In some cultures, goat's meat is referred to as muton just like lamb's, while in others it's called chevon. 

4 cups rice
1 kg Chevon (goat meat) 
3 cups Goat meat stock obtained from boiling the meat
2 sachets coconut milk powder OR grate 2 large coconuts and filter
2 seasoning cubes
1 teaspoon MSG (New research approves it for consumption)
1 teaspoon curry powder (very optional)
2 teaspoons thyme leaves
2 large Red bell peppers

2 tomatoes
2 fresh peppers or 1 tablespoon ground fresh peppers  
1 medium sized Green pepper
1 large Spring onion
1 large red onion
Salt to taste
1 cup vegetable oil (I used soya oil)

Before you cook this chevon coconut rice;
Wash the meat with clean water, dice and chop the vegetables to desired sizes, set aside. Grate or blend the coconut pieces, add some warm water and strain out the milk, set aside. If you are using coconut milk powder, mix with a glass of water water, stir and set aside. 

Cooked goat meat
spring onion leaves
1 small sized red onion
1 small sized red bell pepper
1 tablespoon vegetable oil (I used soyal oil)
A pinch of salt


 1. Boil the meat with water ( enough to get to the level of the meat in the pot) 1/3 of the onion, thyme, 1 teaspoon salt and one seasoning cube. When it boils, check for salt and adjust if more is needed. Let meat cook till tender, then you drain the stock and set aside.

 2. Stir fry the vegetables with one seasoning cube and salt leaving out the spring onion leaves.

 3. Add the stock with the coconut milk in a cooking pot.
 4. Add the curry
 5. Add the washed rice and ajust with more water to cover the rice.

 6. Add the MSG and stir, check for salt and cover to simmer. Once rice begins top boil, cook in low heat so it simmers and cooks along without pot drying up while rice is still undone. If you need to add water at anytime, add and check again for salt before you cover and cook till rice is almost done.

 7. Add the stir fry when the water is drying and rice is almost cooked, mix with a wooden spoon or spatula and check again for salt. Cover and let pot dry completely  before turning off the heat.
 Add the spring onion leaves, diced onion and red  bell peppers to the cooked meat in the pot, add a tablespoon of oil and stir fry the meat briefly stirring and checking for salt. Cook till onion becomes translucent, When the aroma fills your kitchen, you can turn off the heat and serve.


Happy cooking!