Afang soup cooked without water leaf
Very soft Afang soup can be cooked without water leaf and without spinach. 
This tasty, soft, mouthwatering afang soup just cooked with no water leaf and no softener yet the soup is as soft as afang soup can be. The people on the dining table are eating, and chatting away, pouring praises on the one that cooked this sumptuous soup and no one can tell that there is no vegetable softener (waterleaf) in there. I waited, no one could tell, had to say it myself that 'there is no softener in this pot of afang soup you all are licking' and they won't even believe me. My cousin making matters worse for all by telling them that no one can cook afang this soft and yummy without waterleaf, ok na. Yes, we know waterleaf is great and I always thought that

without waterleaf, afang is going to be very dry and chewy but no, this pot of Naija soup has proven me wrong. We can enjoy soft, good afang soup where there is no water leaf or spinach.
Afang soup without spinach

Pot of afang soup base

Afang soup with a side of eba


I never planned to cook this without that major major ingredient, but something happened. While getting vegetables and other Nigerian soup obstacles ready, we discovered that the water leaves weren't well preserved and they are beginning to rot away, so we just disposed of everything and started looking at the possibility of cooking afang leaves without her good sister waterleaf. We came to a conclusion and then this delicious soup is served with no one being able to tell that something is missing.

  1. Firstly, we know that Nigerian soups have an almost similar soup base that if you learn how to cook, then you are good with cooking ALL NIGERIAN SOUPS
  2. That soup base starts with steaming (boiling) meats with some seasoning, salt and a little diced onion.
  3.  Adding other ingredients (Each soup has its major major ingredients sha, like crayfish, periwinkles and dry fish being among the major ingredients for afang and fresh fish and other sea foods being like the majors for okra soup and so on).
  4.  Adding palm oil, then leaving to cook till meats are tender. When the soup base is ready, the oil mixes and you stop seeing it flowing on stock. Once this soup base was done,
  5. we checked for salt and overall taste, finally added the very well blended afang, stirred and simmered for about 30 seconds, then turned off the heat.
To cook good afang soup that's this soft without waterleaf, you need to blend the vegetables very well as chopping alone is not enough. If you need water to blend well, no problems, use the water and if it turns out the blended afang is watery, you can use a kitchen strainer or sieve to strain out some excess liquid and set aside for yummy drinking, then cook with your thick vegetables and Enjoy with some eba and any swallow of choice. I recommend eba sha because it is loaded with roughages (fiber and that's really great for our digestive system especially the colon).
Try it if you can't find waterleaf where you live and you'll be thankful you did.

GENTLE WARNING: If your stomach reacts to green juice like ugu juice and others or you get a running stomach after eating green vegetables, please don't drink the juice, give to those who can enjoy it like me.

1kg beef
1 medium stockfish head
3 medium sized dried catfish
1 cup ground crayfish
1/2 cup periwinkle (mfi)
1 tiny sized onion to steam the beef
Salt to desired taste
3 cups blended afang
1 cup palm oil
grounded pepper to your tolerance level

Add the blended afang last as shown in the picture above. Stir, check for salt and taste before turning off the heat.