How To Cook Healthy Afang Okazi vegetable soup

Afang soup recipe step by step cooking

Afang soup
Nigerian afang vegetable soup, see more cooking pictures after the cut.

Afang soup recipe


3 cups Water to start with. Water leaf will add more water to the soup
1 kg Goat meat or beef
1 big wrap of Stock fish 
1 medium Onion to boil the beef
Salt to taste
2 cups Palm oil
1 teaspoon pepper or more
2 Seasoning cubes
11/2 cups ground Crayfish  
Smoked cat fish 3
4 cups of pounded or blended okazi (afang) vegetable  
2 large bunches of Water leaf (Spinach can be used) 
2 cups of Periwinkle 
4 large Snails optional
3 Cow skin (Kpomo) optional
Dry Shrimps (optional)
Bonga fish or dried catfish optional
A sprinkle of Hot leaf (Uziza) optional


Cooking Steps for afang soup:

  1. First, wash and boil your meat with stock fish, salt and onion only. While those cook, wash and chop the water leaf and set
  2. aside. Pound the afang roughly if it's not yet blended and set aside. Wash and debone the dry fish with warm salted water and set aside too.
  3. Add palm oil, cover and leave to boil more for about 2 minutes. 
  4. Add seasoning cubes and pepper to the boiling pot of meat and stock. Taste for salt.
  5. Add your cow skin, snails, and crayfish and dry fish ( For dry fish, if you do not want it to get crushed and lost, wait and add later). Cover and let the soup base cook well without any vegetables. Taste for salt and see that you are satisfied. 
  6. Satisfied with the taste of your soup base, you like it? Then introduce the vegetables at this time. I like to add both the afang and waterleaf at the same time so that none overcooks. If you like to see particles of the dry fish in your soup, add them now that the soup is almost done so that they do not crumble during stirring. Stir very well and let it simmer for just about 10 seconds, taste for salt and doneness, if you like fresh/crunchy vegetables, do not let it over boil, just simmer check and remove from from heat. However, if you like your vegetables cooked and not green, leave to boil a bit before removing from heat.
NOTE: When you add the vegetables, they shouldn't float in water or stock as that will mean that your soup is watery. The stock should be very little and if soup is too thick, you can always readjust with a little more water.

A pot of afang okazi soup cooking with washed periwinkles
Cooking afang okazi vegetable soup is easy. There are many methods of cooking this soup. Depending on the
taste you want, or how thick, green  and fresh you want it. There are times I add palm oil at the very beginning like this one. At other times, I add palm oil when cooking is almost done, just before adding vegetables.

Okazi Afang soup is very healthy and filling. There are times I just eat the soup alone with a spoon or my fingers.
When cooking this soup, remember to make the quantity of water leaf more than the afang (okazi). Add both vegetables at the same time and please do not squeeze out the green juice in the Waterleaf before adding. You can blend the afang if you like, it can also be pounded with a mortar like I did this one.

Even if you forget to buy other ingredients, do not forget crayfish, smoked catfish and stock-fish. For snail and kpomo lovers, please add those. Snails and cow skin will give an added taste to your okazi soup. 

Another method of cooking this okazi soup is by adding cooked oil free vegetable soup to fried crayfish and onion. This method gives a sharp, spicy taste that I so much love to eat. The soup is cooked, but without palm oil or crayfish. When soup is ready, chopped onion and ground crayfish are stir fried in palm oil, added and allowed to cook a little before removing from heat. This fried crayfish method of cooking afang soup can make one finish a whole big bowl of eba

Sometimes, after washing my periwinkle, I dry very well in the oven before cooking. Dry periwinkle is fun to chew when cooked.

