Ogbono Soup with Flutted Pumpkin, Uziza Leaves

Nigerian ogbono soup Delicacy

Ogbono soup is one of my best Nigerian soups, it makes swallowing fufu very easy. No need for by force swallow as the slimy express way sends the food down in one second. Uziza and crayfish are the medicine for ogbono soup. I can
make very good ogbono soup with just pepper, crayfish and uziza. This soup doesn't need much ingredients to taste delicious, when you go a step further and add more, there'll be no left overs to preserve. Very easy to cook and just a little can go with so much fufu. I know we have ogbono soup recipes on the blog but none of those was cooked with both pepper leaves ang ugu leaves. I added just a handful of uziza leaves to 2 medium sized bunches of ugu leaves. I still have some in the freezer because yours truly refused to let anyone touch until I'm ready for swallow.  
Have you tried our yummy ugu and okra ogbono soup?


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Ugu and uziza leaves

  1. 1Kilo beef
  2. 4 small pieces of cowtail I steamed together with the beef
  3. 2 small bunches of stockfish pieces
  4. 3 medium sized dry catfish
  5. 1/2 cup ground crayfish
  6. 2 bunches of ugu leaves
  7. 1 small bunch pepper (hot) leaves
  8. 2 seasoning cubes
  9. salt
  10. onion to steam the beef
  11. water
  12. my pepper sauce made from ata rodo fresh pepper
  13. 2 table spoonful palm oil

Added palm oil crayfish to stock
Added ground ogbono, crushed knorr beef cubes and some more salt to taste
Adding washed dry catfish
Adding both ugu and uziza to cooked soup

Cooking Procedure:
Cooking this soup is just the same as other ogbo soups on the blog, only difference is that here I cooked with two different leafy vegetables to enable me taste the spicy uziza in ugu and ogbono soup. Ok, for a delicious change. 

First I boiled my beef with salt and onion for about 5 to 10 minutes before adding the stock fish pieces and pepper.
Then, I added a little water when meat was soft enough and added the palm oil too. Covered and left to boil before adding the crayfish, ogbono, seasoning, my four pieces of already pressure cooked cow tail and more salt. The ogbono wasn't ground together with crayfish, reason I'm adding them separately. If both were ground together at the market, I won't bother adding more crayfish. When soup is read and tasting good, I add the dry catfish at this time so It doesn't crumble before soup is served. My vegetables came in last. You can add or take away some ingredients to your taste sha, but please don't add carrots and cabbage here oh.
Enjoy your meal. 
Serve with boiled rice, pounded yam, eba, amala, tuwo, starch, wheat, any fufu of choice.
Nigerian vegetable soup by wives connection; ogbo and uziza soup serving
Delicious ogbono soup

Vegetable draw soup
Ogbono soup lunch is ready come with your semolina, pounded yam, amala, eba or starch fufu

Happy Cooking!



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