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How To Cook Nigerian Soups With Less

Cooking a healthy, good looking and tasty pot of soup can be quite expensive. There are a few tricks that can give us great results with less. For the step by step cooking recipes of all the soups on this page, visit here
 okra soup
 How To Cook Okro Soup With Less:

  1. Buy fresh breakable okro to avoid waste of  tough okra. Test by breaking off the tip of big sized okras.
  2. Do not cook with beef, chicken, snails, periwinke, crayfish, stock fish, smoked fish at the same time
  3. Maximise cost by cooking with just two or three protein sources. If you cook with stock fish, you can forgo smoke fish. Substitute periwinles for snails and vice versa.
  4. Add a little ogbono to make a lil quantity of okra give you more.
  5. Sprinke some green leaves to help thicken the soup like in the picture above. I sprinkled ugu sparingly.
Okro soup gives great results with just crayfish, seasoning cube and some chopped onions. **Crayfish is number one for okro soup. Without all the other orishirishi, I can still make a great pot of okro with just crayfish alone. #OkroLovesCrayfish.

 light okra soup before I added green vegetables to help thicken soup

 edikang ikong soup
 How To Cook Good Edikang Ikong Soup With Lesss:

  1. Buy more water leaf than ugu. Ugu is more expensive, a small bunch or two is just OK.
  2. Make crayfish and smoked fish mandatory, while stockfish,  kpomo, beef, or mutton remain optional.
  3. Add just one type of meat like beef or goat or snails and not every thing in one pot. 
  4. Cut kpomo into tiny pieces and use in place of periwinkle

 vegetable soup

 Nigerian White Soup
 How To Cook Nigerian White Soup With Less:

  1. Make it fisherman white soup with about  three types of sea food and leave out the meat. Abi, meat no dey tire you? Na every time person dey chew meat? Too mush meat no good o.
  2. Leave crayfish out and cook with smoked fish and some mushrooms. It will still give that rich white soup flavor.
  3. Choose just stock fish and smoked fish, you will be shocked by  the result.

 egusi melon  bitter leaf soup
 How To Cook Egusi Soup With Less:

  1. Cook with one type of meat plus fish and crayfish
  2. Make the soup look richer with big sizes of kpomo
  3. Cook with a big pot and much water cos egusi rises while cooking and will end up giving you a big pot of soup. Egusi soup tastes better after the first day of cooking. so, cooking much will help you enjoy that unique taste that comes aith warming/re heating egusi soup
  4. Buy old and not "just harvested" Egusi. Old egusi rises so much and tastes better Egusi is harvested around August, September of every year, so to get old ones, buy before that time. It is very easy to store. I store egusi in airtight plastic containers. Some trusted sellers still say the truth about which one is old or freshly harvested in their shops. The Tip is: Old egusi is more expensive compared to fresh ones.

 Water leaf soup
 How To Cook Water leaf/ Spinach soup with less:

  1. This is actually a way of cooking vegetable soup without having to spend on expensive ugu and afang leaves.
  2. Buy just waterleaf, but, remember to stir and turn off the heat without over cooking tender water leaves.
  3. Cook with crayfish, goat meat or beef and not both
  4. Plant waterleaf in your compound and flower/ plant beds. It looks nice on the flower beds and is very easy to grow. When you buy water leaf, let the vegetable sellers cut out the stalk for you while the chop only the vegetables. Plant the stalks on the flower beds and water every evening. That's all. They do not require any special care to germinate and grow.  Water leaf grows so fast and can be uase for other vegetable soups too.

 pot ready for  Nigerian Soups
 How To Get Any Soup Pot Ready With Less:

  1. Add kpomo to make the pot of soup look meaty
  2. Cook with one or the other of the different types of meat and not all
  3. Add smoked fish in place of stock fish. smoked fish is cheaper. You can leave out both smoked fish and  stock fish, and cook with meat and much crayfish

Nigerian tomato Fish stew
 How To Cook NIGERIAN TOMATO STEW with less:

  1. Cook stew with either meat or stew and call it meat stew or fish stew.
  2. You can cook stew with snails alone or just corned beef with tomatoes.
  3. You can buy kpomo and crayfish, for crayfish stew, and you will still get a great tasty pot of stew
  4. Buy biggest sizes of tomatoes available. The quantity may look small, but, when blended, they give more and thicker tomatoes than tiny fruits.