cooking afang soup step by step pictures
Boiling goat meat with stock fish, onion and salt
cooking afang soup step by step pictures 01
Adding palm oil  and pepper to stock
cooking afang soup step by step pictures 02
Adding seasoning to boiling palm oil and stock
cooking afang soup step by step pictures 03
Adding enough ground crayfish

cooking afang soup step by step pictures 04
Adding washed smoked cat fish
Adding pounded afang okazi vegetable to cooked stock and tender meat/stock fish
Stirring in afang before adding washed water leaf. 
cooking afang soup step by step pictures 06
Adding waterleaf immediately after okazi. 
 Do not squeeze out the chlorophyl in your water leaf
cooking afang soup step by step pictures 07
Adding washed periwinkle. 
cooking afang soup step by step pictures 08
Stirring and mixing well before removing from heat
Afang soup recipe 03
Afang okazi soup is cooked
Pot of afang soup
cooked afang okazi vegetable soup still looking  green and fresh.
Afang soup with eba
Okazi soup with soft yellow garri.
Salt is used to preserve mfi/ periwinkle. These days, every mfi I buy is over salted. To avoid turning your nice pot of soup into a pond of salt, add salt and seasoning sparingly before adding periwinkle. Ensure that the periwinkle is properly washed with much water to remove the salt.
Do not let vegetables boil and cook for long before removing from heat. There is so much water (green juice) in water leaf, which drains into the pot if allowed to boil. To avoid cooking watery vegetable soup. Do not boil green vegetables. For how to make soft fluffy garri, just add garri to boiled water and stir, if eba is still hard, continue to add boiled water. If it is too soft, add more garri and continue to stir with a wooden stick/ ladle or spatula until you are satisfied with the eba

Afang okazi vegetable soup can be served with semo, wheat meal, pounded yam and even starch.


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  1. Fun Loving Mom4/11/2013

    Same story here, hubby never scolds the children but expects me to do all the correcting and taming.

    Rather than me report to him, he reports them to me.
    Will continue to check back for advice on how to deal with this.

    1. Fun Loving Mom4/11/2013

      * sorry all, comment meant for d hubby wife post. I've copied it there pls.

  2. Anonymous4/11/2013

    Eya, u just made my weekend! Just thinking of what soup to cook and this post dropped. *hugs*

  3. chikoko4/11/2013

    Eya pls,I prepared vegetable soup,n still after draining d water leaf,I still had a watery soup,wat could hv bn d cause,cos I didn't allow it to boil

    1. Boil the water leaf first before adding into soup. It will reduce the water.

  4. Anonymous4/11/2013

    There was already too much water in d pot bf the veggies came in.
    Usually veggies add water to wateva ur cooking once they enter the pot, so its always best to start off woth little water.

  5. Yum yum..! But I have a problem with periwinkles, I dunno why. Maybe it's the colour or something or the fact that I dint grow up eating it. Anyway,thanks Aunty Eya, I will cook this next instead of that normal ugu type.

  6. Gosh Ma Eya, I just swallowed hard saliva till I saw the periwinkles.
    Used to like periwinkles a lot but this pregnancy just frowns totally at it and I usually feel I don't get the real afang taste when I make it without periwinkles. I like anything vegetable so I'd say apart from Abacha which is my best food(yes best whether you classify it as food or not,to me it is) and Oha/Ora which is my best soup, veggies are the next coz of the many nutrients in them.
    Good job

  7. Nice one aunty Ojay,av bookmarked it already.

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

  8. Anonymous4/11/2013

    Wow Aunt Eya God bless Ʊ. JƱڪτ̲̅ last nyt during dinner M̶̲̥̅γ̲̣̣̥ hubby said I miss awkaibom. I asked him why? a̶̲̥̅̊ñ̷̊D̶̲̥̅̊ all ђǝ̥̥ said ΨђåƮ afang soup. B4 nώ ave never heard of T̲̣̣̥hĩ̷̊s soup o!!!. I told him fine A̶̲̥̅♏ making Ȋ̊†̥ dis weekend. And nώ T̲̣̣̥hĩ̷̊s. I JƱڪτ̲̅ found the recipe. M̶̲̥̅γ̲̣̣̥ hubby Ȋ̝̊̅§ I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ 4 Ƌ̲̣̣̣ treat. a̶̲̥̅̊ñ̷̊D̶̲̥̅̊ Ʊ make Ȋ̊†̥ so easy,JƱڪτ̲̅ like veg soup. Tank Ʊ sooo much. I ope Ȋ̊†̥ turns out as Ǧ☺☺ϑ as urs a̶̲̥̅̊ñ̷̊D̶̲̥̅̊ even taste better.*smiles*

  9. Anonymous4/11/2013

    Eya nice one! But pls next time add d waterleaf first before adding d okazi/afang leaf. This enables d waterleaf to bring out its juices while it is boiling after which u can add any ingredient that maybe lacking.Afang is unsually d very last thing to be added and u stir 4 it to mix properly then bring it down immediately. This keeps d afang fresh and still looking greenish.

