Nigerian chicken shawarma
Nigerian chicken shawarma.

 Shawarma is an Arab meat preparation, where  mixed meats are placed ina spit to grill for as long as a whole day. With senegalese breads, mixture of meats and vegetables, we get the type sold in Nigeria.I have succeeded in making this chicken shawarma so so Nigerian by removing what I can't eat and just leaving what I know I'll love to taste and it's great. I would have loved to add green pepper but some of my girls don't like it and can;t stand much pepper. I thoroughly enjoyed it because it turned out exactly like that shawarma you buy once and keep returning every weekend for more. There is a shawarma recipe on the blog but it's not the exact same thing. That shawarma was made with Naan bread but here I used the real pitta bread for shawarma. That one was made with beef and chicken whereas this is just chicken shawarma. Very very easy to make.


  • Pitta bread as much as you need (A pack has about 7 round, and that can make 14 shawarmas)
  • 1 medium sized Cabbage
  • 1 medium Onion
  • 4 Sausages ( Chicken franks are my preferred, then you don't have to cut or shred, just add one sausage to one shawarma wrap)
  • Chicken breast boiled and shredded. (You can use any chicken part of choice)
  • Tomato ketchup (Very little or just skip if you want)
  • 1 teaspoon dry ground Pepper (Yaji)
  • Heinz Mayonnaise ( If you have heinz salad cream, add a little bit to the mayonnaise and you'll love it. I prefer Heinz mayo to Bama.
  • Water and salt to boil the chicken
Click below to see the first shawarma recipe posted on this blog...

Boiling chicken on a stove with salt and onion

This little quantity shredded chicken, sausages and vegetables produced  4 shawarmas. Your cabbage should be much more than onion. You can use whole sausages or cut like this. Chicken franks will be better used whole.

Mixing only vegetables with ketchup and mayo. You don't have to use this much onion.

Wear disposable kitchen hand gloves or just wash hands and mix

Scooping into opened pitta bread for wrapping

This is the first wrap that bursted as shown in the pic below. I closed the sandwich maker tightly and when it got very hot, the shawarma bursted open with flavour and aroma. You can do this with a normal baking oven, just the heat that's needed. Even a hot cooking pot can be used to heat.

See it?

The last three shawarmas were made like this, with the sandwich maker left open

Ready for big bites

 Spilling flavours from the chicken and everything in there.

First I boiled a few pieces of chicken and sausages with just salt and onion, then shredded and chopped the vegetables. Next I heat my frozen pitta bread a bit to make it pliable so I can fold. The shredded vegetables are mixed with generous amounts of ketchup and mayonnaise or salad cream and my pepper sauce (Add as much as you'll like to taste). The bread is cut open, I scoop some of the mixed vegetables onto one, top with the shredded chicken and sausages and the roll it up firmly before placing in a hot sandwich maker after five minutes or when light turns green, my delicious shawarma is ready.

Do not lock the microwave as that might cause the shawarma to burst and become messy as seen in one of the pics here. Just place the lid on the shawarma and let the heat get in gradually.


  1. lovely! awesome toaster idea, however the top and bottom of the shawarma bread wont be cooked enough.i prefer using the ovenplacing the folded part of the pan on the baking tray to seal first before turning over. crispy and yummilicious!!!

    1. No Uberumbra, it cooked very well.I'll try the oven method next time.

    2. If you do not want to boil the chicken, you can stir fry with salt and a little onion before adding. Any oven can be used, all you need is the heat to cook your shawarma.

  2. Sometimes I use chicken franks (small sausages) for this shawarma. Just place one small sausage per shawarma and use shredded chicken too to make your work easier and faster.


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