Blended Afang Soup

Blended afang

Blended afang soup

Afang soup cooked with very well blended afang and boiled water leaf.
 The  afang soup s already on the blog were all cooked with just a little bit of pounding and no boiling of water leaf. We have egusi afang soup, some yummy groundnut afang soup, and a few others. This time I tried to do things differently. I always thought that those who blended afang leaves before cooking did not know how to enjoy this delicacy but I was wrong because the taste is the same and for those who like their afang soup very very soft, this is a softer version than the pounding. The soup was so soft I caught a few gentlemen licking their plates with five fingers and taking more soup without swallow just to drink with a  dessert spoon. To me, afang soup is afang soup never disappointing any method you cook it just remember to add crayfish. For hubby, THIS was extremely delicious as he made sure I preserved some until friends came over for lunch and he specifically asked for "that soft afang soup" lolz.

We always
condemned boiling or squeezing water leaf before cooking cos we need those nutrients but hey, taste was good o even though I don't know if there were still much nutrients in there after boiling and draining the juices. The wilted water leaf also helped in softening this afang soup and my love for watery made me add some more water. You can cook a thicker version with less stock.

Except for the blended leaves and boiled water leaf, for me, the method of cooking Nigerian vegetable soups is the same starting with boiling meat. stockfish and ening with the addition of the vegetables.

The afang cooked with fried crayfish was also very delicious. Afang soup never fails whether cooked with meat, snails or fish, it always always turns out very delicious and great for the bowels.
Boiling beef, stockfish, kpomo, with onion, seasoning and salt. Here cooking had gone a bit far, even palm oil had been added.

Adding roughly ground crayfish to my soup

Water leaves or spinach can be used here
 I get mails from blog readers asking what to do when there is no waterleaf, spinach is very good too for softening your afang or edikang ikong soup. Wilted spinach looks just exactly like afang. The taste is same.
Water leaf is stirred in while afang is being blended

Pouring in the smooth blended afang, I can already smell the afang from the blendefr

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Adding snails (periwinkle), these should be washed with pklenty of clean or running water cos the traders preserve unsold ones with too much salt. Wash off the salt before cooking.

afang soup

Nigerian vegetable soups you can't resist. Mind your oil though, too much palm oil in afang soup is not the best
To me, there is no mandatory method for cooking any particular Nigerian meal. One can always get creative in the kitchen and adapt knowing that the outcome will be edible and nutritious.. Cooking is very simple, it is just imagination, creativity and flair. If my imagination tells me a combination of certain ingredients or spices will give another great taste, what I do is try it out and voila, people are eating and pouring praises.

TIP: If you want your blended afang soup as thick as the second picture above, then you strain out some juice after blending, before adding it to stock.

Do you know that apart from cooking, afang leaves can be shredded, salted and enjoyed with palm oil without cooking? Raw afang with palm oil is a very nutritious delicacy. It is a great snack.


  1. Blended Afang???
    i'd love to try this idea.....and yes Crayfish is a must for a delicious Afang soup..
    The Beautiful Eagle

  2. my mouth is already tasting this soup. Pls I would like to know if it is compulsory that I remove the black stuff from my periwinkle cause my Igbo friend said I must.

  3. nice blog, love the food. pls view and follow my blog. twld also help if u comment. thanks...............

  4. Anonymous9/29/2014

    Oh thank you aunty eya, I was jst giving my husband the excuse of not cooking afang and bitterleaf soup cos I don't have mortar and pestle but voila! You have showed me how to make afang without pounding. Thanks aunty and looking forward to getting a recipe making bitterleaf too without pounding the cocoyam*winks*

  5. Anonymous9/29/2014

    Please , who knows where I can buy vegetable shortening in big containers (like these butter containers). The crisco tin is too small for that price abeg lol

  6. Thankssss, and yes Adepeju, buy from sellers who take their time to remove that cos it cannot be chewed.

    Pound your cocoyam with a food processor, you can see how to when you visit the blog post "how to make pounded yam in a food processor"

  7. You don't have to blend your afang this smooth.

  8. Anonymous9/30/2014

    Same process. Cook your coco yam soft and then blend. I've been doing this for years. @ anon 6.24pm

  9. Anonymous10/14/2014

    Pls when cooking water leaf soup,how do I wash it so as to make fresh and not slippry?


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