    1. Anonymous4/12/2013

      Yes,u re correct,dis is how I cook mine!bt u no madam Eya is 4rm der,abi?

    2. Anonymous5/15/2013

      Yes i agree ,the water leaves 1st and i actually like my periwinkles in shell.
      is Aunty Eya from akwa-ibom/cross river.

  10. Anonymous4/11/2013

    Pls is afang d same as okazi leaf?

    1. Monique4/11/2013

      Yes, afang is okazi.

  11. Anonymous4/11/2013

    Thank you Monique

  12. So love this soup.....

  13. Anonymous4/13/2013

    Hahahaha. Pls dear,don't be so juvenile,what has patronising got to do with it. Meanwhile I prepared Afang soup and it turned out well. Thanks to this blog. MIRACLE

  14. Anonymous4/13/2013

    Pls I need recipe on how to prepare Okpa,then Akidi and ugba food. Thanks.

  15. this method is different from the one i know.....well nice work.

  16. Anonymous10/25/2013

    I didn't see pepper as A reciepe,why?or u guys dnt eat pepper or pepper isn't suppose to Βe there i get irritated with any food without pepper no matter hw delicious d food myt Βe.this is my soup for this weekend but am definately adding pepper.thanks

    1. I added pepper but not much cos of the kids. You can add as much as you want.

    2. Eya r Ʊ a catherer and do Ʊ live in ph

  17. Vegetable soup should only have vegetables in it. Whenever we start adding Goat meat Crayfish,
    Smoked cat, Stock fish, Snails, Cow skin, Dry Shrimps, Bonga fish, it is no longer "vegetable soup". The health benefits of the soup has been tainted with the slaughtered blood and flesh of a once living, breathing being added in to it.

    When we begin to kill to satisfy cravings is when we twisted our fate from eternal life to slow, conquering death. As stated in the ingredients, the meats are optional. Not required. However, We fail to realize that it is the seasoning, i.e. dried and grounded herbs/roots that gives the pleasant taste and aroma that excites the taste buds. The okazi, Water leaf, Periwinkle, and Hot leaf all contribute to a long and healthy life since the body processes this much faster then any flesh we trick our mouths to take in.

    These vegetables are high in protein, high in minerals and vitamins in which gives the body all it needs to thrive. We should start to question our cravings and most importantly, question if it is really our cravings because each of the most popular meats we throw into our soups are known to carry parasites (worm). If you have been eating meat for over a decade and never cleansed the colon, the most worked (2nd to the heart) organ in the body, then the colon has built up layers upon layers of what is known as mucoid plaque which decreases the bodies ability to process out what the mouth has decided to put in, placing it to the side (literally) to come back to when YOU will stop eating long enough so it can deal with it. But realize, if this is the first time you are hearing about this plaque, then a simple water, juice, or vegetable fast well not eradicate this plaque. I know this because as like you, I thought this. Until I did my first colon cleanse after 2 years of transitioning to strictly vegetarian meals, the colon still carried this plaque within.

    Five days of cleanse, 5 times a day, with a special toxic removal herbal blend, mixed with raw organic apple juice, released from the body loads of what I know that all who ate a typical Nigerian/Western diet has inside. Mucoid plaque usurps the bodies full energy potential, which when over worked cells, slowly begin to decay and die. Which in turn explains why we die. Check out the link,
    Do your research on mucoid plaque and how the body digest meat vs vegetables.

  18. Anonymous7/02/2016

    This isn't how Afang Soup is cooked in Akwa Ibom/ Cross Rivers State.

    The meat stock is allowed to boiled down to almost dry before the Waterleaf is added, becos of its water content, and cooked a bit to reduce the water then Afang is added last and the heat turned off almost immediately so as not to overcook the vegetable.

    Afang soup should not be watery or runny.

    1. I'm from there too and honestly, I sometimes cook my afang soup the way you just described and it tastes great too. At o other times I cook like this to avoid over cooking my green vegetables.


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