A  serving of kilishi coconut rice.

Kilishi meat is Nigerian beef jerky likened to suya meats with almost similar ingredients but the preparation is different. It tastes like the dried form of Suya meats. While suya is moist, kilishi is dry and spicy from Northern Nigeria so I guess people in Northern Nigeria will be more able to cook this coconut rice dish than people in other parts. Finding Kilishi to buy in The South is not easy so we'll just manage like tha...

My coconut rice cooked with all coconut rice ingredients and some dried kilishi meats.
This kilishi coconut rice I'm posting today is a repeat. There were no pictures when I made the first pot, didn't plan on posting a recipe until the eaters started asking for more and won't stop talking about mommy's Kilishi coconut rice. Luckily, we were driving around the kilishi market in Garki and I had to stop for 2 wraps of Kilishi just for coconut rice and my kilishi fried rice, I'll share that later. If you think you have tasted the best coconut rice in your life ehn? Try this first before you conclude.
It tasted so so delicious and the vegetable sauce added another level of deliciousness to it.

When I imagined some kilishi in coconut rice, I instantly knew it will taste good but didn't know the good will be THIS GOOD!
This small pot kilishi coconut rice served 5 adults.

2 cups rice
2 cups coconut milk ( I got this by diluting one sachet coconut milk powder)
1 wrap kilishi
1 dried catfish
a handful ground crayfish
Seasoning cube to taste
Salt to taste
1 small red onion
1/2 cup vegetable oil

For the vegetable sauce, we stir fried one small bunch green amaranth (aleho) and one small bunch water leaf with pepper, seasoning and onion. That's all.
Serve rice with a side of the green sauce and cold water or zobolicious cold tea.


1. Stir fry the onion, crayfish and seasoning in oil till fragrant.

2. Add the stock and stir well before adding your coconut milk. I used leftover chicken stock from the fridge.

3. Add washed rice, deboned dried fish, salts and the last cube of seasoning. Sir and ensure that water/stock covers the rice completely. Check for salt, adjust if need be and cover to cook.
4. Bring to a boil, reduce heat and cook in low heat.


5. Shred your kilishi and add once water begins to dry in the pot. Stir, check for taste and allow to continue cooking till rice is cooked and pot dry. Let the pot burn just a little. The coconut rice needs to get charred for that smokey coconut rice taste.

Serve with your green vegetable stir fry and enjoy!