afang soup efik style

pot of afang soup

 Afang soup cooked with cow tail
This is the best afang soup money can buy abeg! My husband returned earlier than the kids, he was the first to
eat this Calabar afang soup and after clearing his soup bowl, he looked at me oooo and said "well done! You've done well. If this soup was a movie, I would have called it a blockbuster "  His exact words...
The deliciousness of this particular Nigerian afang soup is indescribable. I cooked a very large pot that can serve even 20 and packed in the freezer. There are other afang soup recipes on the blog, but for this particular one, I cooked the calabar Akwa Ibom method. I boiled the water leaves till dry before adding to the pot of soup. Periwinkle were omitted because the ones I got tasted too salty I couldn't risk it but you can add if you find good periwinkles. I don't know where to find fresh tasting periwinkles in Abuja. If you like my afang soup recipes, you can chose to cook the green looking one where water leaves are added straight without boiling first, or follow this local afang soup method and cook the calabar way. All afang recipes on this blog taste great.


1 cow tail (small sized)
1 kg beef
1 medium sized dried stock fish head.
1 small onion to steam meat 
1 tablespoon ground fresh pepper
Salt to taste
4 seasoning cubes
Water, half  the level of the meats in the pot to start with.
3 cups palm oil. You can add more
1 and 1/2 cups ground crayfish
3 medium sized dried catfish
2 large bunches water leaves
Afang leaves, shred and pounded (5 cups)

Before you cook this afang soup, get your ingredients ready because it cooks fast and easy. Boil your cow tail with a pressure cooker and set aside. I didn't because this meat was soft... I tasted the raw cow tail with a fork and it pierced easily. Wash beef, cut stock fish, pound afang, wash, shred and boil water leaves, grind crayfish, wash and debone the dried catfish and set them all aside.

TIP: When you cook Nigerian soups with cow leg or cow tail, add some beef (Fleshy meats) to enhance the taste of your pot of soup because cow tail, and cow leg are great to chew or snack on but do not really add taste to soups.


1. Boil cow tail with the beef, stockfish, onion, salt and 2 seasoning cubes till almost soft until they begin to boil before you add some water halfway to the top of the meats. Check for salt, be careful here because you'll still add cubes later. Cover and let the pot simmer until meat is almost  cooked. By this time, the stock has reduced drastically because you don't want a watery pot of soup. If there's muh stock, drain some and set aside for later just in case.
2. Add palm oil, pepper and leave to boil till oil mixes well and you stop seeing oil on the surface of the pot.
3. Add water leaf, crayfish, catfish and the remaining 2 seasoning cubes. Stir well, check for salt and let it simmer for about 2 minutes .
4. Add the pounded afang leaves, stir, if soup is too dry/thick, you can adjust by adding more beef stock, water or palm oil to desired consistency. Taste again for salt and turn off the heat.
5. Serve with any accompaniment of choice... Boiled rice, eba, semo, fufu, akpu, pounded yam, wheat Etc. For those on a weight loss journey, check the quantity of carbs you serve with this vegetable soup or better still just lick the soup without swallow.

My afang soup with eba served hot. 


 This soup is so delicious, full of fiber and nutrition!

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Have fun cooking and sharing!


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