It's dried tilapia coconut rice because it was cooked with dried tilapia as the source of protein. Coconut rice is best cooked with dried fish if there is no fish, crayfish has to be added to get that local Nigerian coconut rice flavour. I wanted to blend one coconut and mix with th coconut milk powder for a stronger coconut
flavour but the blender cannot be used as there is no electricity and no energy for manual grinding of dried mature coconuts so we made do with just the coconut milk powder and yes it taste great.  Food is like fashion, we do whatever we want with it, we cook it to our our taste, that's why I try to be creative and cook one food stuff with a variety of recipes. I hate to eat food tastiness the same way every time, when I eat something say jollof rice today, no matter how delicious, I won't want to repeat that exact same taste tomorrow, will try to see what ingredient to take out or add so I can enjoy something different. Even with soups, I cannot just be ok with eating just the same flavour everyday, for every time that I cook any meal, I want to smartly do something a bit different. For coconut rice, there are so many recipes of it on the blog, we have posted coconut rice cooked with roasted coconuts, coconut rice cooked with tatashey and tomatoesbeach coconut rice, jollof coconut rice and so on. I do all these to create different flavours for any particular recipe. You are free to cook with my recipe, not bound to follow it to the letter. For every recipe, one is free to drop some ingredients and add some if they so wish. 

 Frying the coconut milk, onion, pepper and seasoning.

 Cooked pot of dried tilapia coconut rice.

Dried fish coconut rice

2 cups rice
 2 dried tilapia fish
1 medium sized onion
1/2 cup roughly ground crayfish
 1 sachet coconut milk powder
 seasoning cubes to taste
vegetable oil
 Salt to taste
 Pepper to taste ( I used my preserved pepper sauce)


1. Fry the onion and peppers with seasoning cube till fragrant, add the coconut milk and 
crayfish, then cover and let the pot boil..
2. Add the washed rice and check for taste, then add the deboned fish. Here I added the washed fish and waited five minutes before removing and deboning already soft fish so the taste from even the skin will seep into the cooking pot.
3. Reduce the heat and let rice cook in slow heat till soft. If water begins to dry when the rice is still uncooked, add some more water and check for salt again.
4. Serve cooked rice with proteins and vegetables of choice. I served this with chicken and baby cucumbers.

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