Amaranth ugu Nigerian Vegetable Rice With moi moi And Coated Chicken

How to use three different vegetables, ugu, green and waterleaf in one soup

 amaranth ugu vegetable soup served with rice, moi moi and coated chicken.
This meal is so nutritious, healthy, filling and interesting. It was very easy to cook because
the moi moi and crisp coated chicken were brought out of the freezer and microwaved, while I only boiled rice and made the vegetable stew.

Ingredients for the ugu and green aleho vegetable stew:

  • 1 small bunch Ugu
  • 1 small bunch green amarant (Aleho)
  • 1 bunch water leaf
  • 1 cup roughly ground crayfish
  • 1 teaspoon ground fresh pepper
  • 1 medium sized onion
  • 2 cups palm oil
  • 2 seasoning cubes
  • salt to taste
  • water

This delicious meal just happened because it wasn't what I planned to cook. Communication problems between James and I led to my cooking this. James was asked to go get me water leaf, my plan was to cook ugu stew with the water leaf. Because he understands Hausa while I communicate in English, he went to the market and came back with green amaranth, I had no choice than to cook just amaranth and ugu without water leaf. 
However, The result made me thank Mr James for not
understanding  English Language.

Everyone enjoyed this, and ate so well. At the end of the day, I didn't feel bad anymore. I was happy that the dish earned a lot of praises. I will advise you to include water leaf when you make yours though.

Cooking Procedure for ugu and green vegetable soup:

  1. Wash and parboil rice, then boil again with some salt until rice is cooked, set aside.
  2. Fry onion, pepper with seasoning, crayfish in hot oil before adding the washed vegetables, stir and leave for just a minute.
  3. Check for salt and seasoning, stir and cook for 2 to 3 minutes or more.
  4. Serve with boiled rice, moi moi and coated chicken
Click on the link below to see how to make coated crisp chicken like mine.
 boil washed and parboiled white rice with some salt


 fry ingredients like onion, pepper with seasoning and crayfish in oil

 add vegetables while frying ingredients
 green vegetable cooks at 5 to 5 minutes depending on the hotness of the stove.

A serving of rice with vegetables, moi moi and coated chicken
 rice with green vegetable stew

 eat rice with vegetables and moi moi before enjoying the coated chicken
 scooping rice with  vegetables
a small portion of rice with vegetables
 eat rice with veggies before other jaras
ugu vegetables about to wilt
 ugu vegetables
amaranthus (aleho) vegetables
shredded green vegetables
 chopped amaranth, waterleaf  and fluted pumpkin all washed together.
Nigerian vegetable rice served with moi moi and chicken
 a healthy serving of rice with vegetable stew and  crisp chicken

Firstly, I ate my rice with vegetable, then relaxed with the moi moi before POUNCING on the coated crisp chicken.


  1. I love the pop of color with the green stew and rice. This is too much enjoyment o, leave some for me :)

  2. Thanks Eya, because you've actually encouraged me to eat more greens and i love them.

  3. This is my favorite way of eating white rice and vegetables . I haven't tried adding water leaf sha.....

  4. Nice but how did u make the coated chicken?

  5. Hi Didi, scroll up and click on the Link for how to make coated chicken.

  6. Wat type of pepper did u use, Fresh or grinded pepper?

  7. I cook mostly with fresh ground pepper or my pepper sauce, NOT dry pepper. I used fresh pepper here.

  8. This site is God sent. I pick food ideas to cook fro m here,and the r usually healthy. Keep it up madam,God bless

  9. Anonymous2/07/2013

    Sis Eya, very nice and inviting as usual. I've been meaning to ask you what Amaranthus veg is, you use it quite a lot n it looks nice. Is there another name for it so I know what to ask for when I'm in the shops, thanks. Lizzy

  10. Thanks Lizzy, the local name here is "GREEN" The market women call it green. Lol!

  11. Very healthy amd balanced dish! Never heard of this amara ....veg before or is it the same as the choko veg?

  12. Anonymous2/07/2013

    so colourful, have learnt a lot here and am glad it has encourage 2 cook often. thanks and keep it up.

  13. plz Aunty Eya any oda way of dryin d bread crumbs 4 d coated chicken cos i don't ve oven (urgent reply plzzzzzzz, i want 2 arrange some wit coconut rice 2morow wish me luck)

  14. Anonymous2/07/2013

    thanks for putting up the name of this vegetable, i know it as 'green' and i've been asking for it it's real name.
    I eat it alot, i use it to make yam pottage and i also use it to make egg and shrimp sauce and add it at the end of cooking then serve with boiled rice, it really is nice.
    You'll be seeing more of me in your blog, as long as it's connected with food, count me in.

  15. Anonymous2/07/2013

    I love this

  16. Anonymous2/07/2013

    Eya, you can also coat your chicken by putting in eggs and rolling in baking flour before frying. Try it!
    your fan...

  17. Anonymous2/07/2013

    Anon 3:56, please dry in a hot fry pan. just make sure you flip sides often until the bread is dry. Na dry fry pan I mean o.hahaha

    1. 10nx Mary

    2. @CL, Thank God Mary helped out. I wish you luck with your breadcrumbs and cooking.

  18. Anonymous2/08/2013

    Nice veg sauce. I sometimes add fresh tomatoes( chopped) and d boned Titus . U shud try it

  19. Please is it vegetable oil or palm oil you used.I can see u wrote palm on d list of ingredients used but it seems you bleached it a little cos I cnt see d red color.

  20. Yes Joy, it's palm oil. Check the third picture.

  21. blessings...
    oooh, this looks so good....

  22. Anonymous2/09/2013

    Aunty Eya, I made d veg stew n my family loved it! But my chicken was a bit tough o! How do I cuk chicken to get it soft nice lik d one I eat in parties?? Plss help me wit tips abeg!
    Tanks Auunty, God bless
    The chikoo

    1. Buy soft frozen chicken. If you are buying live chicken, buy cocks, not hens.

  23. Anonymous2/11/2013

    Ɠ♡D bless you Eya.this blog is getting families closer because we all know how good food bring our husbands home.keep it up.


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