Nigerian vegetable stew
 Nigerian Green Vegetable Stew.
Cooking this garden egg leaf vegetable stew is my first time ever
shopping or cooking or even eating garden egg leaves. Growing up,
I never knew these nutritious vegetables were edible. We were only given the garden eggs (Eggplants) Cooked the garden eggs as stew or ate them raw as snack without touching the leaves. As an adult, I started to see garden egg leaves in the market when I go shopping vegetables, and began to ask questions but never thought about cooking them in my kitchen. One day while searching the nutritional benefits of green leafy vegetables, I discovered that among the vegetables I see in Nigerian markets, garden egg leaves range very very high. I didn't believe the vegetable sellers when they advised that these scarce green leaf vegetables are better when it comes to boosting blood levels and Kidney cleansing until Google search convinced me. 

Recent investigations have shown that garden egg leaves are rich in phytochemical, which protects the body from cancer formation.
For pregnant women, eating garden egg leaves provide the baby with basic mineral elements for proper development and also prevents inborn errors of metabolism, defects and improves the baby’s weight. This is because anara is rich in mineral elements especially folic acid which is necessary for red cell formation,” Dr Anwacha of University Of Uyo, Nigeria, explained after a research carried out on rats fed garden egg leaves, apples and oats revealed that garden egg leaves were better in controlling cholesterol levels in these mammals. He explains that Garden Egg leaves are beneficial to the whole family especially those suffering from Glaucoma because it lowers the eye (Inta-ocular) pressure. 

For those who drink ugu juice to improve blood levels, so many now confess that drinking garden egg leaf juice works even faster. 

With this insight , I had to shop these vegetables and make my Nigerian vegetable stew which was served with boiled rice. It came in handy considering the recent hike in price of tomato fruits. It's really really delicious.

When I started cooking this stew, the way my kids were making faces and showing surprise at the sight of garden egg leaves in the kitchen, I thought they won't like the stew but to my surprise, the big pot was cleared same day as those who took little to taste ended up asking for more stew servings. I love the yummy taste of this vegetable stew.

Garden egg leaves vegetable stew is worth trying. I wish I started earlier...

Because of its efficacy as I learnt on Google, had to squeeze a glass of juice out and drink before cooking the vegetables, Lol.

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Original Recipe By Eya Ayambem.

Garden Egg Leaves
Garden Egg leaves

Ingredients For Garden Egg leaf Stew.


1 small bunch garden egg leaves.
1 large bunch water leaf 
1 medium sized onion
2 cups palm oil
1 tablespoon grated ginger
5 medium  sized tomato fruits
1 large red bell pepper (Tatashey)
1 tablespoon ground fresh ata rodo pepper (Scotch Bonet)
2 eggs
1 smoked mackerel (Titus)
2 seasoning cubes
Salt to taste

Before you cook garden egg leaf vegetable stew, wash the leaves very very well in running water because they grow very close to the ground and can be sandy if not properly washed. Wash and chop all vegetables, whisk the eggs, grate the ginger, debone and wash the fish and set aside.

TIP: Some people say tht garden egg leaves have a little bitter taste, I'll advise that you you sprinkle some salt on the shredded leaves and squeeze out some juice, then rinse and cook to avoid comments like "my soup was a bit bitter" Mine wasn't bitter at all, maybe because I actually squeezed out a little green juice and drank before making the soup.

Remember to wash leaves very well before squeezing out any juice so you don't drink sand or dirt.


 1. Heat palm oil in a pot, pour in the chopped onion and grated ginger. Stri for about half a minute.
 2. Add the tomatoes, peppers, seasoning cubes and stir. Leave to cook for about a minute.
 3. Pour in the  whisked eggs and leave to boil before stirring. Now, check for taste/salt.

 4. Add the washed and deboned smoked mackerel. If you are using frozen/fresh fish, you can add it now and stir very gently with a wooden spoon to avoid crushing the fish.

 5. Add the washed and chopped vegetables.

vegetable stew
 6. Stir, add salt and check for salt before covering and leaving to simmer for about 2 minutes or as long as you like your vegetables cooked.

Vegetable stew with rice
7.  Serve your delicious vegetable stew with boiled rice or swallows.  

Eba or semo can sit beside this serving.

Nigerian Green leaf vegetable stew with rice

 Happy Cooking!



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