in a bigger pot. Add the fish stock to stew and cook. When stew is ready,  drop the cooked fish in one after the other OR just empty the red stew into the fish pot to avoid moving and breaking the already cooked
 fish. Allow to simmer for a few minutes,  taste, your Nigerian fish stew is ready, smile and turn off the heat. Serve with boiled rice, bread, boiled beans, boiled irish potatoes, plantain or yam.

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Can't wait for lunch!
Happy cooking.

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  1. Jazmyn10:40

    Thank you. Am Making this for dinner. Really appetizing.

  2. Anonymous10:41

    Just wow! Bookmarked for weekend, Lol

  3. Anonymous21:22

    Does this work for melusa(fresh stock fish) fish too? Cause that fish can be so tasteless. And it breaks easily.

    1. Yes, it works for any fresh fish. You may want to add crayfish for taste if you cook with melusa, kpanla or any other fish that has no taste.

    2. Anonymous08:38


  4. I need this now, this stew looks absolutely delish!

  5. Olamide09:35

    Aunty Eya, good morning. Please what's the name of this fish and can you suggest where I can find it in Abuja.
    Thank you Ma

    1. Hi, good morning Olamide. Ask any fish seller for croaker. If you are shopping at the supermarket, go to frozen foods, fish section, croaker is written on it.

    2. If it's not cleaned, you have to remove all the scales before cooking. There are so many specie of croaker sha, some may not have scales.


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