Here is your beans and sweet potato porridge served with pan roasted fish.
This is an Original Recipe Created By Eya Ayambem:
There are different methods of cooking sweet potato on beans porridge. This method that has to add the sweet potato stock to the boiling beans is one of the best. The addition of stock from boiling
sweet potatoes takes the beans porridge to a different level. Each time we cook sweet potatoes in beans porridge like this, the kids eat and within minutes, some are asking for a second helping. This is great as a kids' recipe. The children so love this meal so much I think it's the sweet potatoes even though when asked they always say it's not the sweet potato but the beans and sweet potato porridge is just too delicious and they can't stop eating. Lol. We all love it. For the adults, more pepper is added. Sometimes, we vary it by just adding a handful of uziza leaves and that too is great. My recipe for beans porridge is always almost the same when I don't fry with crayfish. It is basically just boiling beans with onion alone until the beans is soft before other ingredients are added and the cooked beans is mashed to thicken. These days, the only thing we do differently is parboiling the beans. The insecticide used in preserving these beans in our dear Naija is not good for human consumption. There was viral news a few weeks back with pictures and videos of market boys spraying sniper insecticide on beans before packing them in sacks for sale. While the insects are eradicated, what happens to humans who will; eventually consume that beans? Always parboil your beans, dispose of the water before you start cooking proper. In the past we thought that parboiling beans is a waste of nutrients but now we have no choice than to manage the little nutrients left after parboiling, that's why we all need to start taking daily supplements because our food these days is not what it used to be.
The recipe we shared here for cooking sweet potato porridge was a hit. People loved it so much. Thanks to everyone that tried that sweet potato porridge. For this beans and sweet potato recipe, the step by step explanation below makes it really easy even though ordinarily, cooking beans porridge is easy as beans doesn't require a ton of ingredients to taste good.

2 cups beans
1 medium sized red onion
1/2 cup palm oil
1 tablespoon ground fresh peppers 
Salt to taste
Seasoning cubes
1 medium sized tuber sweet potato or more as you want it.


1. First boil the sweet potato with a pinch of salt till soft, drain the water and set aside because that's what you'll use to boil the beans.

2. Boil your washed beans normally the way you always do with some water till it begins to boil, then add the water drained from the sweet potato, let the water cover the beans completely now. If it doesn't cover the beans, add more tap water to achieve that.  Add sliced onion and cover to cook till beans is soft. Then, you can add your palm oil, pepper, seasoning cubes, salt and allow to cook until oil boils and mixes well with the beans. 

When palm oil is boiled and well mixed, the colour in the pot will look like the porridge picture below. Check for taste and mash the beans with a potato masher is cooking spoon till it thickens.

Once beans is mashed, thickens, you satisfied with the taste, drop in the cooked sweet potato one after the other and gently press into the porridge before you cover and let pot simmer for a minute or two so the sweet potato can absorb in the delicious taste of the beans porridge.

4. After it soimmers in low heat for about 2 minutes, your sweet potato and beans porridge is ready. Serve hot and enjoy.

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