Meat pie cutter image courtesy: Mamasdish

Hi Aunty Eya. Thank you for all the recipes you share with us. Your blog has made me a better cook and just yesterday I told my husband that he owes Aunty Eya a bottle of wine for all the yummies he started to enjoy since I found your blog in 2015. I have
a little thing I need you to help me with. I tried making your meat and fish pies with eggs and it was the bomb. The best meat pies we ever tasted but after using fork like forever to seal and shape my meat pies, I decided to get a dumpling dough mould also called meat pie cutter but it just sits there decorating my kitchen drawers because I can't figure out how to use meat pie cutters. I have bought these meat pie cutters for over six months now and in that period have made meat pies about 4 times still using a fork to seal. Please help me. I googled how to use but didn't quite get the explanation. Thank you i n advance. 
Please post anonymously, hubby reads your blog too. Thanks again.

Thanks dear for trying out our recipes. Thank you so much for sticking by all these years. Honestly, me too. I use a fork for sealing my meat pies sometimes oh. I like the fork lines when neatly placed on the dough. There is a  meat pie recipe post on this blog where I showed steps on how to use the meat pie cutter. It's simple, the work is in the mixing of the dough with ingredients, if you can do that then you don't have any problems at all. Just place the meat pie cutter on the flat dough lying before you, press it down a bit to cut the dough, lift the cut circle dough and place in the cutter, scoop the meat pie filling into the hollow and close with both hands. Press hard together and that's it. Once you release, the pattern is formed already. 
 you can place the flat dough on the meat pie cutter, place filling in the middle and press close to cut out excess dough, seal and shape the meat pies.

You can check it out and let us know if you still need some explanation ok? Please bake some more for hubby!
Happy baking!