 Nigerian White Soup with tiny pounded yam in the pot to thicken the soup.
 For How To Save Cost With Nigerian White Soup, scroll up.
 White soup with preserved hot leaf to avoid buying every time white soup is to be cooked
 Scroll up again to see how to save cost when you cook Naija white soup
Crayfish Vegetable Soup
 Crayfish vegetable soup comes in handy in an emergency. Say you have vegetables in the fridge but have run out of meat. Fry crayfish with pepper and onions before adding the vegetables. This has to be very small in quantity, for just two or three servings. The fried crayfish gives it a unique taste. Ugu and even green amaranth can be cooked this way.
 Egusi Afang Soup

How To Cook Egusi Afang Soup With Less:
  1. Just like with other kinds of soup, it must not be like the "maggi cooking show" kind of soup. Lol. Cook with meat or just sea foods. Add kpomo to make the meat quantity look much. Choose smaoked fish or stock fish and not both. 
**Can you think of other ways, or  things we can do to cut cost while Cooking Nigerian soups/Meals?

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  1. Lol @ number 2 on okro. The soup i just not the same without the orisirisi. Then again we are in a recession lol

  2. Lol @ recession soup.

  3. Recession soup indeed, hahahahahaha. Thanks for sharing Eya. Yours is a complete one stop kitchen for food. You are teaching us how to eat well in the times of plenty, as well as the lean times. Nice share girl.

  4. Looolz aunty Ojay dis would av been handy during my NYSC days, half bread is better than chin chin. D main thing is just to cure ulcer lolz. To me I make every meal look like d maggi cooking competition. Good and rich food is not an option,its a neccesity.

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

  5. Discretion calls for i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ all things. Thanks a great deal.
    I find these quite helpful. Yes! All the orisirisi makes the food so tantalizing but then in the midst of few is where one really knows how good a cook he/she is.
    The veggie is sooo my thing for now,just finished eating a sound plate of it with yellow eba.

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  7. Eye opening. Any tips on ​♓☺w to store ogbono seeds.⌣̶·̵̭̌·̵̭̌✽̤̈̊ŧђɑ̤̥̈̊п̥̥̲̣̣̣kƨ̣̣̣̇̇̇̇✽̤̈̊·̵̭̌·̵̶̭̌⌣

  8. Yes o, everywhere is in a recession. Great tips Eya, and very useful.

  9. These tips will be very useful when needed. Thanks Eya!

  10. Anon 5:39, store dry ogbono in airtight plastic containers and remember to sun at least once a month.

  11. You can use soup thickeners for soups like Banga, White soup, Oha, Okra, and so on. Thickeners include Achi, Ogbono, Pounded yam or its flour, all-purpose flour, pounded cooked white rice or its flour, and Semo! If you find out your soup is watery, just add a little of any of these and stir, add more if still needed. The ogbono only works well with Okra soup.

    So when you also want a big pot of soup with less ingredients, add water, thickener and loads of crayfish--- :-) :-D

  12. Thank you for these tips!

    @Bonario, your profile pix made me LAUGH!

    Thanks everyone, do not mind Bonario. I hope he doesn't go to drink garri with groundnut after this LOUD comment.

  13. Is water leaf and spinach d same thing? I've been trying to find out what spinach is for a very long time.

  14. Spinach works just like water leaf. It helps to soften afang, ugu and other vegetables.

  15. Thanks a lot for the tips, I really enjoyed it all. Any one for banga soup?

  16. Thanks for teaching us how to eat well in the times of plenty, as well as the lean times. Nice share.

  17. tnks so much for this teaching. my hubby will really enjoy this.

  18. AnonymousJune 07, 2014

    Is water leaf same as Spinach?

    1. No they are not the same

  19. I have been missing out since o! How did I find myself on dis blog? Plenty nice recipe. Plus bonario nnag u r really a blog where.