Make Shawarma At Home, In A Sandwich Toaster

Shawarma treat

Shawarma has come to stay in Nigeria. It is so loved by

both children and Adults. I remember my girls in Boarding telling us that when we come on "The School's visiting day,"  "Shawarma" must be part of the menu. Their friends won't take rice or soft drinks, but, can't resist shawarma. I am too local a Naija breed, may be, that's why I am not  a fan. Sorry.

shredded chicken and shredded beef

folded naan bread
This Shawarma was made Courtesy Lahmow's Recipe. When I posted on Lunch Box Ideas For Busy Parents, I asked for Shawarma ideas, I wanted to be able to make my shawarma with the ingredients I like, and leave out the ones I do not like. 
On the comment section, Lahmow explained how she makes her shawarma at home.  I got these ingredients, tried my best and decided to post it here so that kind  corrections can pour in. I plan on another "shawarma making journey"
However, that
won't be possible without taking corrections on this firat attempt. will do that only after you guys' corrections o.

Hi Lahmow, Can you too please look at this shawarma and let me know where I need to make corrections? 
ready to toast my amateur shawarma
green pepper, onion and other ingredients
 seasoning, sausage, cheese, cabbage,tomato ketchup,mayonnaise onions
 Ingredients For My Amateur Shawarma

  • Naan bread
  • shredded chicken
  • shredded beef
  • sausage 1/2
  • cabbage
  • maggi
  • cheese(optional)
  • onion
  • ketchup
  • mayonnaise
  • green pepper

 spreading chicken and beef gravy 

placing cheese on the shawarma

greased toaster waiting for folded naan bread

 I greased  the toaster, then place the folded bread on it
Folded  shawarma in the toaster

 Cooking Procedure:

  1. I cooked the shreddeed chicken and beef together with my shredded vegetables the way I make gravy
  2. spread mayonnaise on the bread 
  3. The gravy vegetables are then poured into the Naan bread, I added cheese and the chopped sausages before pouring in tomato ketchup and folding.
  4.  The bread is placed in the sandwich toaster.
  5. The toaster won't close, but it cooked the shawarma well.

 well made shawarma in the sandwich toaster
home made shawarma for lunch boxes

The kids saw the shawarma in their lunch boxes, they ate some and brought back the rest. Why/ They say my shawarma was too big. The taste of shawarma was there and all, but I think there is room for improvement.
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