Shawarma has come to stay in Nigeria and we love it. Without a shawarma oven, we have found ways to make in our different kitchens and enjoy. Who doesn't love this delicacy? This vegetable shawarma is a complete meal, very filling and easy to make. With your sandwich toaster, you can whip this up and serve in no time. Even without a sandwich toaster in your kitchen. Any oven will do. You can make this shawarma in your cooking pot on a

 stove top. It's that easy. When posted the recipe for homemade chicken and sausage shawarma, I didn't know it will be shared over a hundred times, but you guys loved it. Thank you. That recipe is still being used till date.

chopped vegetables and seasoning in a pot for making shawarma
half the Ingredients in a fry pan

Raw and stir fried chopped vegetables getting ready for shawarma
 Mixing the raw and stir fried ingredients after turning off the heat.

Mixing the raw and stir fried vegetables for homemade shawarma

Adding homemade salad cream to the shawarma
 Adding my homemade salad cream to the vegetables

Homemade vegetable shawarma
 Vegetable shawarma served.

 1 very small cabbage
1 medium sized red onion
1 seasoning cube
1 teaspoon yaji (dried chilli powder)
2 tablespoons vegetable oil
1 pack pitta bread
Salt to taste
My homemade salad cream

BEFORE YOU MAKE THE SHAWARMA, wash and chop vegetables, divide in two and set aside.


  1. Stir fry half of vegetables with seasoning till fragrant or till onion turns translucent
  2. Turn off the heat and mix with the raw vegetables
  3. Add your favorite cream and stir well. 
  4. Check for taste and add salt if needed
  5. Scoop and wrap in your shawarma flat bread (Pita bread), any quantity you like, full or little filling, then heat till a bit brown. You can do this in any oven or source of dry heat. I used a sandwich toaster as usual. Then serve.